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No, good. I used your advice from the first question to answer my first question, but then came to another question.

Listen, I thought you'd jump out and I was like, I wonder if Brad just got what he needed. And it was like, Cool, I'm done. Let's go. Good to.

See you back. What can we do for you? I used that here. So Ketra hook, post, web hooks. My first issue was the headers barrier had to be capitalized, that fix, that action went through. Now I did the delay and now... Let me open the other one. I did the delay and I'm into the second one where I think it's sending the credentials to the person. Now I'm getting an error there and it says something about a snapshot.

Okay, cool. So the snapshot error is that you need to... When we give you the snapshot coming from our database that has a specific ID, when you import it into your agency, the ID switches to one that's specific to you. So I can solve that for you. Do you want to share screen and I'll show you where to get it. Cool.


Selected snapshot type is invalid. All right, cool. So can you just open up the action step for me? Awesome. Okay, cool. Location ID is there, role, password, et cetera. Where is the snapshot thing. So I think you'll have to.

Find it.

I'm just actually looking that you're not passing across a snapshot ID at all in this step, which is interesting.

Yeah, I watched the tutorial in the need help thing, and the guy in the other question had Twilio and all these other fields in the training. This is all it gives you to populate is this.

What I can give you, check this out. This is actually a resource that I use heavily. This is GHL's own help docs on the API. Let me grab the link for you here, and then I'll share screen and show you what you need to find. Let me pop it in the chat box here. This link is GHL's API docs, and I'll share screen. I have this bookmarked because I use it a lot. What you're actually looking for is it said something about the snapshot and the idea is wrong. Okay, cool. We can come across two contacts in the API here, and we to contacts, contacts, contacts. We're actually creating... So in this step, hang on, in this step, we're creating a contact or we're creating a location.

This one. So I went back and I have the sub account is made. It did that. I think what this is it's creating the user and sending the credentials to their email, I think is what's going on.

Interesting. So snapshots should have absolutely nothing to do with it. We might need to dig into this one a little bit more, mate. I might need to spend some time with you walking it through.

I noticed in the other video I watched in the help docket, he had the snapshot and all that stuff in this step. But in the training, like in the membership, there's no snapshot.

In the training. Yeah. So can you tell Sorry, can you take over the screen share again? Can you show me back where the step that you're up to? So let's have a bit of a look. So the step before you created the... So you've got the web book, you posted the web book. So the step before you've created the location, that's that one, right? Yeah. First name, last name, city phone, business name. Great. All right, cool. So that's creating the location, that step there, yeah? Yeah. You've got your bearer token? That's all good. And the test passed. Then a delay, and then the next step is app and event.

This might be wrong. I'm not sure.

App event. Host, continue. In this step, are you trying to create a user?

I am doing...

I think so.

I'm pretty sure that's what we're doing in that one is creating the user. If we go to this one. Then in this, it just references the Padley recipe.

The Pabbly recipe. Same steps, though. Can I invite you to go back to your Zappier there for a second? In this step right here, rather than use an API push, we could probably... Location ID, business name. What we're doing in this step is creating a user from the step prior. Rather than use an API call, can we actually connect to the lead connector thing, or does that not have a user creation?

I think we can because I know with HL ProTools, they have the same thing and I've created this app with them to create a user too, sub accounts.

Let's just see if we can do that. Above where you are, the little plus button, let's see if we can put in a step above. I want to give this a try. In this one, can you type Lead Connector? Lead Connector, there we go. In the event, can we just see if there's a user create?

No, there isn't.

No, there isn't. Okay, cool. In that case, I'm going to give you, from the screen that I've got open here, the URL is incorrect. Get to post users, there it is. Let me pop this into the chat box. You need that push rather than the URL you've got. Location ID view.

Let me do this changed. Oh, yeah, because we're not creating a location anymore.

Correct. You're creating a user. I'll post this here as well, which is a big long JSON list that's coming from the GHL help docs, which the link is above. In that you can see first name, last name, email, password, type, which needs to be account role, which needs to be admin, and then the location ID, which comes from the step above. That should be all you need. But you also have permissions underneath that if you want to muck around with permissions. But let's just give that a try. So use the post which is v1 users. So now what we're doing is we're not creating a location, we're creating a user.

Yeah, okay. That seemed to work. The only error now is I already have myself created as a user, so it didn't. It won't work. But I think I'll retest it with a not me, and then that should work.

You can retest it right now if you want to with a manually entered email address in the step above. But then remember to go back and change it.

So drop that down and just type something different.

Delete what you've got there and just type in fred@fredsmith.Com. First question, why is he using gohigh level. Com rather than his own URL?

Because the API key is a... Oh, no. We got it. That's right. That's right.

Okay, so yeah, that's good. What? That worked. Yeah, that should be good.

Love it.

I had a lady.

That I had to call for. Don't forget to go back and change that to B. Don't forget to go back and take out your manual all the entered ID and put the money in that it's supposed to be, otherwise...

It'll pull the wrong...

Otherwise, it'll never give you a correct answer.

And now I think I'm getting... I have HR Pro tools and I have extended snapshot onboarding. I'm selling this now with new people to get them in as an initial offer. Then my upselling is my extendedly snapshot. I message it because I have HR Pro tools, 7 Star Support, Slack channel, all that stuff. Yesterday on the call, I was on the call at the webinar yesterday, and you guys had mentioned that you partnered with HL ProT ools support. I went to them today for support and they had no idea what... I sent them a loom of white label suites and that stuff. They're like, Yeah, we don't know who made that step or what that is training. I was like, Oh.

Okay, I'll take that up with Matt. It's only a reasonably new partnership. So obviously, Matt's.

Got I think 50.

Staff or whatever it is. But I'll take it up with Matt. Let me make sure that he's.

Put that on.

That'll be good. That's it, that worked. I have a lady right now looking to fill it out. I was hoping and now I want to send out the offer. I want, hopefully, to get work. But those things should work. Awesome. Thanks.

You're welcome, man. Amazing. Great to have that question on the call as well, so we can see exactly what we're trying to create. That API doc from high level themselves is, as I said, for me, it's a gold mine because I'm in Pably all the time, I'm in Zappier all the time. And sometimes just like, how do I create a task for my team member to follow up on this person when that happens or whatever? Come into the API docs, use this specific thing, and it's awesome. Cool. Thanks, man. Appreciate it. All righty. Thank you. Let's.

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