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Yeah, go for it, part.

All right. So I have a client that is giving me a list of 100,000 insurance agent names, and they want to recruit them. Cool. I have two sites that are fairly warm. They're going to be busy. Yeah, they are. Hope so. But they've been using Constant Contact and Campaigner for years. This has been a list that they've rented for years. They finally talked them into letting them have the list for us to use it in our system. It's always just been more of a, Hey, this is us, very soft touch newsletter, industry information, nothing really strong, actionable, etc. I have about six, seven URLs that are pretty warm. Obviously, I could get more. What would be your advice to try to send as much as you can as possible with strong action steps, but mostly to be able to be delivered and get out there? And how many URLs? What would be that best process?

Yeah. So you got six URLs that are reasonably warm. You got 100,000 on the list. So if those URLs are reasonably warm, as in they have been sending for a while, they've got a good domain reputation. It's nothing to do with age. It's about how many emails have gone out from that domain. So if that domain has got a good sending reputation, then you could probably jump into 50 to 100 a day without too much of an issue there. Keep a real close eye on spam scores and black lists and that stuff. Just monitor it heavy for the first week? How's my deliverability? Have I got any spam complaints? Just do all the best practices that we've always talked about. Add a whole bunch of text to the bottom to increase your deliverability and then just keep a hard eye on it. This would be my actual. If I wanted to do this in my best professional way, I would probably grab two of those domains and send heavy. It would be like 50 to 100. And at the same time on the other four, I would send light for a couple of weeks just to make sure.

So I'd send 25 to 40 a day on four of them, 50 to 100 a day on two of them just to see, are they as good as I think they are? And then how do we send as many? So I would tell the client that you've got at least two weeks of warm up just to make sure. And then I would move into sending as many as I can. So then we're talking, I always say never send more than 100 a day per domain, and I will stand by that. So your max is going to be 600 a day. So if you're talking 600 a day, 3,000 a week, 30 weeks to get through 100,000.

And they've been claiming that they've been doing that monthly, the whole hundred.

The whole 100,000?

Now, I do know this, though. They receive the opens. That's how the other marketer was justifying his existence. He would send them the opens. And consistently, there would be about 2,000, 2,300, 2,500 opens every month. They would send out 100 %.

Again, it comes back to managing client expectations, right? What I would do is I would literally go to them and say, Okay, guys, hey, listen, my benchmark is 2,500 a month. My benchmark is 2,500 a month. I'm going to send 3,000 a week, 600 a day, five days a week. All I got to get is I got to get you two and a half thousand a month, but what you're going to have is a much better sending score. Again, just keep an eye on it. In terms of, Hey, Ron, I need to get more emails going on. Cool, man. Let me register you in other five domains. Let me tell them is for 50 bucks.

And then should we clean or should we go out there and make sure that the list is clean?

100 %. So 100,000 % list, get into millionverify. Com, upload that list, it's probably going to cost you 20 bucks to do a clean. And I would imagine that you're going to come back with at least 10 to 15 % bad emails. And you are going to put that in front of the client and say, Hey, Mr. Client, just did a list clean for you. These 1,500 or these 2,500 or these 5,000 have been shown as bad and invalid emails. So taking them out straight away because that will improve your deliverability, without a doubt.

So how much would you charge? Because they're paying 500 bucks a month for that list. For the list? And for them to do a campaign.

So they're charging 500 bucks a month for the rental of the list, which you now own, and to manage the campaign. Okay, so what are we trying to do for them? Get appointments for potential recruits in their calendar, right?

Yeah. And basically what they're wanting to do initially and still is in that scope is do webinars, training. Hey, this is what we do for agents. This is what we can help you do. We can train you, blah, blah, blah, blah. So the webinars.

Okay, cool. What they're paying you for is the amount of people that they can get onto a webinar every month. Correct. That list has been mailed d for years, probably. How many people are they getting onto webinars now from the old?

They're typically getting anywhere from 5 to 20 a month, maybe.

