What to do with leads that don't have emails, how to use them?

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Hi Anna.

I have another question. This is so rich because there are a lot of times... Well, especially in the past two weeks since I got white label suites and GHL and all of this alphabet soup. I conceptually have what this does. I love the offer of the 20 free lead. I love that offer. But my question is, today I ran my first list and it had 40 people in it, 41 people. 17 of them had an email, but the other ones did not. So my question is, do I import all of those in or do I just import the ones that have email so that I could reach out to them or what?

Great question, great question, Anna. And my answer is yes. All right. So let me explain. So first things first. With the white label suite program, you only get charged credits for the companies that have email addresses. So you ran 40, only 13 had emails. You've only used 13 credits. So great start with that as well. Should you import those ones with the emails? Yes, of course. Now we can put them into a campaign and we can do what Mike did, drip them out, get some traction going on. Great. Fantastic. We've got fuel for the fire. What do we do with the other 23 that don't have an email address, my question is going to be, what processes do you have in place? And here's a suggestion. Depending on your niche, depending on what you do, you could put in place a couple of different touch points. One of those might be an automated voicemail. So for the ones that don't have an email, you could literally send out a voicemail. Again, there's legal requirements in different states, so you're going to need to check your allowance for that. But you could have an automated voicemail. Now, it's going to be a business number.

So the chances of that hitting a good result are slim. I mean, it's there. You've got the phone number, you can give it a shot, but it's going to be slim.


What you could do with those results, and again, depending on your niche and your investment and your business and the model that you have, is you could contact them by hard copy physical mail. Well, see, I.

Thought about that because we do postcards and we actually do regular cards because I love, what's the name of it? in and out cards. We could always do that. Amazing.

So I've told this story before. One of our early clients, a guy named Jim Tamarino, amazing guy. His business, like I said a few moments ago, everybody's business is just about bringing more leads to customers. That's all we do. But his method of doing that was creating video review testimonials for clients. And he used to charge 4,500 bucks to do it, reach out, get all the video testimonials done. And we were talking about this exact same question. What do I do? How do I reach people? How do I get this in? Obviously, I've got an email. I can make that happen. But what Jim did was he used Mailbox power, which is the same company that we use to send out cards to do the same thing. And he sent out a personalized postcard. And when I mean a personalized postcard, on the front, the nice image, the glossy image at the front, Mailbox Power can actually personalize that at the front. So he, across the corner of the front, he put For the Team at insert company name here. And then it had a piece of text down the bottom that said, I've done a personal video for you.

Please scan the QR code. And it had a QR code on the front of the card. Really cool design. When the business scanned that QR code, there was a video of Jim saying, Hey, thanks so much for scanning the QR code. My business specializes in creating video testimonials for companies just like yours. Just like the one you're watching now, wouldn't you love to have your clients on video talking about how great your business is? If I can be of service, this is how to get in touch with me. Call to action. On the back of the card where the normal message goes, it just said something like, for the team at X, Y, Z, real estate or whatever it might be, thanks so much for scanning the QR code on the front. I look forward to being of service. Your Sincerely, Jim Temerina. Now, sending an email is a lot less work, a lot less intrusive. I don't know. We get 100 emails a day that you delete without reading. But do you get 100 postcards a day? No. If you got a postcard, would you look at it? Yes. If that postcard had a QR code on it, would you scan it?


Well, that's just it. My family and friends and colleagues call me the greeting card lady. Nice.

Change that to queen. Change that to queen. Refer to yourself as the greeting card queen.

I'm always doing cards and stuff like that. I create them and send out cards and I send them. So that definitely is a way for me to reach out to those people.

Yeah. Okay. Charles just dropped a great thought in there. Just be careful with ringless voicemail and whether that's compliant and all that stuff. So my career started at American Greetings. Laurie, so you guys, we all get too many emails. Who's deleted emails today that they didn't read? Yes. And it's only eight o'clock in the morning over here. I've already deleted emails. We all get too many emails. As much as we talk about this outreach method working and we've got so many testimonials of people having amazing success with it, the old inbox used... The mail box, everybody's mail box used to be full. You remember the days when you used to come home and you used to have so much... You'd spend the next day... Everybody had a letter opener on the desk because there were so many freaking letters that you had to... Now, you're lucky if you get one letter a day and it's still a bill. It's still got that window in the front of it, but you only get one a day. But now the inbox is a fool and the mail boxes are empty. So where should you put your message?

Well, where it's going to get the attention. So the difference is that sending an email is free and sending a postcard has a cost. So with Jim, we didn't talk about $1,000 a month. We said, let's get $200 and 50 physical postcards out into mail boxes at 50 cents a card. That was $125 a month in cost that he had to incur. But Jim was doing 25 or 30 video clients a month because that people were scanning the code. So we turned that into a multi six figure business. So that was my answer, Anna. You ran a list, you got people in the space, though, exactly the ideal clients that you're trying to reach. Some of them have got emails. Great. We know what to do with that. Some of them haven't. What should I do with them? You know the answer. Okay. So set up an automation that just literally looks as an if else. So it's like we start the automation with an if else. Does the email address have anything in it? Cron, nice to see you, bro. Is the email address populated? Yes. Great. Send a message. Is the email address populated?

