How to do lead generation for manufacturers in GHL

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Good to see you too.

Congrats on your sales, man. Thank you.

Thank you. Actually, the question is related to that. I'm still having issues with the license and the money, but that's fine. I'll talk to you after the year. We don't need to go over on this call.

Hit me up personally, message me. I'll take care of it immediately. Whatever you need.

Okay, sounds good. The question for this call would be, it's a marketing agency that I sold them to. I'm the one who's been writing the campaign and doing all their outreach for them using Deloads tool. They want to be reaching out to manufacturing companies and getting them on SEO, PPC, web design. So I know we talked a little bit about getting in the mind of the manufacturing company, what keeps them up at night. Any direction that you had in your experience? Just point me in the right direction real quick.

Yeah. So manufacturing is an area that I don't specifically know a lot about, but just trying to think about it. So I'm the owner of a manufacturing company. What keeps me up at night? I get worried about not having enough orders to keep my machines going. I get worried that I can't find enough staff. I get worried that I have one big client, and if they leave me, then I'm going to be screwed. There's a few things like just brainstorming, like, what's the things that a manufacturer is going to be worried about? So then from an outreach campaign, your client wants to sell SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, better websites, that stuff, none of which a manufacturing gives a shit about. What they actually care about is the things that I mentioned. More orders, more clients, bigger customer base, that stuff. Which when we look at that and what we teach with our 23 leads, every company on the planet, regardless of what they call it, just wants more business through the front door. So how do I write that into a campaign? Again, chat GPT is going to be my best friend. But I am going to say something like, let's go with...

Can you have it for a second?

Yeah, go for it.

Manufacturers, right now, R&D credits, that would be a way to be a different avenue in, says, Hey, have you taken care of your R&D credits? Would be a hook.

That's a good one. That's a good one. But the marketing agency might not have that as an opportunity to deliver to that. Yeah, it's definitely a great hook. If your marketing agency can offer that, then perfect.

I think I'm telling a lot of the case studies that they've already done, just saying, You look like this client we worked with. We got them these results. You can get the same results as.

The people we work for us. That's the best email body. That's the best email body ever. We achieved these results for this manufacturer. I'd love to have a conversation with you to see if it fits. That's the best email copy. Include a case study testimonial, We did this for this client. Can we talk to you about doing the same thing? The key is going to be the subject line. What's going to make a manufacturing company open that subject line, open that email? When it comes to manufacturing, all marketers are liars, question mark. What keeps a manufacturing company up at night and what stigma do we need to get away from the marketing agency? I can guarantee you because I get them myself, I get 20 people offering me to build a website and do SEO for me a day. So it's the very thickest jungle to be walking through to get attention. I would literally just go with something like, Yeah, same thing as we talked about earlier with John. As a manufacturer, spend 15 minutes with me and watch your orders double or your money back or something like that. Spend 15 minutes, 15 minutes, manufacturing, manufacturers, 15 minutes, and double your order count next month, or something like that.

Hi, Mr. Manufacturer. If you spend 15 minutes with me, I'd love to talk to you about how we can help you double your order count as we've done for this client. So don't talk about SEO, don't talk about websites, don't talk about PPC and Facebook ads because a manufacturing agency doesn't care. It's just like, spend 15 minutes with me and as an agency, I'll show you how I can increase your order count, increase your customer spread, and increase your distribution just like we did for this company. Would 15 minutes next week be available? Seo PPC?

Focus on the results then, really. Stay still, don't even talk about the process. Don't talk about the process. Don't say anything about SEO or process.

Okay. Yeah, exactly. If I walk up to a company and say, I'm going to help you double your business, all your money back. And the guy goes, Cool. And in fact, I'm not even going to charge you anything until I double your business. Dude, do whatever you need to do. Now, what's your method? I'm going to go door to door, knock on door. I'm going to give... I don't care what my method is. I just want the result. So manufacturers, let us help you double your order book or your money back. Don't pay us until you see an increase in your orders, whatever. Make the offer a no brainer. Ethan, just throw some ideas around us doing that chat GPT. Get into the mindset of what keeps a manufacturer up at night and get away from lingo. Don't talk SEO, don't talk PPC, don't talk website rankings. Just talk about... You can hide that behind something like... Manufacturing company's name. Somebody asked me if I knew anyone in the space and I couldn't find you. But I think it's time we had a chat to change that stuff.

Okay. Quick follow up to that. A lot of the searches I get on the tool, a lot of them are automated responses. So I get customer service. So I get, Thanks for reaching out to our customer service line. Is there any way to filter through that or better searches that I could be doing or different keywords? Or how would I get around that for?

I might actually put in place an automation that does an auto reply and just auto reply to their auto reply. So they come back. If you're getting that a lot, I would build an automation that just went something along the lines of, Hey, thanks for your response. We've had a lot of people reach out to us and I'm not sure if this was automated or not. Can you let me know if this is a real person? Okay. You're not sending it as a real person, but you're asking them if they are. It's like, Hey, I'm not sure if this was a real person. Can you just let me know if that's the truth? And now we might have something that comes back because they're going to read that order reply. They're going to see it.

Okay. On the searching side of it, there's no way to really filter through that.

In terms of next version coming out 25th of April, we've set a date, finally. You can filter addresses, so you can filter support at at, info at, admin at, you can filter them out of the results. But yeah, my best suggestion would be... So I always tell people the info at email addresses are some of the most read in the company. For example, if you email info@commentsuite, the three founders read it, our CFO reads it, our head of marketing reads it, our head of customer support reads it, that email address is the most read email account in the company. So sometimes the info at and admin apps are getting the attention of the right people. It's just a matter of making sure the messaging is right on the other side.

It's not so much the info ad or the support ad. It's really like, say I search for plumbers or something commercial plumbers, I'll get Home Depot or something with these bigger companies that it's just an auto reply back.

Change your search template a little bit. Change your search template a little bit. So rather than looking for plumbers, I'd look for independent plumbers or private plumbing companies or something like that. Just try and take out using words like independent, private, that stuff will tend to get rid of the big box people. Okay.

The search tool looks for keywords on their website or somehow they're on their website?

It looks for keywords in their business listing.

Okay, business.

Okay. Yeah. So it looks for keywords in their business listing. All right, guys, I'm going to fly through. I've got six minutes.

Thank you all.

I want to get good to see you, man. Again, congrats on the sale. I want to get to Palo. I want to get to Chris. I want to answer Laurie.

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