Advanced Detail on Email Deliverability

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Said that I...

I want to capture this. Tell me, what did you find?

Well, the emails that were in the snapshot and mistakenly, I had thought I would put those on the template and make it a little bit nicer. But reading through the book or some portion of the book, I realized what he was saying is that more graphics you have, more you're going to be flagged as a spam. And actually, so I was writing out his email sequences and I was going to go and pretty much redo the emails this weekend to make it more simpler and more direct. Brilliant. I could be wrong. The method that I had chosen was I was sending out the coffee roaster emails and all that and went off on a tangent on that. But I started on with Ron's advice and Evanie's advice. I downloaded a whole bunch of mortgage originators. I'm dripping out to them. My thought process is that I'm able to download all these loan agents. But what I didn't realize, and yesterday I was asking that question, I wish I had written it down better, the system to sort out the emails, what was the process called that you defined to find the bounces. So I was getting the bounce rate of 6 % to 7 % or 8 % on some of the groups.

I got a flashback from go high level, say, you can't do this, right? So I learned how to solve that by at least going into their system and doing the check with them. So I signed up the portion on the main email saying that I'm going to check the emails through them. And so with that, I think they released me and I was able to drip out little more.

Right, fantastic.

The method I'm taking is that I'm going to send out the million dollars snapshot, Drips out there. And when they come back with the clicks and all that, after the third drip, I'll take them and put them into another domain to follow up better with them. And I'll keep using the domain that I've been using and send out more mortgage. So I'm sorting to see the people who are going to be clicking or even actually opening and doing that. That's the process I'm in.

Fantastic. This is great. Great foundations, Mike. These are the things that you're doing right now that you'll be able to really get that working for yourself and then get that working for your client as well. Ebony, I just saw that message. Can you hook that up with nick, please? That was supposed to be me yesterday. The things that you're doing right now are amazing, and those are the things that you need to do for yourself and also for your clients as you're bringing them on board. T hat's great. In terms of actual results right now, the people that have clicked, the people that have... Have you had anybody take a next step with you? Have you had anybody who wants to book in?

No, not yet.

Not yet? Not yet.

Okay. yeah, not yet.

What are our actual numbers? How many clicks have you had? How many opt ins? Real physical time?

Yeah. Now I'm actually able to go in and see things. So the automation here, I have 541 leads that have been dripping, waiting for the second day. So the first day, cold email one, statistics is 35 % of them are delivered, 8.63 % of them are opened, and only 0.39 % clicked, and 6.27 % % bounce.

Do you want to share your screen and let's have a quick look?

Yeah, of course. That'd be great.

Let's have a quick look. Great. Okay. What I'm seeing here, 35 % delivery. How many we're talking? We're talking 540 people have been through. Sometimes what I see, and this is a very classic example of that, what I see is that the numbers don't make sense here, the trackings off, which is a concern. 35 % delivered doesn't look right because if it was only 35 % delivered, it would be 65 % balanced, which is not right. So something here in our statistics is wrong, but let's keep moving forward. So 8 % open, this is definitely low. Can you just click on the edit action tab? So let's have a look at the subject line there. And as you said yesterday from cold email manifesto, let's have a look at the subject line. Can AI generate real leads? Okay, so we're sending... And who's our target market? Who's receiving this?

Mortgage brokers.

Loan brokers. Okay, cool. Let's change that to quick question. Let's just bring... Follow the thing there and just say quick question. Quick question. Just quick question. Quick question.

Hey, Walt. Yeah. I had mine get shut down temporarily on one of my sub accounts for a client because I didn't have the validation turned on email validation turned on. But the question is, too, is when it got to 5 % balanced, it shut me off. So I wonder if that's the reason why it's only 35 % delivered is because.

The bulk.

Went out but you only got certain part done and then it.

Shut down. That's a really good point, man. So actually, that's a really good point. So we can.

Actually run those.

We can create a new campaign with a new subject line and run those five hundred and forty one through again. P robably as a smart move, let's carry this on just for a second. So click on Save Action there, M ike. So we're going to update that subject line. Click on Save Action. Add this one to your memory. Just click on Save. Let's go back a step. What we might actually do is change our template. Let's have a bit of a look at that as well. Then take all of those same people, those five hundred and forty one people, and move them through. But it is also... Remember, we said when you hit that drip mode a couple of weeks ago, we said that's too fast, too fast, too fast, too fast. There's 541 people there, but there shouldn't be. There should only be 30 or 40 because if it's waiting two days and go to the. That was way too fast and we need to slow that down and see what's going on. Can you just tell me... Let's do a quick blacklist check as well. Can you tell me your email address that you're sending from?


Let me see. I think I'm sending it from Where.

Am I sending?

Oh, yeah. This email address, I should change. That's not the address that I should be sending it from.

