How can I get an NDA made up quickly

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Yeah. Hey, Laurie, this is for you. So Laurie asked, she had to drop out and ask a couple of questions. I've had someone agree to sign up but required an NDA. He asked if I wanted to provide it or if he should. I told him to send his NDA. Do you ever offer to create an NDA for a client? Was Laurie's question number one. Laurie, I used to pay for NDAs, but these days you can literally just Google NDA template and you'll have it within seconds. If you want to beef it out a little bit, literally go to chat GPT and type in the question, I am a software company marketing agency. I need an NDA for my client. Please create an NDA for me to be able to use. And the chat GPT will just give you like 10, 12 clauses that you can copy and paste. You can always say, add more, focus more on privacy, give me another clause about the penalties. And you'll find that technology, Google search, NDAs are really common boiler plate stuff these days. And you can get a 99.9 % great one just by doing a Google search or hitting up chat GPT.

Question two from Laurie, I've got an order form and a product set up through GHL. Not all of my clients will need the lead to find a license. Would it be best to purchase licenses for my clients or use the new licensing packages through WLS? Great question. So I was talking to somebody about this yesterday. Using our licensing dashboard is amazing because it creates the license for your client. They get the leads. You can use the web hook to create the sub account in GHL. But there's also a case where people are going to not want that. They want just GLH only, or they want just another one of your services only. So my suggestion is package it up. Use the licensing module for the people that want all of them, but have other packages as well on the same page or on a different order page. So you have the full package with leads with everything that you offer with GHL. Then you might have another package that has a different buy button on it, and that's just simply website builders and funnels, something like that, and create different packages there. My alarm just went off to let me know I've got just five minutes to do that.

So hopefully that's helpful, Laurie. Again, I know I'm being real fast with that answer, but just let me know if you need a walkthrough of that. Okay, Serena, I know that you've got a whole big thing going on in the dog training world. We haven't had a chance to look through that, but hopefully we do at one. So one on ones, we do them, but we charge for them because we're literally doing 18 hours days at the moment. Okay, cool. Great. Louis is going to bounce. Good to see you, man. Hey, guys, don't forget, we've got our Master class kicking off in five minutes. It's on cometzoom. Com. So head on over there. As soon as we finish this one up, cometzoom. Com for our Master class this week. All right, Paolo, let's see if I can help out.

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