Building Out an Offer Sequence in the Legal Space

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Congrats, by the way.


Thank you. Is it okay if I share a win?

No, that's the worst thing to do. How dare you? I love to hear that. Bring it on.

Fantastic. So grateful for you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It's been a little bit... I loved your first module where it was unconscious incompetence or whatever it was because I felt like that for quite a long time. And then the light bulbs clicked a couple of weeks ago. So super grateful. So as a real estate investor, I launched a campaign which I'm very grateful for, and it's brought in an amazing amount of leads and it's working, which is exciting. So I'm going to do that, which is right up my alley. But alongside of that, and I was talking to an attorney friend. Of course, I'm like, Hey, check out our lead system. So I didn't want to do shiny object syndrome, but he is opening up a new office. He's a trust and estate attorney up north. I was wondering, if I happen to dip my shiny object syndrome to help him out, do you have any recommendations or strategies? I was thinking of maybe just going out to the local business community saying, Hey, we could review 20 minutes consultation to review your trust and estate planning as a local new business owner.

Do you have any suggestions on a campaign for him to launch.

His business? Absolutely.


Awesome. Thank you. If you heard the commentary that I had before about cold email manifesto... Anyway, so cold email manifesto, amazing. Get the book, really great strategies. So, formulation of that campaign, first of all, what's the offer? If it's a 20 minute review of their trust, not bad. What about if it's state and attorneys? You got to think about what's going to make him irresistible. Yeah? So the thing is, you tell me, Theresa, you tell me, what percentage of people, as a guess, as a guess, what percentage of people have a trust set up to minimise tax for their estates to pass to their children? Guess. You don't have to know. Just guess. What's your gut feel?

Where he's opening up his office, I would hope 60 % I'm guessing, just because it's a higher end clientele.

60 % would have one? Amazing. That's a high set.

It's a pretty affluent community.

Beautiful. Amazing. So what would be cool? Let me just state takes estate.

You're talking about the community that the lawyers involved in? They have 60 % trust that already been put in place or he's been helping them?

No, just that community is pretty affluent. And I would think in an affluent community, like, you know, Ron, because you're in the investor advisor world, you have communities that are, you know, it's just part of there.

But does he really want to work there? Because if it's that saturated, he would want to go outside of that, right? Because on a whole, nationally, it's lower than teens, to be honest with you.

Okay. Well, I don't know its business.

That was my gut feel. That's why I was a little bit surprised. So what I'm googling right now is, what I googled was state takes estate, trust set up wrong. I'm googling the news. So what I want to find, and it won't take me long if I keep scrolling, I'll find it, I'm sure, I want to find an example of where somebody thought they were protected and the state took their estate from the kids and the kids got nothing. And I want to find that story. So here's how I'd run that campaign. If the trust situation is prevalent, like there's a lot of people that have trusts. My campaign would be that. It would be subject line, quick question, first entry line, Hey, John, I'm super impressed to find you in this local area doing my research. It was only the top two % of Americans that are in this particular space. I'm thrilled. My name is I'm a state and trust tax attorney, and this is what I do. I was shocked to read that this particular person who had their trust set up still lost their entire estate when they passed away because the trust wasn't set up correctly.

If that's scary to you, I'd love to do a 20 minute free consult. If you'd like me to do that review, just let me know with some time. Ron, go for it.

And another way of doing it, too, that is probably more narrow focused and could potentially really get people to act is when was the last time someone reviewed all your data, all your information? Because people get divorced, they have children, they have grandchildren, they have great grandchildren. I'll give you a free evaluation, see if everything's in line, yada yada yada.

I'll jump on it. I bow to your experience in this industry, bro, because you know it better than I do. But I would bow... So I do. I bow to your experience. But an affluent person is going to read that and go, I had that same email five times in the last week. I want to make it much more painful. I would literally go, Quick question.

Then here it is too.

Have you seen the latest IRS update? Because your estate's in danger and only by staying up to date with your estate and planning can you avoid this impending disaster.

So going for the regular client, true story, divorced, forgot to change all the beneficiaries, all of the documents, all the paperwork. So when that person died, the spouse was left with doughnut. Plus the ex got everything because... Wow.

That happens more times than not. Correct. Anna, exactly right. Anna, absolutely. This is the impending doom. Just hit.

Reply and tell them to come to an end, man. You got to talk to me.

The world's coming to an end. Exactly. That's how we make sales. The trust attorney... Theresa, to impress this person, I would set that up and I would be targeting... Using the people search to target CEOs, target high level execs in and around the area, get those campaigns going out. Not sure if they do any corporate law as well. I would also use... If they do corporate law, I would literally send out a campaign to local businesses around. Again, choose the affluent, wealthy ones. I would use, again, the danger hook. Quick question, did you know that your employees are actively looking to raise a court case against you? Has your protection up to date? If that's scary for you, hit reply and we'll organize the times. I would do that. And then I would do a strategic partnership campaign. I would reach out to, let's go with accountants. Not bad, of course. Every lawyer has their accountants on their friend circle. Hey, starting up a new firm, specializing in this, we are, blah, blah, blah. Anybody that you can think of on whatever. And if I'm doing that strategic partner thing, again, from a lawyer to an accountant, I want to separate myself, I would put a phrase at the bottom of that email that just said, by the way, please send me back a spiel about your company so I can include you in our trusted partners network.

That's good.

All right. So make sure that it's the reciprocity getting that. Let me help you. Please send me back a spiel about your company so I can understand and put you into our trusted partners network as we set up our new office. I'd reach out to accountants, and then I would reach out to... You know what? I would reach out to people that have the clients that you wouldn't typically expect there to be a crossover. Private school. Mercedes dealership. Great point. Mercedes dealership, automotive, high end automotive dealership. Private schools. I would reach out to private schools with, again, reciprocity. To the team at X, Y, Z, elementary school, one of the worst things that we see in our community is the destruction of the family unit. And I know that you care about your faculty and your parent group more than anybody else in this community. As a result, I would like to offer anybody that has a connection to X, Y, Z elementary school, a complimentary, blah, blah, blah, consult with me. Please put this into your newsletter next month with my blessing. Yeah? Awesome. So let's find the affluent individuals with the people search.

Let's do the corporate you're in danger from your every breath that you take campaign. Let's do the strategic partnership in a give and get. And let's do the you're in the community, I'm in the community, you've got a lot of people on your team, and I'd like to help them campaign as well. And I think between those four, you could see some needles move and get that guy some appointments. And I love the fact that you've done that already, and you can deliver it with confidence.

Thank you. That's awesome, you guys. I appreciate your help.

See, that's why I love you guys turning up on these calls because you just never know what you're going to get. And I think, spread the word, tell people, get into the group and say, Glad I came to the call for this reason, this reason. Even if you're not creating a campaign for lawyers and trust attorneys, those questions, the way that we just constructed that campaign, what's their pain? How can I identify their pain? How can I make it completely important for them to take action now? When we talked about Jeff, how do we turn this initial connection into an offer so good, they'd feel stupid saying no? It doesn't matter where we find you in your business and agency world. Some things that other people are facing could also help you guys as well. Yeah, I love it. Theresa, thank you so much. You're awesome. So good to see you. Happy to see you guys. Thank you. You're welcome. Great to see you. Let me just click the middle.

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