Adding leads to campaigns to start email outreach

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To edit the campaigns. So if you've imported the snapshot, if those campaigns are in your system already, you can go to Automation, six up from the bottom. There it is. And the 23 Leads system, the sales email sequence is there. So you can open up that folder, email series for 23 leads. Open that one up. And where it says email day one, if you just click on that, this is where you can edit. So it looks like we've got that one all there, but you can edit that to your heart's content. Perfect. Yeah. Great. So that's where you edit and we'll see that as well. Raul, you know where to go. Do you want me to walk you through the process of adding those leads?

Relating to this, when you start this campaign and you send email day one, if someone clicks on the trigger link... Can you click on the email day one again, please? And scroll down to the link. If someone clicks on the trigger link right there, please click here. Are they then taken out of this campaign?

Let me double check. I think it's... Let me double check in my set up. No, they're not. No, they're only taken out if they opt in. Yeah.

If they opt in...

Set up a different campaign for that.

Okay, I'm sorry. When are they opting in? What are you referring to as opting in?

When they register for the 23 Leads. But again, Dora, you can change that however you want to. If they click on the link, there's no limit to the amount of systems you can create there. At the moment, David's exactly right. From the default install of our snapshot, they're not taken out of the follow up sequence until they do something, which is opt in. They say, yes, I want my 20 free leads. But you could set that up to be different if you wanted it to be. You could say, Okay, I want to take them out when they click, in which case you're going to create your own automation to do that.

Okay, so when they go to the 20 free leads and sign up there, then they're removed from here. Got it.

Correct. Yeah. Until they actually take a step, they continue getting followed up from the default. But again, you have that choice to change that if you want to. Cool. So, Daniel, we've got leads in your system. We've got an ability to edit those campaigns, to add the leads. Now you're at the final step. I've got leads, I've got my campaigns. Now I just need to turn it on and set it to go. Do you want me to cover that with you or are you good? The last step. That'd be great. Yeah. Yeah, cool. Thank you. With your grace, with your permission, I might actually do it in my demo company just again so you can see it, but without it doing something that you don't want to have happen. Yeah? So let me come across to my demo company here. All right. So let me come to my contacts. All right. So I've got leads in my system. Some of them have been tagged just like yours have there. I've got a tag of Joes from a previous demo. Here's my leads. I've got a campaign that I've just edited. Now, how do I turn it on?

How do I make this campaign work? How do I get it to go? Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to filter by my tag. I only want the ones that I just added, my physical therapists in the San Francisco Bay area, for example. So I find my tag. I've gone to filters, I filter by tag, and then I say where the tag is, and I select which tag I'm going to use. So my tag in this case was Jo's just because I could see it there. So there's my tag and apply. So out of 13,000 people in my database, I've only got 49 that match that tag. They're the 49 I want to add to my campaign. So now how do I do it? I select them, and again, I need to select all because it's only selected the amount on the page. So I need to select all of them like that. And now I say, Okay, this third icon here is add to campaign. Add to campaign and opens up this screen. We're going to say, Yeah, great. Let's go. Now I choose which campaign I'm adding them to. All right.

So there's the campaign that I want to add them to. I don't want to add them all at once. Otherwise, it'll send email one immediately to 700 people or whatever it is. I want to add them in drip mode, which is that third option there. So I say add them in drip mode, which allows me to control the speed. Give it a name. So this is my demo campaign. And now I can just choose my dates. Okay, I want this to start on Monday morning at 6 AM. Okay, so that's when the whole thing is going to start. Now we set our quantity and how many are going to send. I could say I want to send 20 every one day, but don't send on Saturdays and Sundays. I can also choose a time of the day for that to happen. I might say peak email delivery time is 7 AM. So start at 7 AM, finish by midday. That'll do. So this will send 20 every day, five days a week between these hours starting on Monday, whenever I told it to start. When you're sending 20 a day, that's the best way to do it.

20 per day, great, done. What will happen is as soon as that time takes over, it will send 20 in one second. It will send all 20. When you get your numbers up a little bit, you're sending 50 or 100 per day, you're better off spreading it out per hour. So we can actually say instead of sending 20 every one day, send 7 every hour for five hours. That will send 35 in total, but spread out per hour. If I'm sending 100, I might want to say... Yeah.

Can I ask a question that might... So should we have the validate email clicked? Because I ran your list that I got, plus some other list that I had, and I got blacklisted. So should we always have that turned on?

Yeah. So I would definitely go into your settings, set hard bounce, remove. So as soon as there's a bounce, and again, you're doing that in settings. So you come into settings, come into your...

What about having validate email in your process early on?