Five people to 20 people on webinars a month. No wonder they're only paying 500 bucks. The reality does definitely come down to your business model. What would you charge, I think, is probably more important than who's going to be doing the work. What work is included? What am I going to need to do across five or six domains? It's quite a process. Once you've got the actual campaign running, it's more monitoring management than anything else. Personally, if I was setting this up, I would probably... I don't know where you come from, but I would probably go something like, as a minimum, $2,500, $3,000 set up fee, and then $1,000 a month minimum.

This is a paying client. They're paying almost $800 a month right now.

Right now, and that's top of their owny, right?

And campaigns that we're doing, we're doing recruiting campaigns weekly.

Yeah, cool. You've already got $800 a month from them. But I would definitely, you want to charge them something at the beginning because, hey, Mr. Client, there's a lot to do with this list. Set up these things. Well, you know, there's time involved here. So $2,500, your existing client, I would charge five grand, but it's $2,500. So put that into play for you. And then you're already getting the $800. Getting somebody else to run those campaigns for you after that initial set up.

They're obviously switching staff.

They're obviously switching. Yeah, understood. They're obviously switching because they're not happy.

They're going to get no results.

They weren't, exactly. So you can charge more as long as you get more results. I would definitely go down the... Don't match your current rate, but I would go like 7, 7.50 a month, bump them up to 1,500 a month or something like that.

How about this? This just all thoughts and stuff. What about because they're a good customer. They've been with us for six months now, seven months. What if we just offer it as a performance base? If we can get you 15, 20 in a room and we do that for the next few weeks, then we'll charge you X.

How about you go the other way and go, look, until we find out the metrics and the measure, we don't know how good this list is, how about we match the old pricing at 500 bucks a month? Then after we have three months of run time, I charge you per attendee.

Cool. That's a good idea.

Then you'll know, run, so at least you're getting paid to do this over the next three months. Get that set up. Do not negotiate that. You got some work to get this up and running and you need to staff it appropriately. But then after three months, when we know our attendee rate, and I can tell you that every month I'm getting 15 to 20 people on a webinar, which seems really low, by the way, then we set that as a minimum. Then I'm going to charge you per attendee. If we don't get people on your calls, you don't pay. But you need to know what your numbers are first. How many can you legitimately count on coming into a Zoom call? And definitely charge higher for it. Don't be doing 20 attendees is 500 a month. Be doing 20 attendees is 1,000 a month. Price it appropriately. I'll charge you whatever it works out to be, but 50 bucks per Zoom attendee so that they're paying you with the result rather than anything else. How does that feel?

That's good.

Pay up front, though. Pay for the first 90 days as a minimum so that you know your metrics, because otherwise you might completely drown with this. You need to know what numbers you can expect and then price. Guys, amazing to see you all. I know that, Jeff, I didn't get to your questions. Lee, Mike, and Star, hey guys, great to see you. Wednesdays is always a weird Q&A for me because I've got to jump straight into Master class. So I've got three minutes to be live on Master class. We're going to be talking through the new lead system. Is there anybody that's got a super quick question? Voltaire, thank you so much for dropping that in. That's awesome to do that. And I'm just having a quick look. That's the LinkedIn outreach stuff, which is awesome. We've also got a great Master class on LinkedIn and using events. Lee, where can I jump into the master class? It is cometzoom. Com. Cometzoom. Com every week at 5 PM Eastern. Let me just drop that in here. Cometzoom. Com. Head on over there. Guys, any last 60 second questions that I can answer for anyone? If anybody's got something there.

I just wanted to see if you could get me the layout of the format that you were showing me last week, the plan, the process.

Yeah, sure, man. I'll send it over to you after the Master class.

Okay, thank you.

Jeff, the plan and process. Yeah, man, absolutely.


I will send that over after Master class. All right, guys, commons zoom. Com. We're going to be running through the new lead system. Thank you all so much for jumping in. Ethan, love the questions. Ron, as always, appreciate the feedback. So good to see you guys. Thank you so much for jumping in. And we are live with our Q&A's five days a week. Master class coming up right now and team there ready to support. Guys, we'll see you on Comet Zoom right now. Cometz oom. Com. See you there. Cheers, everyone.

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