Signing up as an affiliate for White Label Suite

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Yeah, but I'm happy for you to take care of Dora first. That's all right. All right, cool. All right, Dora, let's go.

All right.

So jumping back to... I love your top, by the way. I would actually wear that top myself. I definitely align with that brand.

Yeah, we have a nonprofit organization that refurbishes equipment that comes from major corporations.

Oh, cool.

I typically would go and help triage, which is taking apart the machines and putting in new hard drives and all that stuff. Then they clean them and then gift them the kids that can't afford computers. Wow, that's so cool. Yeah, they call it a geekathon. Our reward is to get these T shirts. I have a whole bunch of them in different colours.

Wow, that's awesome. What a.

Cool one. Yeah, it's fun, too. I like it. Anyway, going back to the first question I had, I just want to make sure I'm clear because I need to communicate this to chance and for other people. Let's see. The affiliate sign up process is a two step process. First go to and then give them my affiliate link. Then after they go there... Do it again. The first time, because I can't go back because I've already signed up, what is it that they're seeing on that first page?

Great question.

I want to give them explicit instructions.

Yeah. This works. Let me do this as a screen share. I'm just going to grab my link from here so I can show you exactly what's going on. Let me grab screen share. Here we go. Just get out of that desktop and we're good. Okay, cool. Let's answer that question. How do I sign somebody up as an affiliate or how do I bring somebody in? They have to do this in two steps. First step, when you give them your link, let me just paste that in there, you give them your link and they are going to see a screen that looks like this. Cometsuite has invited you to become an affiliate for White Label Suite. What I mean by the fact that they have to sign up twice is this. The first thing you go, Yeah, I want to promote it. And this pops up and open on the other side. And we go, Are you an existing affiliate? You can log in. But if you're not, if you've never signed up to this platform before, this platform called Pay Kickstart, if you've never signed up to this platform before, which is like, why would you have?

Unless you've been an affiliate for something else in the past. The first thing you're going to need to do is create an account. So first name, last name, away you go. Create an account. Now, a lot of people think, Yay, I'm done. I applied. I've signed up to be an affiliate. Not yet. All you've signed up to do is be registered on the platform. So now you need to do it again. Now, you need to literally come back to that same link. So now I've signed up to the platform. Great. Cool. You've got your username and password. Yes, I do. Cool. Go back to the same link, click it again, and this time you can log in because this time you've actually got your username and password. And this time when you log in, you get to see... All right, ops.

If you put the right username and password in, I'll see if I can make that work. There we go. Go. When you log in, you're going to see... Now I've already been approved. I've approved myself so I can promote my own products. Yay. But what you'll see is, again, a blue button that says, send request to vendor. That is the button. It literally says that, send request to vendor. Click that, and that tells us that a new affiliate has applied to promote our specific products.

Wait, I'm sorry. Which thing were they clicking on again?

Yeah. So I've already applied, but there's a blue button that will be here, and it says something like, send request to vendor. So it's here, and these links down the bottom won't be there. Send request to Vendor. That's exactly what it looks like. They will click on that, and now they've applied to promote our product. We get that normally within 24 hours. That's click approved. And then once they're approved, now they'll have the links that they can actually get paid to promote.


You. All right. So site up to the platform, then apply specifically to promote the product, and we're good.

All right. Thank you.

You're welcome. You're welcome. All righty, nearly out of time. So let me stop sharing that and stop that one.

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