Yes. So if you are having a high bounce rate, you might want to do that validation step beforehand. So mark emails as invalid due to hard bounce is this one. This one, this will literally remove... If the email does bounce, it will remove it from any other emails going through. Cool. Awesome question, Ron. So Daniel, that was the final step. We grab our records, we add them to the campaign, we say which campaign we want, and add it in drip mode, and then we set our speed. When can we start to spend? 20 per day. How long do we need to season it before we can start.

Increasing that?

Great. We cover that in the training as well. What we recommend is a four week process as a warm up. We start with 10 to 15 per day in the first week. In the second week, we go up to 25 to 30 per day. In the third week, we go from 30 to 40 per day. In the last week, we're up to 50 per day. From that point on, you're good to go. 50 per day doesn't sound like a lot, but if we've got a three email sequence, we send 50 on day one. On day two, another 50 will drop into the first sequence and 50 will be on the second day as well. So we're now sending 100. On day three, 50 in the first day, 50 on the second day, 50 on the third day, we're now sending 150 per day. So it stacks up really quickly. So we always recommend a maximum of 50 per day. And if you need to go more, if you are like, I need more, I need to get more emails out into the world, get another domain. Send 50 per day from two domains instead of just one.

Well, can you walk through that thing where that hard bounce was and then also where the.

Validate the emails are? Yeah, sure, man. Absolutely. So the hard bounce setting is a super important one to turn on. So in your sub account, come down to settings, and it's the first screen that opens your general business information. Just scroll down on that right-hand side and in the general section, mark emails as invalid due to hard bounce is that one right there. Awesome. Thank you. You're welcome. The other one, we did a training on email validation and I used a program called Million Verify in my demo. Million Verify is an email verification service. Somebody asked me, What does it mean to have a verified email? And my God's honest answer was, I have no idea, except for the fact that they mark that email as genuine. So what they do to mark that email as genuine, I don't know. I don't know what their secret source magic stuff is. But people have said to me before, should we take out the admin@info@whatever email addresses? My answer to that is we never did. And as an example, Comet Suite, if you email info@comet suite. Com, I read that, Johan reads that, Chris reads that, Ebony reads that, Joanna reads that, nick reads that.

Literally, that is the most read email address in our company. So sometimes the info at admin at sales at whatever at email address is not just manned by one person, it's manned by a company. Great. Why would you take that out of the sequence? But the verification, and again, I'll just jump across to this site, million verify. The reason I use this as an example, millionverifier. Com. The reason I use this as an example was twofold. Number one, because I got a pretty damn good deal on AppSumo for a lot of credits for a pretty small price, and that happens on a regular basis. So I had a ton of credits that I could use. But number two, and probably more importantly, is they've got an API, which means I can again, use Zappier or Pably. I can take all my emails that are coming in. I can send them across to Pably with a web hook. Pably sends them to million verify. Million verify does its magic and says these 82 % of emails are valid, sends it back into GHL and flags them as valid emails. And then I set my... And again, Daniel, I know I've gone pretty quick there, but I've done a separate training on it.

So this system just marks emails as valid or real or something like that. The training, the best way to find that training, I think we actually added it. Did we add it to the members area? I'm pretty sure we did.

So what's the difference with that one and which comes with high level?

Great question. Only the price. So the high level email validation is running through Mailgun and I personally found it to be expensive. So million verifier, you can get I think it's $50,000 email validation credits for $15, whereas doing that same thing through high level was like $10,000 cost about $10. I just found million verifier to be five times cheaper. It does mean you need to mess around with it. You need to set up this Pably link. So let me just make sure that I've got this cold email subject lines. Did I add it here? Salesforce, Jbdl. No, it must still be either in my Loom account or in the Facebook group. I will make a note to myself to add it to the members area after this call. Email valid. Thanks, Walt. Yeah, no probs. Let me grab you the link for it. It's a little bit technical to set up using million verify. Let me just see if I can find it in my Loom account here. Valid. Also in that vein, when we get.

The emails from our.

Search before they're brought.

Into GHL.

How are they retrieved to begin with? Why aren't they already verified? I understand, what's the source for those? Yeah, great question. Let me just drop that in there as well. Let me just quickly find that training. Actually, I'll just add it to the email to the members area and post it later on. That training we did. Great question. Why aren't the emails validated? Great question. Because the data that's coming back from our lead search is literally just finding what's publicly available. So any company anywhere in the world could literally just put up an email address on the website and our tool will pick it up. It doesn't know whether it's real or not. It might just be like, don't ever email me@ emailme. Com. I don't know. I'm just being silly, right? But somebody puts that up onto their website because they don't really want people to email them and they just had to fill it in. Our tool doesn't know that that's fake. It would just look at that and go, Well, that's an email address. Cool. Awesome. Here's your result. You can see when you run a search, let me just grab a campaign here.

