When Should You Show a Client You Can Help

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Yeah. Well, you answered one of my questions. The other one is to go along with what you're talking with the other gentleman about how to sell. This is, again, a philosophy question. We've been having that. So I think you need to probably start another time for Walt's Corner or something like that. I came across an opportunity in the client that wants to pull trigger and work with us. But he has not one, but four different services and four different VAs that's helping him in this same vein. He is not tech savvy at all. He's a financial advisor. Those are the clients that we work with. Just a philosophical question for everybody, I guess, to answer, put their time in, whatever the case may be is, we can do what all those companies do for him and probably then some all in one little package. When would you even bring that up? Because he's willing to come on board and add another service to help him do what he does. When would you say, Okay, you don't need these anymore. Would you do that at the beginning when you have major success, a month, two months, whatever the case may be?

What's your thoughts there?

My philosophical answer to any time that a challenge question comes up like that is the right time is going to be when the client wants it. So in that engagement, I would bring it to their attention. If you think it's the right thing to do, I would say, Wow, so you got all these other four companies doing that? That's great. That's so good. So these guys are doing that for you. These guys, talk it up because the very worst thing you could do in a sales environment is...

Exactly what I did today. Just talk it up. I know those guys. I know.

Those guys. I'm so great. It's so awesome that you've got these guys working for you. So few people actually have that proactive thought pattern. And I can really see that you're like, that's awesome. I'm thrilled that you've got that in place. Man, and this would be my next question. If you could wave a magic wand, we're going to come in as the fifth one here. If we could waive a magic wand, what's the end result going to look like for you? Now, he might say to you, well, you're going to do your thing. It's going to add on to what they do. And it's going to be the best five pronged attack that anybody's ever seen. And you're going to nod and smile and say, Hell, yeah, let me do that for you. But if you ask that magic wand question and you say, So we're going to come in as that fifth company, we're going to make sure that that's all added to the things that you're doing. Of course, there's some crossover there. But if you waive the magic wand, and if he says to you, Man, if you can do all of what they do and just whatever, I'll pay you more for it, then you go, Really?

Well, then let me make that happen for you. The right time to solve the customer's problem is when they want it solved. If they don't see it as a problem and it doesn't impact your ability to communicate and work, then do your best work alongside them. Make them look like rock stars. But at the point where another supplier is causing your client pain and it's a pain that you can solve, if they want that pain solved, that's the right time. So that's about as philosophical as I get.

It didn't take you very long to answer that either, this time.

Yeah, it must be getting better at it. The right time to solve a problem is when the person who has the problem wants it solved.

All right, good. And I will definitely be up there, brother, to see you in Dallas. And like I mentioned before, we'll drink a beer and have fun. How long have you been married, if you don't mind.

My ask? Sixteen years today, 16 years. I met my beautiful, amazing, incredibly supportive wife on a train in London. I sat next to her on the train.


Were both headed on the same line. I don't know if you guys have ever been in the London transit system. I'm sure it's the same as anywhere in the world. There's millions and millions of people that go through that thing every day. And it was unbelievable. Sliding doors that I was on that train at that minute, sitting in that seat next to my now 16 year wife. Amazing things. And I am not going to be working until midnight tonight. Good. I'll probably finish off around fiveish. And we'll see if we can go and celebrate somewhere.

Well, Yohan should pick up the ball, right?

If you can actually send that in. What a great idea. Send that across to him. Thank you, bro. Hey, Theresa, thank you so much for.

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