I should be sending it from this domain. That might be an issue. You're sending from the domain that is...

This is the domain that I need to keep, right?

Right. This is.

Your process.


Is the one that I should be sending you from.

Okay, so let's check. What I've got up on the screen right now, MxToolbox is my favorite go to email checker upper tool. They have a free system and a paid system as well. The first thing that's first, what's the domain you have been sending from? The one that you just said I shouldn't be sending from that one? What's that domain? What is it?

Mail@5k leads. Com.

Mail@5k leads. Com. So mail@5k leads. Com. And is it like that with the number 5 K?


Okay. So just having a look through, you're safe at the moment. Nothing's jumping to my eyes here. These are fine. So at the moment, we're seeing that you're okay, you're safe. You haven't been flagged. So this is okay. Now we have an opportunity to recover here, which is good. And then we can do things like coming in to solve deliverability problems, we actually need to look at things like... And Google this one, guys, M X toolbox Deliverability or DMARC Deliverability, I think is the right one. Mxtoolbox. Com deliverability. And what you can do here is you can send an email from your system to this address, ping@ toolsmxtoolbox. Com. Let me show you how to do it. You go into your own GHL, you send one email to that address and it will give you a report of things that it notices. Again, we come into our GHL. I'll come into our white label suite dashboard.

Let's go. That was MxT oolbox. What was it again?

Mx toolbox. Com deliverability. Let me grab the URL. I'll pop it into the chat box here like that. We're going to send an email to ping@mx toolbox. Com. You come into your main account, come into contacts, and we're going to create a contact with that email address. I've already got one, as you can see. I've created a contact here called test test. Their email address is that one. Now I can send any of my emails to here and do a test. We're going to come in and we're going to say, so this is to that ping@ tools. Mxtool. Com, and I'm going to say, send an email. I'm going to send from the address that I normally send from in this account, Walt@ white labelsuite. Com. Subject, I'm just going to choose one of my templates here. I've got templates in the system. I'm going to come down and just choose one of them. Let's see. Fast forward. Let's go. One of these. There we go. That one I'll do. Now it's dropped in all my details. It's going to literally send to that ping@mxtoolbox. Com. Once you've done that, coming back here, we want to make sure that we have that same address.

I sent that from Walt@ whitelablesuite. Com. I've sent it there and now I say where I sent it from and now we're going to go show me my Deliverability Report. It might take a few seconds, but we just want to see what comes up here. Now, this is a good example. I can see all green ticks. Everything's great. I should actually give you a bad example so that it shows. There is something that's been flagged here, but it's not a big deal. But DPM Signature is not aligned, and it tells me what's the problem here. A mix toolbox looking for a paid thing. So what it's saying is DMARC is the key to improving deliverability. I cannot stress that enough. Of all of the things that I've ever learned about email deliverability, this is the most important thing. I've said this on a call before that when Sean and the team released LC email, so they badged mail gun, and they allowed us to send through their own version, which is called LCE mail. They took off the requirement for DMARC set up. Dmarc. They took off. They didn't make it required. And I actually said to Sean, That's cool, because people struggle with it, and I can understand why you did it.

But if people don't set up DMARC, their deliverability tanks. Absolutely tanks. Do you know what a DMARC record is, M ike?

Well, I didn't know until I read the book. We started reading the book. I went into the Cloudflare. It's almost like SSL for the emails. I went into the Cloudflare and there was an option for it to set the DMARC on all my domains. I've been doing that.

Yeah, exactly right. What is DMARC? Dmarc is a verification on a specific domain that you own that says, I own this domain and I verify that I can send emails from this domain. To me, and again, it's just purely from experience, it's the one thing that has watched my deliverability completely skyrocket when I thought everything else was set up right. When you go into Mailgun, you have to create a C name record, a text record, a few other bits and pieces. But this one is never a requirement that you set up. But it is the big difference. I've watched emails go from 90 % spam box to 90 % inbox with this one change. So guys, for Daniel...

How do you set this again?

Yeah, cool. I was just about to say that for anybody else who's on the call, if you'd like to know, I'll walk through what is DMARC, how do I set it up? And this, again, make sure that this is in place so that your emails get delivered. Winding back a step. When we create a new domain, we've just gone out and we've registered. So again, let's do this in steps so that we make sure we get this completely step by step by step by step. So I will do this on my shared whiteboard here. Okay. So yeah, Daniel, that's what we're going to do right now. So we go, first step first. We're going to register a new domain specifically for cold email. Now, if your domain is xzmarketing. Com, is primary, you want to protect that with everything you got. Don't ever send cold email marketing from that domain, ever, because you're going to be in business for a long time. And the very most important thing that you can do is make sure that when you send an email from your primary business, it gets delivered. Otherwise, invoices don't go to clients. Otherwise, memberships don't go to clients.

