Keeping track of leads in GHL and building follow ups

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Where I'm at. Oh, yeah. You already know basically where I am in this process with the ERC program, and I just keep tuning in every day and seeing if I can advance it a little bit more. Nice. Your suggestion last week about... I think it was you that said it, how to... You guys are all... Usually, you look just like ebony. I don't know what's going on. I get confused who I was talking to. But I think it was your suggestion that when I get these seemingly random GAT HL calls and I don't know who it's coming from, I've been able to field them better. And that's been a nice improvement.


Still a little bit confusing because I talked to someone there. Most of them have just been people like, Yeah, it doesn't fit for me. Not interested. Take me off your list. That's okay. That's fine. That's part of the deal. I'm down with that. But then I also want to respect them and save my Twilio account a little bit of money. When that happens, then I want to be able to say, I'll take you off my list. I get a little confused with the calls and then going back, especially if I'm not at my desk, and then going back to GHL to track them and make sure who I've gotten to. That's one, I think, quick question. And then I got another if it fits.

Any thoughts? Yeah. So first things first is you're out and about, the phone rings, you've got somebody there, or they send you a message that says, not for me, whatever. And you want an easy way of keeping up with that stuff. So when you get back to the office, you can see I've just responded to five people. Who did I say? I'll take off my list. Who did I say? Is that the thought?

Yeah, exactly. Just to not further send them any messages. Not good for them or me.

Yeah, cool. So the easiest way to do that, in my opinion, is to set up an automation in GHL. And again, conscious of time, I've got to finish off two minutes early on our call today, but I would do this super quickly. So inside of GHL, and let me just come across to a demo account here, inside of a GHL, in your own account, I would set up a real fast automation that says when I add this specific tag, set this person to D&D. And then I would manage that from the app, from the mobile app. So I'm going to create a workflow here. Again, super quick. Great. They've changed all the interface. Awesome. Okay, so that's happened overnight. This is tag D&D. When I add the tag, the tag is the trigger and the tag is going to be tag added. Tag is, let's go D&D or something like that and add a new tag. When I add the tag of D&D, take the action of D&D, set contact D&D, select enable D&D for all channels. Then I would also do something like remove from all workflows, include the current workflow, not yet. Remove from all workflow, so make sure that there's no other followups that are going to go through.

I would also, if you've got your opportunity, remove from opportunities. And then you're going to say it's that particular opportunity board or whatever. Okay, cool. So done. Now, when I tag somebody, set them to D&D, remove them from all follow ups and remove the opportunity. Great. Next, I would then use the mobile app and I'll see if I can get my screen share thingy working with my mobile app. Give me one second to turn that on. There we go. That's working. All right. So if I do my screen share, remember to publish it. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. You'd want to make sure that that's turned on. Definitely appreciate that. Let me see if I can show you on the mobile app. Have you used the Lead Connector app at all, Dan?

Yeah, a little bit.

Okay, cool. So let me see if I can... That's not going to work. Stop screen share, start screen share. Screen share the other mood. There we go. Share that. Okay, cool. So you can see my phone?


Great. So then we're going to open up the Lead Connector app, make sure we're in the right account. So that was demo company that I set it up in. All right, demo company. All right, so the phone just rang. I've got somebody there. They just said something and take me off the list. Or they said, Great, I want to move forward. Cool, I can create an automation that tags them as well. Now I'm just going to hit the bottom right hand corner, which is slightly off the screen share there that you can see, but it's got the people option. I've got my people here. I'm going to filter and find and let me just find Robert Lambert because I can see him on the screen. Robert Lambert. There he is. Cool. I can just add a tag right here in the middle. I can see that there. Or I can literally set him to D&D from here. Actually, I didn't realize I could do that on the app these days, which is great. So I can just turn on D&D right there if I want to. But the easiest way is going to be to add a tag.

So let me just go here, Edit, let me add a tag and that tag is D&D. Boom, done, save. Everything else will take care of itself. And I've done that from out on the road. So that would be my suggestion is to set up your automations to manage your leads based on simple instructions like a tag. If I tag them as follow up, do these five things. If I tag them as D&D, do these five things. If I tag them as send more info, do these five things. And that way I can manage my whole business from my phone.

The way you describe it, it almost sounds like using automation could make life easier.

My goodness, I should get that on a T shirt. That would be my suggestion, man. That's great.

Just one quick follow up question. After I've spoken to them and it's come through GHL, is there a very obvious way to know who I spoke to? Like recent calls or something?

Yeah, definitely. 100 %. Again, let me do the screen share real fast. If I can find my Zoom controls, which always seem to be in the wrong spot. Yes, there we go. Share screen. Which monitor? Number two, that one there. Okay, cool. Is there a way to find out who I spoke to? Yes, certainly is. If you come into your main contacts list and just sort by last activity. So last activity will put the most recent ones up the top for you.

Got you. Okay. And is that a function also in the app?

No, I don't think so. If I'm looking here, do I have the ability to? No. More recent.

More recent. More recent. More recent. And then recent, you'd see it, last incoming call.

That's it. Yeah, true. Perfect. Thank you.

True, truth, truth. Yeah. So thank you so much, guys. That is the best way to go. A gain, in your app, just go to conversations and go to recent and you are in the right spot there. Screen share one more time. Right there it is. I'm in the conversation tab right down the bottom here. I've got home, conversations, and in that middle section there, I've got recent and there they are.

Perfect. 1 % smarter on GHL every day. Thank you.

Fantastic, man. Only 99 % to go. But you know what? Again, great book. Atomic Habits. Read the story about the British cycling team, how they improved 1 % across a multitude of areas and went on to dominate world racing for 10 years from being the bottom of the barrel by increasing 1 % things, stupid things like painting the inside of the van white so they could see dust. It's like, okay, if I can take 1 % less dust with me into my gears and my bike, I will improve by 1 % in that stupid area. So improving by 1 % in lots of little different areas is going to make a massive difference over a period of time. Dan, thanks, man. Appreciate you.

Likewise, thanks.

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