No. Send out cards.


And you can literally just run that campaign. Some will get emails and some will get cards. Great strategy.

Okay. I'll have to have my guy figure out how to send that directly to send out cards.

Does send out cards have a Zappier link?

I don't know.

They don't.


Talking... Yeah, I looked into, because Ian Kingwell, which I'm sure you probably know him, if you know, send out cards and you're down under. But I talked about that with him. I was like, Man, it would be great. I'd love to use you guys, but you're not in Zappier. You don't offer a web hook integration. I've used handwritten. Handwritten is similar to send out cards. You prepay for your package with so many cards, and they do have a Zephyr and they do accept web hooks, so whichever works best for you. Nice. Yeah, so handwritten.

What is that called? It just said, I guess I've been using Send out cards since forever.


Actually one of their first 1,000 distributors.

Yeah, it's very similar to send out cards. And it's just you would basically pick your card for whatever campaign that you're going to set up since it's going to be fully automated. You pick your card design, lay out the structure, send them your signature, your handwriting sample, and then via the web hook or Zapier, you would send customized messages, which you can use merge tag since it's all coming from GHL. That way when it hits that if else statement, they don't have an email address, you say, Okay, send a web hook with this data, or send it to Zapier via this. It pushes it straight into their system. The message is already written. Before you're thinking about it, it's already being made, posted. You don't have to go anywhere else or do anything else because it completely... That's the nice about having a Zephyr or web hook where send out cards, you have to go, Okay, let me get this list. Now I have to go to send out cards, upload the list. Yes, upload.

The list.

Then you got to write a general message. But this way it's fully automated.

You don't have to write a general message.

You can have whatever you want to put on it. But this way it's fully automated and you can incorporate other data that you may have in your CRM from multiple fields into that message. I worked with automotive sales professionals. They would do it on their sold clients, and they would have a custom field that says, do they have kids or not? Yes. How are the kids doing? They would always ask about the kids in that card that they would send out. It was very hyper personalized, but that stuff that is only going to be in your CRM. It's not going to be in a CSV that you upload somewhere. Very unlikely. I mean, you could do it.

Charles, what's the name of that again?

Handwritten. It's in the out.

Send handwritten. Com. Handwritten is another one there, handwritten. Com, W RY.

Okay, I saw it. I see it. Thanks, E bony.

And Mailbox Power is another one that does the same thing where it has a connection, so you can literally just go automation straight to whatever. So again, guys, great strategies. The whole thing that we're trying to do is get attention of the client we're trying to reach. And if that attention is an email, amazing. If that attention is a flashing neon sign, then that's what it takes. If that attention is a beautiful postcard that rocks up to their business address, wow, cool. All we want to do is get more business, right? All we want to do is work with more clients. And these methods of finding our ideal client and connecting with our ideal client, we can just keep on doing these things again and again. Follow that up. Add everybody into a custom Facebook audience. Add everybody so that they're seeing your ads all the time as well. Multi touch these people. Give that list to a VA and get them to connect with them on LinkedIn for the next 30 days. Making sure that we get the person's attention. We stand there and waive a flag. We say, Hey, we'd love to do business with you.

They might not even see it. They might be too busy to notice that email in their inbox. But if you email them, send them a card, connect with them on LinkedIn, comment on their Facebook post, give them a phone call after a month, your chances just go up and up and up and up and up. And what are we trying to do? We're just trying to get more business here. Does that help, Anna?

Yes, it really does. I appreciate you. Ebony, can I ask you a quick question? I was supposed to sign up for the Quick Start or whatever it is. I forgot that last week was Holy Week. When is the next one?

The next one, so we're going to send out an email next week. Then the week after that, that should be the end of April, we will start a new cohort.

And it's going to be huge with so many more seats. It's going to be huge. So yeah, the week after next, Anna, I think is going to be the next starting point.

Shucks, Mike. Thank you. And you have a good weekend, too.

That's so nice. You guys, so good. Hey, guys, thank you so much. Again, I'm happy to stick around for any questions. We're two hours in, but we're two hours into a 60 minute Q&A call. But hey, I've had fun. I hope you guys have had fun as well. This is what I love to do. I love to come and chat to you guys about business and help people grow their companies and talk about marketing and talk about anything except cooking. That's really my one weakness, which is why I have an amazing wife who is an incredible cook. But anything else that you'd like to discuss? I'm happy to stick around. If not, have an amazing weekend ahead.

Wait, I have something.

To discuss.

Yeah, I'm happy to hear that. I'm here, but I was being.

Polite for our partners. You can play the Q&A. I like that.

No. Oh, wait. You'll have to stop. This is business.


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