Protect this domain with everything you've got. So what we do is you go to Namecheap, GoDaddy, whoever it is that you buy your domains from, and you register a new domain and it might be xyzmarketing. C o. This is my marketing only domain. So step one, step one, register a new domain specifically for cold email marketing. Now, when we do that... So this is step one, new domain. Keyboard. Step one, new domain. Step two, let's come over here. Set this new domain for email sending. How do we do that? There's a couple of sub things here. Number one, this is up to everybody's own opinion, but we manage all of our DNS records and domain name server records from Cloudflare. Okay, so Cloudflare is free and it's a DNS management tool. It helps with site loading speed. It's an incredible, incredible, incredible resource. We use Cloudflare to manage all of our DNS records because it's, I guess, what we know, it's simple. You can manage your DNS records from the place that you buy your domain from. Namecheap, GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, whatever. Wherever you bought your domain from, you can manage your DNA from there. But typically, a domain registrar charges you for that.

Short of the very, very basics, you have to pay for advanced DMS. And we choose Cloudflare. And again, hundreds of millions of other businesses choose Cloudflare, including high level because it's free, it's fast, it's the best in the world, all of that stuff. So this is an optional step, but believe me, it makes it easy. Optional, Cloudflare. I'll show you how to do that. And then you need to set up your authentication with the mail platform and we do that on Cloudflare. I'll show you these steps. The steps e, step one, get a new domain. Step two, set up that domain for email sending on CloudF ood. Guys, I'll walk through this. And, M ike, good to see you, by the way. Leroy and Tyson and James. Guys, this is probably going to take me 10 minutes to go through. I hope that's okay. It's a really important thing that we talk about setting your email up right so that you deliver and not just for you, for your clients as well. What we're doing here is talking about generating leads for your clients. And as a client comes on board, you need to do this stuff.

 So first things first, register a new domain for them. Thanks, Lloyd. So let's do this together. I probably won't register a new domain. I'll probably go and get one that I've had. We've got thousands of them now from client accounts and that stuff. But we get a domain, we set it up on Cloudflare, and then we authenticate the email. So let's do that in steps. Mike, we're recording this one, man. Okay, cool. So let's go and do this completely step by step. So that monitor. There we go. Okay. All righty. And I'll switch cameras to be that one so it looks like I'm facing you while I'm working. All right. So I'm going to come across to Namecheap. We buy all our domains from Namecheap. So for no other reason than that's where they all are. There are cheaper places to buy domains. There are more expensive places to buy domains. Godaddy is the biggest domain place on the planet, but we've got all our stuff in Namecheap. So let me just log in and literally go start to finish. With the one exception that I'm not going to buy a domain for this example, I've already got thousands of them.

So that's the one exception. I would buy a domain, but then everything else is going to go from there. So I need my 2FA authentication to log in. 757.757. All right, in logged in. Okay, so if I was going to buy a domain today, I would do this x, y, z, marketing, whatever it is, marketing. Io. Com. Net. Org. Whatever, it doesn't matter. X, y, z, marketing. I o. This is me buying a domain. Yeah, cool. Hey, look, it's available. I don't want to spend $2,600 on it, though. So by the way... Oh, I've got other stuff in my shopping cart. We buy a lot of domains. Xyzmarketing. I o is available for 60 bucks a year. Okay, cool. What about a. Net? Some of them are more expensive than others.. Net, 48 bucks a year. Okay, cool. Whatever. So I'll buy a domain. Dot coms are the cheapest. X, Y, Z, marketing. I don't know. Golf, just to chuck a word on there that I'm pretty sure won't be taken. Xyzmarketinggolf. Com is available for 14 bucks a year or six bucks a year if you've got that coupon code. Great. Cool. I bought it.

Yay. Hooray. Happy days. Just bought a domain. Yay, we own it. What do I do next? Next, remember my steps. Buy a domain, set it up on Cloudflare. How do I do that? Cool. Let's go to Cloudflare. Com and show exactly how we're going to do that. I'm going to log in.

Why is Cloudflare easier than just doing it through Go Daddy?

Great question. First of all, Go Daddy charge that advanced DNA DSP. And again, it's what you know. So if all I had ever done was manage my D&S on Go Daddy, it's the same. You're just literally doing the add a record, it's a C name record, or it's an A name record, or it's a whatever, like a text record. It's the same steps. The only reason that I find this easier, I'll show you, is because everything's in one place. You've got all your domains here that you can manage the DNA. So if I need to do client work, I can come across... Let's go. Cool. Two of eight. Sorry, just logging in. I'll show you. So you've got everything there. You can switch between domains. You can do multiples at the same time. I don't need to pay advanced D&S fees. It's a personal choice. I find it easier to be able to see all my domains in one place in managing my dashboard. So if I come across two domains, there they are. So these are all domains that we've registered for clients over the time, and I can choose any one of them. So I can go into any of my clients accounts, I can come to D&S, and I can just see all of the records that are in place.

