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Cool. Go for it, Matt.

All right, cool. So I could tell you my strategy, but I think better. I would love to hear your perspective, what you would do if you were in my shoes of saying, I want to build a campaign that reaches people that are in charge of associations and offer them value for their people and revenue for them by partnering with me and they can trust me. So what would you do?

Great question. The good news is that people who run associations live and breathe networking. That's just the nature of the position that they find themselves in. So in my opinion, the best way to approach them is just like that. Is to be hidden up the owner of an association and say, Hi, John. I saw that you're the founder of XYZ Association. My name is Daniel. I'm in a local community. We serve our businesses in multiple different ways. I'd love to have a chat with you. Don't want to waste your time, so let me send you a $10 Starbucks card or something like that so that we can have a virtual coffee together. You just want to get on a call with them. Associations, by the very nature, want more members. So that's the hook. You can say, I've been working in the local community for such a long time. We have a database of 500 local businesses or whatever it might be. Can we get together for a coffee and see how there's a good fit for us to work together? I think you don't have to sell anything to meet with the association founder, but you do have to be respectful of the time.

So again, that would be my approach to just be... So, dear, person's name or to the founder of X, Y, Z Foundation, we're currently growing our network connections and think we have some great synergies between your association and what we're doing. Respectful of your time and love to buy your coffee at some point. Are you going to free any time in the near future? If it's somebody that you're doing this virtually with, I'd dream 100. I would genuinely legitimately choose 100 top clients and send them a Starbucks gift voucher. Let's think strategically, 100 clients at $10 is a $1,000 investment. So I might not do that all in one month. I might do 20 this month. And what I'm trying to do is cut through everybody else that wants their time and buy them a coffee virtually. Here's a Starbucks gift card. I'd love to jump on a call and have a virtual coffee with you, my shout. And genuinely send a Starbucks gift card. I've done that with... I looked up, I was trying to reach a client, can't remember the city, but I was trying to reach a client and I googled them and I saw that their office was two doors down from a Dunkin Donuts business.

So I went on to Amazon and I bought a Dunkin Donuts ten dollar card, digital card and I sent it to them. I noticed Dunkin Donuts was just a couple of doors down from you. Here's the ten dollar card. I'd love to get together this week. Have you got half an hour? Meeting set. Amazing. So that would be me. That's the way I would do it. And what I said with the Dream 100, if you're talking to owners, founders of associations, their database is into the thousands. You don't need to email 25,000 people this month if they are owners of associations. You need to meet with five. And that's where your cost per acquisition might be a little bit higher because I'm investing in getting a meeting with that person with the knowledge that they've got the reach that I'm looking for. So I would definitely do that. I got offered the marketing manager's position of Hyundai New Zealand when I had done zero marketing before in my life. And the reason I got offered that job was because I sent them a bowling ball. I literally sent them a bowling ball. And if you want to freight something to someone, the very worst thing you can send is a freaking bowling ball.

I think it cost me like $400 to send this bowling ball to the office of Hyundai. And I said, if you really want to hit it, if you really want to strike all the pins with your marketing, you need somebody who can cut through the noise, this is my number. And I had just a yellow sticky note on the bowling ball. They called me up and offered me the job, $150,000 salary and a high end car to run their marketing. And I'd never done any marketing before in my entire life. I didn't take the job because in that same week I got offered a operations manager job back in Australia, and I was trying.

To get back. That you qualified for.

And I was qualified for it. But yeah, so cutting through the noise. Sometimes when you're trying to reach really key people, you need to do something a little bit different. So that would be me.

Yeah, that's great. I'm happy to give that a shot. And the big advantage for me with these people is that one of the biggest challenges in the ERC business is going direct to business owners. There is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt for them. So if I can go on the good graces and credibility of the association owner.



It's 100 %. You can go into a Facebook group of the association of whatever, blah, blah, blah, and you make a post and you're a spammer. You get deleted and banned. But if the business owner, if the owner makes a post, it's endorsed, it's like everybody gets it. So your approach is either be a spammer and get kicked out by trying to hit everybody with your message or create one connection, one relationship and let them do it for you. And then this is the gameplay for all series business growth. If you can leverage the distribution channel of an existing trusted partner, then you're gold. You're absolutely gold. Perfect. Beautiful strategy. Hit the people that have got the biggest database with the people that you want to reach and form a genuine relationships with them. Be of service, be of interest, be a human and see what you can do for them.

I'm with you on all that. As I was starting to think about it, I thought, Okay, well, how can I use the tool that you all built for this? I started building a campaign and I started looking at the search. Like I said, I did the single search, but it almost feels like... I don't know if there's... The way you describe it, is there much benefit of actually using the tool or is it just old school.