Whose account am I in? This is not giving me the results I need. One second. I might just log out and log back in. Okay, when you run a search, you'll actually see a lot of emails that have a green tick on them. And that means that somehow or another, and again, I don't know the magic how it's working, but some will have a green tick, which actually shows that the emails are valid. This email is verified. This email is verified. This email is verified. Okay. So it's like, Okay, well, that's cool. But what about the rest of them? In the next version, which is actually coming out next week, if I can show you guys this, you can filter on that verification. But please know that we get charged our card cost of retrieving the data is whether the email is valid or not. So you still get charged the credits. You might just choose not to email unverified email addresses. So in this filter in the new version, which is coming out as I said next week, let me see, we've got our results. There's some emails coming through. We can filter on only valid emails.

So let me get my... There we go. Filters are here. And I can say only filter only send valid emails. Where is it? Or has it not been added yet? It hasn't been added. It's on the list to be added before release. Email address, there we go, is verified. Only give me email addresses that are valid and verified. You can see out of the 55 that we had, only three came back as verified. Well, that's going to really reduce my sending ability. The thing is, and what's surprising for me is different email verification systems will give different results. I could upload a list of 1,000 email addresses and one company will give me 800 back, one company will give me 600 back, one company will give me 30. It's like, Well, what counts? So we found million verified to be really good. I did one of our clients came to us with 1.2 million email addresses and wanted us to verify the list. We uploaded the list and we ended up with 936,000. So it was like 25 % got taken out. I guess if you're emailing in 250,000 emails, bounce, it's a worthy exercise to clean that out before you hit send.

But it is always going to be a personal choice. And again, guys, this is why I must stress the importance of emailing with a dedicated domain only for email marketing, because no matter what... So Ron was saying he did got a list, got a list from somewhere else, got a couple of things together, hit send, the blacklist came up. Imagine if that was your primary company email address. You got to work hard. You can get off a blacklist. It's not impossible. But it's annoying. That means that your validated subscribers don't get your communications for the next week. So it's a pain.

Well, just quickly on that. So I took that advice in one of your trainings and I did the lead pro plus. Info instead of my main thing. That's now the one that I'm using in my sub account. Could you have more emails in one sub account or would you have to set up a separate sub account then to have another email to mail from?

Great question. This is a fight that I had with DHL last year. At one point, they had the ability to add unlimited email addresses and send from within one sub account, but they turned that off. They've gone back and forth on that. The current position is one sub account, one domain. I can send from multiple email addresses per sub account, but it'll only send from one domain. If I want to have three domains sending emails, I need to have three sub accounts each allocated with one domain to send from.

I've set my domain up to be the leadproplus. Info rather than the. Com. A ss au. Cool.


Great strategy. Does that mean that from that sub account, if I go into a contact and I want to just email one contact, like a part of conversations tab, that I cannot email them from leproacross. Com. Au? Yeah.

No, you can on a one by one basis, you just can't at an automation level.

Just on the automations. Okay, all right. B asically, the way to do that is where do you want to send it from? I just put info@leadproplus. Com. Au.

Correct. Make sure that. Com. Au is added in the settings of the sub account, and then you're good to go.

Okay, where is that? Where in the settings?

Yeah, cool. Good. Let me show you. Again, I'll come back to our GHL account. Let's go for it. I'm in a sub account here. What I want to make sure of is that I add any email addresses that I want to be able to send from. Come down to Settings. You're not.

Sharing the screen.

I can talk all I want then and nobody can see. All right, let me get back. Thanks, man. I'm in a sub account. In this case, I'm in my demo company. Here's my sub account is here. I come down to Settings and I come to Email Services. In Email Services, I can add as many SMTP mail services as I want to here. So if I want to send from my. Com. U account, I need to add it here. I want to send from my. Info account, I need to add it here. Any that I want to send from, I need to add it here. But the automations will only send from whichever one you've flagged as the default. But as a one by one email in the contacts, you can send from any that have been added to this system.
Okay. So the provider, you just go in and do other and then you just follow the steps?

Yeah, correct. You just go add service, other, put in the server port username, email, password, and it'll validate and you'll be able to send.
All right, that's awesome. Perfect. That's what I couldn't figure out. At the moment, it said that hello. Leadproplus. Info is the default provider. Then I just add in my leadproplus. Com. Au as another one.
Yes, correct, man. Absolutely.
What's covered.
In the video? Sorry, say it again. It's covered in the video. Is this covered in the video? Yeah, in GHL's own videos. One of the best URLs to bookmark is this one help. Gohigh level. Com. Jump in here, literally bookmark this because it's a place that I refer to daily and just type in what you're looking for. In this case, it's SMTP. Limitation, setting up SMTP providers right here. It's got a video walkthrough step by step, how it works, how to set it up, everything that you need. Okay, thanks. No troubles. All right, cool. Let me do that. Let.

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