I just find it easier. I do have the same thing. If you want to do that in Namecheap, let me come across to our domains in Namecheap. You can do it. So if I grab any domain that I've got here, that one as an example, I can come to Manage, and I go to Advanced DNA, it's here. I can do stuff from here. Again, I've never done it. There we go. Add a new record. I can do the same thing. But it's a personal choice, Daniel. I just find everything easier in Cloudflare. That's probably the quickest and easiest answer. I find it easier just because that's what I learned. Does Cloudflare charge to do this? No, great question. Great question. Let's set up a new record. Let's pretend that that domain that I just bought, let me come back and see which ones we've got here. All right, let's pretend that this domain I just bought. Because Good Data in charge is like, I think it's $12 for, they call it a pack to have it in your meeting house. $12 a month for a three pack or something. Exactly, man. It really does. It's like you got hundreds of domains, thousands of domains.

It's like, twelve tons.

You can't beat free.

 Correct. Let me see what I've got here. I think this one might be a client that is no longer active with us, so that's something that I can use. Okay, so let's say that this is the domain that I've just bought. I just bought Bark for Pets mail. Com. Yay, cool. This is me setting up. Ladies and gentlemen, Alok Gandhi is on the call. Alok is an unbelievable legend in the GHL space. And he and his business partner, Pat, run high level freaks. They have one of the most active groups in the space. And I just wanted to give a shout out because I'm starstruck. I've got a little bit of celebrity stuff going on as A lok joins our Q&A call. Great to see you, man. Thanks for.

Joining us. You're just too kind, man.

Dude, you're a legend. I bow to you. It's amazing to have you on the call. So we're just doing email deliverability. We're talking about making sure we set up clients accounts and doing all that stuff. So you do this in your sleep. I know that. Actually, you don't. You send it to Pat, he does it. But we'll just keep on working through.

I've absorbed a bit from him, so I know a fair bit as well.

I have no doubt, brother. Again, guys, A lok is amazing. The team at high level threes are some of the best in the business. Great to have him in the call, man. Okay, so this is my new domain. I've just bought out a new domain. Yeah, hurray. Let me just make sure I haven't got it already over here so that I can show this from the start. Have I got that particular one? Baffer Pets, mail. Yes, I do. Okay, cool. I'm going to delete it so that I can start from start. Can I delete this one? I don't even know how to delete this one. I've never deleted a domain. How about that? Okay. Back for pets.

From the main page. Yeah.

I've never deleted a domain from Cloudflare. Isn't that interesting? There it is. Clicking on it. Can I delete it here? I wish I could have.

Remove the bottom right.



Thank you very much. Now I can start from see, I'll have gandy, ladies and gentlemen. There we go. I've literally never removed anything from Cloudflare. That's a first for me. Cool. That's going to do it. Any subscriptions, all that stuff. They're all gone. Happiness. I've got a brand new domain and I want to set this up on Cloudflare.


Let's come back over here. I go, add a site, enter the site and add. Cool. Now, big screen that says $20 a month. Mike, you said it was free. Yeah, just scroll down. You only need the free one. They put that below the fold for a reason. They want to make sure that... But this is all you need. There's some things that you can do in here, but I literally have never used it in 20 years of being online. Free, everything you need. Free, I'm going to add this on the free plan. Continue. Now, it says you can't just add any domain you like to this. You need to own that sucker. So how do you prove that you own that sucker? You first of all have to set up and point what they call name server records. Cool. We're going to check the name server. Here we go. I think it's probably still picking up that we've got it there. In your domain, here it is. I click on Manage and I got to change just one thing and that's my name server, my ns, name server records. There it is, ns. And if you're on...

We've just registered the domain, it's going to look like that. It's going to say, you are currently on the Namecheap name server records. You've got it pointed to Namecheap. So I just bought my domain and I go to it, barkforpets. Com, and it shows up with, This domain has been registered on Namecheap. If you'd like to register domain on Namecheap, click here. It's an advertisement for Namecheap. So that's what they put in there. But let me think about this in the right way. The domain that we just bought is a house. What is the address of that house? Where is it on the internet? That's what our name servers tell the world. The name servers say the address of this house is here. We say, Okay, cool. I need to set my custom DNS. I think that's my name server ones there. I'll double check in just a second. But again, I get those from Cloudflare. Cloudflare tells me the name server records to set up right there. Cloudflare name servers, make sure that this is it. Simone... So just copy and paste. Copy, paste. Let's do it. Paste. My other one was Tasana. There it is.

Copy, paste. What I've just said is the house I've built now has an address on the internet. When anybody's looking for my house, the internet says, Oh, I know where that house lives. It's here.