Internet searching? Oh, no, it's definitely a benefit of using the tool because you can get the numbers that you need. I'm just pulling this up. Rather than do a single search, though, I would probably... Ron and I did a search the other day and we fine tuned those results down to a point where we found a really great list of the people we were looking for rather than just an average list that had them sprinkled. I might do something like this. Let's jump into an industry search. Rather than use the single search, let me go here. I would do something like a Restaurant Association. Let's see what we can find. Okay, there is only one, the Hawaii Restaurant Association. But cool. Okay, great. Let's go with California. Let's see what we can find. Okay, a couple, Hong Kong Association. That'll have restaurants somewhere in their business description. But now we're starting to see, okay, restaurants community. What other words can we use? Restaurant association? We'd still pick up restaurants. I'm trying to think of other words. Restaurant community association, foundation. Okay, Foundation, Foundation Cafe.

Why specific restaurants? Just put in national associations or associations or California associations, and then that way you can...

Yeah, because I don't have to go to a restaurant anyway.

Association of... California Restaurant Association, still getting that same one. Let's go with association. I can hear my family starting to make moves of.

Down the air. Beep of the horn. Let's go, dad. Come on, dad. Let's go.

This is a bad tip point. Literally, this is a bad tip point. Let's not go, you'll say, let's go. We just choose Chicago.

I guess we're basically looking for where the associations would be based, even though they're presumably their constituency is bigger than their base.

Absolutely. But that way picking capital cities is not a bad starting point. But straight away now, we've got the American Hospital Association, Medical Association, Magnificent Mile Association, Hotel concierge Association, Midwest Japan Association. We're starting to get some pretty decent results there. Chicago Association of Management, Association of Realtors, basketball. Okay, cool. We're starting to get some stuff. And all I did was literally search for the word association.


Yeah. So just finish up with this, guys. In terms of strategies and campaigns. So one of really great guy that came in early on with us, a guy named Jim Tamarina. I've told this story before, but talking about this sending out a Starbucks gift card. So Jim came on board, loved the tool. Jim's business was creating video reviews for businesses. So he had created a whole business around going into a business, talking to them about their Google ratings and getting more reviews and that stuff, and then reaching out to their customers to do video reviews and helping their business grow down that path. And he said to me, I'm not getting any responses when I'm sending out the emails. And I was like, I can understand why. Because I get an email from somebody I don't know that says, I'd like to get your customers to send you more video reviews. And I go, What? It doesn't make any sense. I'm just going, delete? You got to think, a confused mind says no, right? So how do we take away the confusion? So what I said to Jim was, I'm about to cost you some money, all right?

But I think you'll get better results. So here's the way I want you to work it. Rather than send out a 1,000 emails, let's grab 100 businesses and link them up to... There's a service called Mailbox Power, which I really love. Mailbox Power is a US based company that can send out personalized gifts and postcards. And if you're on a higher tier with them, I think you get like 50 free postcards a month, and then you can send out additional postcards for like 50 cents postcard. And the cool thing is it's personalized. So we can link up the leads tool straight into GHL, of course, and then fire it off to Mailbox power and send out a personalized postcard. Now, what I said was it's going to cost you money. It's not free. E mail is free. Yay. It's great. That's why everybody loves it, which is also why our email inbox has 10,000 messages a day that we can't get through because it's free. You need to cut through the noise. So what Jim did was he hooked up with Mailbox Power. He did a beautiful little card and personalized the front. On the image on the front, he had a picture of I think it was It might have just been like a faded out picture of a street in the town.

Across the corner, he did the personalisation. So it said, Personal video message for insert business names here. And on the front was a QR code. On the back of the card, he said, Hi, my name is Jim. I'm a specialist in helping businesses grow. And I have a personal message for you and the team at insert business's name here. Again, not selling. My name is here, your address of the card. Now, when the people scanned the video, scanned the QR code because it's in tree. Scanned the QR code. It's Jim on a video going, Hey, my name is Jim. I'm a specialist in creating video reviews just like this one. I want to help you get your face on more videos from your customers. I want to make you a special offer. Because you're watching this video, if you go to this link, I'm going to give you $50 off this entire process only if you take action in the next seven days. He booked 20 companies in the first month, and he's charging $1,000 a pop. Amazing. Now, he spent $10 on postcards. And it's just something different. We all get too many emails, but let's think about how else.

So he used the tool to get the leads he wanted into GHL with a tag that sent him across to Mailbox power and boom, postcards are sending with the personalisation all in place. So just doing some smart things with our marketing can help us just create more opportunities. All right, guys, I'm going to wrap. Have a safe and happy Easter. For those of you who are celebrating, have a safe and happy weekend if you don't. And thanks so much for jumping on. Ron, I will look at the calendar just before I head off with the family and send you a link. And let's see if we can jump back in together. Daniel, amazing to see you. Thanks, guys, for jumping in. I hope we've been able to help. Paolo, thanks for jumping in and coming on one of our first calls with us. Great to have you with us on the crew. Again, Q&A calls every day next week. Master class on Wednesdays. Onboarding calls three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're in the group in and around on the support desk wherever you need us and looking forward to seeing your success.

Thanks, everybody. Dora, great to see you. Looking forward to the webinar. Thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend. See you.

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