Okay, cool. That's all I've done. I've registered the domain and I've pointed it to Cloudflare. Happy days.

Before you proceed, can you just do a quick size writing down notes? Where did you gather the information from to put into a name sheet?

Great question. In Cloudflare, let's go back. I've got my domain here. It was bark for pets, I think it was. Bark for pets, bark for pets. Mail. I've got it. I've searched, I've got it. I've clicked on it, and then I click on DNA and.


Scroll down and it's there.

Got it. Okay, great. Thank you.

No probs, no worries. Ask away, guys.

Can I just add quickly? If you add a new domain and select free, it would literally give you a step by step guide of, Okay, do this first, do this first. It would tell you that you need to add your name service as well. We'll do.

That because this one was already on there.

This was already on there. That's why it's different. But when you add a new one, you would literally Cloudflare will tell you first add this service and then make sure you verify it and all that.

What we've just said to Cloudflare is I own this domain. I've proved it to you by pointing my name servers to you. Only the person who owns the domain can do that. I am done. I'm good to go. Now, at this point, I don't need to go back into Namecheap at all. Once I've set the address of my house to Cloudflare, everything else to do with my house is done on Cloudflare. Now I'm going to build my house to make it look the way I want it to look on Cloudflare. Namecheap is all finished. Coming back to my step by step stuff, let me do this. Come back to my whiteboard. A lok, when we're on Q&A, I subject all my members to my very talented whiteboard drawing skills.

I love that.

This is it. What we've done so far is just these first two steps. We've registered the domain and we've set that domain up on a DNS management platform that we call Cloudflare, and we've pointed the address, which we call our name servers there. Okay, cool. Next, we need to step three. Step three, set this domain up to mail. And we're going to do that on mail gun or LC email inside of ghl Excel. Okay, so away we go. Is it okay with everybody if I do this on mail gun? Yeah?

Well, can you just clarify why one would use one or the other? Just what this is in general? I'm not familiar with mail gun or else email.

Yeah, great question. So mail gun, send in blue, postmark. There's so many companies that do it. What they do is they send emails. That's their primary job. That's their objective. So they create a system where a domain name is allowed to send emails. That's what mail gun is. So mail gun is an email sending system. So is G Suite. So zo is G Suite. You can set up G Suite to mail systems. But when you're looking at what we call bulk email, and that might be... We're not even talking about 100 a day, you can do that on G Suite as well. But we're talking about you've got 7,000 subscribers in your membership database, I want to hit send. G Suite will not handle that. You need to have a dedicated email sending platform, and there's a million of them. There's Mailgun, all those ones that I just listed. So what's LC email? About 12 months ago, GHL did a deal with Mailgun where they said, How about we buy your system off you in bulk, rebadge it under our own name and sell it to our members at a slightly lower price? Mailgun said, Sweet, cool.

No worries at all. So GHL did a deal with Mailgun to license that technology and sell it under their own name. So LC E mail is Mailgun, but it's just set up and supported by GHL with a different front end. And that's really great. I actually celebrated when I found that out because I couldn't wrap my head around why and how GHL were able to offer unlimited sub accounts for one fee. I was really skeptical because I've tried to do that in my own software business before and went broke quick. I was like, How can they do that? That's unbelievable. I celebrated when I found out that LC E mail is a micro transaction that GHL earn money from. Every single email that gets sent from LC E mail or even mail gun because I've got that relationship with them, GHL earn 0.0001 %. That is awesome. Because now I understand that the more sub accounts they can sell, the more emails they send, the more text messages they send, the more strike transactions go through their system. Ghl are making 0.0001 % on a billion emails a month. When I found that out, I was thrilled because I was like, Now I get it.

I understand how they can grow and they're not going to fall over. Because that was my big concern. Are we building our house on rock or are we building our house on sand? I was worried that we're going to get all of our clients and build our whole world on DHL and they're going to be out of business in 12 months because they couldn't afford to keep up. No, they've done it really smart. Microtransactions. The more sub accounts they've got, they own one cent from a billion emails a month. Real statistic as of August last year. They also earn 0.001 % on every text message sent through Twilio and now LC Phone as well. They earn from every Stripe transaction. This is a really good business model. So what is LC Email? Lc Email is mail gun rebadged under GHL's own branding and name. Which one should you choose? My vote is LC Email purely because if I have a problem with LC Email, my GHL agency amount that I pay every month gets me a support button that I can say, Hey, my LC Email is not working. And they've got a department that can look, see, find out, troubleshoot.

You become a little bit of a step up. My highest recommendation is LC Email. We personally, as our agency, which is Comet Suite, aren't running on LCE mail. Why do you recommend it? Because we had set them all up on Mailgun before that has happened, and we just haven't clicked the button to switch over. So all of our stuff is still in Mailgun. We should click the button and move everything over to LCE mail, but we're so busy with white label suite that I haven't been able to stand there and make sure everything's okay. I just haven't rocked the boat at the moment. We're still on mail gun. A lok, what are you guys on? Are you on LC or you're on mail gun?

My main agency is still on mail gun, but every new client is on LC now. I've made LC as my main, but any new account which is created uses LC. But there's other benefits to LC as well. If you go directly to mail gun, there's not much security features built in. That means if there's a spam percentage ratio and all that, if anything goes above Mailgun, we just shut down your account. Whereas high level of built in some of the security features where there's an email sending throttle features where you can't send 10,000 emails first day. You can only send 500 or 1,000. I forgot the number, but you can check the help docs, but they've throttled the sending limits. If you want to send more and you need to know your list is really good and all that, you're more than welcome to change and edit those settings. But that's inbuilt, so that keeps your domain safe. That's one. Second is because they negotiated a better deal. It's cheaper than Mail gun. Mail gun is a little bit expensive. I mean, it's not that crazy, but still, any extra cent counts. The third thing, and this is the main thing, if you've not set up in mail gun to start with LCE mail, because mail gun you go into a plan.

I guess the lowest is 35 or 40 dollars for 50,000 emails a month. Whereas LC E mail, if your agency is not sending all together 50,000 emails, you still pay that money to mail gun. Whereas LC E mail, if your agency is sending only 10,000 emails, you only pay for 10,000. You don't pay anything extra. They charge you per email sent, not a package deal. That's a really good point. You're not.

Actually packaged into a higher tier. That's nice. I like that. As I said, I hadn't just pushed the button. Guys, push the button with me while we do this here. Where am I? I'm in agency mode. I'm in email settings. At the moment, as you can see, I'm in mail gun. I'm literally pushing the button right now today. Yeah, just that. I'll see.

If it's there. Okay, got it.

Done, done, done. Cool. Setting up your dedicated sending domain. All right, cool. This is me learning as I go because I'm recommending lcemail, lead connector, lcemail. Here we go. Got to set up a dedicated domain. Cool. Let's do it. The dedicated domain I need to set up is going to be, I think it's replies. C om. Your domain, replies. Com will be moved to lead connector account. New dns records will be provided. Update your dns records, verify and apply a domain. Domain logs get lost from your mail gun account. Okay, cool. So what's going to happen right now is I'm going to need to change my dns, which is exactly what we're talking to you guys about that we do on Cloudflare. Okay, so we'll walk through this together, and then it will show you how to set up that bug for pets on LCE mail. So away we go. All right, so we recommend using a subdomain. So you can see I've got replies. C ommentsuite or mg. Again, that's Alok. If they're trying to hide behind the fact that they're not mail gun, they need to update a few things. They still got that.

That's classic. But they also, as we say, make sure you warm up your email address. So replies it and let's do it. Add and verify. And again, this is at an agency level so that every sub account from now on in we can do this with, add and verify. Ebony, if I stop off our email sending, I'll be having a busy, busy Saturday. All right, cool. So what's really cool... Well, you sure will. Yeah, I'm about to have a busy Saturday. So here we go, guys. This now gives us exactly what we need to do. And again, values to be entered is still mailgun. Org, which is funny.

They're not hiding it. They're not trying to hide it. It's just cheaper. You can go and sign up with mail gun, but if you come with us, it's cheaper. You save money.

I'm sold. Happy with that. Now, guys, all we got to got to do is copy and paste. This looks really technical, but all we got to do is copy and paste. We need to set up a text record. We need to copy this, and we need to copy this. Let me show you. Again, we do that on Cloudflare. Here I am on Cloudflare, and now I'm doing Comet Suite. I need to get into Comet Suite. I think that's actually in our other Cloudflare account. Let me search. Yeah, that's not here. Different Cloudflare account. All righty, so we are at the moment munking around with commentsuite. Com as our domain. Cool, here it is. Now I need to update my DNS records. Okay, where I go? Over here on the left, it says DNS. Literally, this is just copy and paste. You can see we've got a whole bunch of stuff in here already, but I need to just copy and paste. I need a text record and I need to copy this. Okay, copy. And it says, add a record. Okay, add a record. What a record? It's not an A record. It's not a C name record.

Go all the way down. It is a text record. Now, it says the name. What is the name? The name it tells you. Name, there it is. Copy and paste. Awesome. Content. Copy and paste. And that's it. The text skill is copy and paste. So once I've got a text record, pointed to the right place, content is here, I'm going to stick the same. But pause, red flashing light, red flashing light. What you actually need to do is go all the way up to your domain. Red flashing light, take that out. Take that out. You've already got the domain. I've already got cometsuite. Com, and you can see that I just need to make sure that I get it all the way up to the right spot. So just the bit that comes before. Where was that red flashing light at? Yeah, if you put it in twice, it will create multiple subdomains. It'll be mx. D omain. Replies. Mx. D omain. Replies. It'll create multiple sub accounts. So just take it all the way up to your domain. But will something in Cloudflare prompt you letting you know that, hey, you do not need the rest?

No, that's just trial and error.

No, if.



Wrong, I think they've updated that, they would just pass that domain out. Let's just try it out. That would be great.

Because I've done it so many times. Let's test it. It used to.

Be a thing, but I guess it's just passing it out.

Try it out. Let's see. What I want at the end is for this to be the case, not a double up. Let's see if they fixed it. That would be great. Click Save. Done. There you go. Wow. Yay. that was.

Done successfully. Say again, Daniel?

Does that.

Mean it was done successfully? How do you know that? Yeah, how do you know?


So you can see it.
You refresh that to see if it did it properly.

That yeah, I'll go through it.

All first.

Well, I'm just trying to be clear. What we're looking at here is that the complete record right there? That is.

Absolutely the complete record. That is exactly what we wanted it to do. Okay, just done.

Okay, got it. That is the confirmation right there. Okay. It is.

Absolutely done. Mx domain key. Replies. Remember I said take it all the way back. That's exactly what I wanted. I've got it. It's good. Happiness. Happiness. That worked. So yeah, they've updated. Great. Makes it easier.

They're passing out the domain, which is just easy now.

Thank goodness. All right, cool. Great. Step one, we've copied and pasted the first one. Great. We need to do it four more times. Text record, replies. C om. Com. Okay, cool. I need to copy and paste. Another text record. Great. So I go add record, text record, paste, copy, paste, save. Step two, done. I need to do it three more times. Next one is a C name record. It's not a text record anymore. It's now a C Name Record. I need to copy and I need to come over here. And this time when I'm adding a record, it's not a text record, it's a C Name Record. Paste, okay? And it looks slightly different. Copy paste and ProTip, turn off the orange button. Turn off the orange button. C name, copy paste, turn off the orange. Done. What is that?

What is the.

Orange button? The orange button works like a signalman on a railway line. It's either, Follow my signal and go down this path, which is orange light on, or this is only just a DNA record. Don't go anywhere. Don't do anything as a result. This is just me setting up a DNA. I'm not redirecting someone somewhere. I'm literally just saying this is a fact. This is something shiny I've added to my house. Don't send someone anywhere else. Just keep them here. I just want to put that in play. If you've got to the orange, send someone somewhere. That's what it's for. I see. Ron, I missed your question, bro. Just send me a message and I'll make sure I get to you. Okay, so we set up a C name record. We're three fifths of the way through. We've only got two left to go and MX records are mail exchange records, MX mail exchange. Cool. Now we've only got two to go. We go, I need an MX record this time. And again, it's just copy and paste. Copy, over here, add a record. It's an MX record. There it is. Paste, copy. I think I've already got these.
I'll come back and fix this up later on. Paste, done. Great. Priority. My priority. Does it give me my priority? Yes, priority is 10. Priority is 10. Yeah. So I said my priority. Cool. Neil done. Same thing 10, one to go. Mx record, priority 10, copy paste. Getting it all there, Mx record. Copy paste, copy paste. Priority 10. Save. And that's it. Now I've set up my email address for mailing. We didn't cover our main thing, which is our DMARC, which I really want to make sure we do. But at this point now, I can click on Verify Domain, and I have got my green ticks. Verify, verify, verify, verify. I can now send emails from my GHL using the LC email system just by literally setting that up on Cloudflare. I've registered a domain, I pointed that domain to Cloudflare, and then on Cloudflare, I've just set up these five records. And I can see that I've got my thing. Now, where we got to here was DMARC. What is a DMARC record? And guys, by the way, I've got all of this on a checklist that we give to our VAs when they're setting up a new account.
In about two minutes, I'll give you the the Dropbox links and you can have this checklist. Okay? So whenever we... Alok, your question was, do we... Yes, it's being recorded, Anna. Do we register a throw away domain for every new client? Yes, we do. And that's actually part of the service that we say to them. Hey, Mr. Client, first thing we're going to do for you is register a new domain. Why? To protect your primary. We make a big deal out of it. So yeah, we register a throw away domain. What do we mean a throw away domain? If by some bad misf, this. Co. I o. Net. Whatever email address does get blacklisted, their primary domain is still safe. I can just throw that one away and do another one. So we're good. Now, good so far. We've got here. Do not miss the next step. As I said, GHL don't make it a requirement, but you should make this a requirement. Set up a DMARC record. It is just one more copy and paste. The exact thing you need to copy and paste is on the checklist I'm about to give you. Or you can just literally Googlemx.
Com toolbox dmark setup, and it will show you what you need to do. Free resource kit, how to set up DMARC for email and deliveryability. So you can Google it. I'm going to give it to you on the checklist, so no stress. One more record to set up, and that is the DMARC record. Now, I probably already have it in here, or I will get my checklist. There it is, DMARC. A DMARC record is just one more text record. So it is copy and paste, underscore, DMARC, V equals DMARC 1, P equals none. Couple of things to take a note of over there. But it is, again, just a copy and paste. How do we do it? What do we do? How do we set this up? Dmarc, you've told me it's important. Tell me about it. Hostname, DMARC, MXToolbox. You can see the way to do it. V equals DMARC, P equals the tag, and this is what they end up with. V equals this. And this is where you just need to copy and paste and switch out that domain for your own domain, your own email address. So this is how this works.
We set up a new record. This is the only thing we need to do. Add new record, record? It's a text record. It's a text record, text like we just found out about. It is a DMARC record, which is underscore DMARC. That's all we need to copy and paste. Underscore DMARC. Say what?
Yeah. Got you. Go, M ike.
Hello. Hello. Hello. No, lost you. Guys, have you still got me? We do, Walt. We do.
I can.
Quickly get him. Okay.
Just go to the email option. There's a DMARC option on there. Yeah, there is. And I.
Want you to know what to do.
I want you to know what to do.
I want you to know, so if you're not using Cloudflare, I want you to know what to do. If you're doing Go Daddy, you're right. Mike, if you go to the email, you go to here, you can do DMARC Management here. But I want you guys to know what to do. Somebody who doesn't want to set this up, you need to know what to do. Add record. It's a text record. Text, text, text, text.
Come on, there it is.
Dmarc, underscore, DMARC, one word. And then you're just going to literally, again, copy and paste, V equals DMARC, P equals none, and put your own email address at the end. Now, there's a lot of other complicated ways that you can do this. And on my checklist, you'll find out this is different. But I just want to show you where you can copy and paste it. Copy and paste? Cool. But of course, don't mail to that because that's not my email. Mail to Walt@commentsuite. Com. What's this going to do? If a mail bounces, if you get an error somewhere, it's going to give you a little notification. It's going to say, Hey, something went wrong with this email. Send me a report to Walt@commentsuite. Com. Let me know that something went wrong so I can see it. Now, if you're sending a lot of emails, that can get annoying really fast. But once you're sure that everything is good, once you're sure that your mails are going through, you can set this to p equals reject. Don't tell me. If it doesn't go through, just don't send it. Just forget about it. But for the case of this exercise, let's just keep it as copy and paste.
P equals none. Mail me if there's a problem. All right. Text message. Please put that.
In the chat. Yeah, of course, man.
Absolutely. It's on the checklist and let me grab that. Thank you, Alaa. Dude, you're amazing. All right, there it is. Thank you. Don't send your email error messages to me, by the way. Please replace Walt@commentsway. Com with your own. That's it. I've now set up a DMARC record. Now, my email deliverability will benefit as a result. I've spent this whole time on this on this one topic. But guys, I hope that makes sense. Let me grab my checklist and I'll show you exactly what we give our VAs when we get a new account. Okay, one second. C ommonetSuite onboarding. And you guys can have this checklist. You can use it for yourself. You can give it to your VAs. Here it is. Tech onboarding post sale. Okay, so this is exactly what we give to our VAs to set up. And I'll give you guys this link. So we get obviously the name that we get, the domain to be registered. So if we've got abcmarketing. Com, we register abcmarketing. Com, whatever it is. And then we come down, register and set up a Cloudflare account. Here's a Loom video showing you how to do it on Cloudflare.
Do everything else. Cover these steps. Here's that DMARC step. There's a little bit of information about how to set up DMARC if my VA is struggling. Create and configure mail gun. So this was done for mail gun, but we just did it on a LC email, so this is the same. Update the record at agency level. This is all of the steps that we get our VA to go through. Okay. And as I said, we have done this on mail gun, but I will give you guys this checklist in the chat box right now. So you can download this checkbox. Yeah. Kyle's just mentioned on Facebook that he wants the checklist. No worries. There it is. Hey, I always say that I'm not monitoring questions on Facebook, but the fact that I've still got that window open means that I could answer you, Kyle. So there you go. All right, so that's the checklist. And guys, again, we spent a whole hour on this, but the reason that we spent this hour is simple, because when Mike showed us his statistics, his deliverability rate was like 35 %. We're like, Okay, let's solve that. If we're going to send out a thousand emails a month, we want to make damn sure that 95 % of them are getting into an inbox somewhere.
So that's why we spend that time. And hopefully that's been valuable. I'm going to jump off that mic. And again, thank you for asking. We've gone through that in good detail. But I want to make sure that we get some questions from Daniel and Alok and the guys as well, if that's okay. Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Let me do this.

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