Getting your initial drip campaigns sending out

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Fell us. Now, Mike, you made a commitment. Mike, you said that by Monday you're going to have your drip going out. You promised that to Ebony. Are you still on path? Have you got everything going?

I'm glad that Ebony's here. Let me share my screen.

Yes. Are we about to have a win? Share your screen, man. I can't wait to see it.

I think I'm going to celebrate with sushi and some French dessert.


The drip worked. The 526, they were all successful.

Wait a minute. How did we get 526 at one time?

No, I sent...

Okay, so it's dripping?

Yeah, I sent five out every five minutes, then it's finished.

Five every five minutes?

You're supposed to do 10 a day, one every minute.


Every five minutes is...

Well, there's no way I was going to do it by today. Now, I thought about... And I was watching one of the Walt's videos and it justified what I did because I'm thinking I could lose this domain. So I bought a domain for 10 bucks. Then I set it up there and I tripped.

Okay, Mike, open up. Do a screen share for me again and go to the automations. I just.

Want to check into the Okay. So what I want to say first is, guys, I've been with Mike since he first came on. And for him to actually go out and do this, first of all, that is huge.

It's massive. Amazing job.

Super quick. But if I see any one of you guys ever sending out this mini at one time.

Yeah, we will send slaps on the wrist down over the end of the to you.

But good job, Mike.

Great job. Absolutely. So, Mike, open up the automations for us and go to the workflow that you added them to. So open that one up for me. There we go. And go down to the profit booster number one, all new contacts. Or that one. Is this the one we drifted into? Okay, cool. So can you just click on send initial approach email number one? Can you click on the actual email box itself? And just go to statistics. Up the top right. Up a little bit further to the right. There it is. There you go. Delivered 94.5 %, opened 5.7 %, clicks 0.19 %, bounces 5 %. Okay, cool. So we need to work on that subject line to get those open rates up. But it looks like we got 94 % of those emails delivered, which is great. Mike, amazing job. Amazing job. Ron, philosophy again. Let me just tell a quick story. There was a young girl, and all she wanted for Christmas was a set of roller blades. And her mom and dad didn't have a lot of money, but they knew that these roller blades were really important to their daughter. And they saved up, and they saved, and they saved, and they put every penny that they could into a jar to make sure that come Christmas morning, there was a brand new set of roller blades under the Christmas tree.

And the young girl cried as she opened these roller blades. They were just like the most amazing thing that she'd ever had in her entire life. They were so pretty. They had gold on the buckles and a little pink bow down on the laces there. And they're shiny and the wheels just spawn so beautifully. And they were absolutely so beautiful. And mom and dad said, put them on, give them a try. She said, no, I don't want to scratch them. They're so pretty. I just want to look at them brand new for another day. Mum and dad said, okay, sweetheart, whatever you want. This is Christmas, right? And the next day they were like, do you want to put your roller blades on today? And she's like, no, no, just one more day when they're new, when they're shiny, when just They're just so pretty, mum. They're so beautiful. I don't want to scratch them just yet. And mum said, Okay, that's fine, sweetheart. No problem at all. And life took over and she loved these roller blades so much. She had them in the box and she had them in the cupboard. And every day she used to open up the cupboard and just take a few deep breaths and really just be amazed by the fact that she had these incredible roller blades.

And then this had been a couple of months of just enjoying the fact that she had the roller blades. And she said, do you know what? Today's the day. Today's the day I'm going to put them on. And she'd grown out of them.


She never got to ride them. So, Mike, I just want to say, Dude, you put the roller blades on.


They still fit. You got them out of the box and you started to skate. Now we're talking. Now we can get momentum. Now we can get speed. Now we can become better at the skating. It's like the push up analogy I gave before. Now you're doing the pushups, you're getting stronger. So one of the things that as Ebony said, you said, I wouldn't have got it done in time. I need it just to be fast. Ebony just wanted you to start. She didn't want you to finish. She just wanted you to start. And you started with a bang and a whoosh, which I am super proud of you for. You took them out of the box and you skate it, man. Well done. From now on in, what would be great practice to do would be to change the speed of that drip to be a little bit slower. So we got a five % open rate. This is on a very low side. This is a low open rate. But the roller blades are on. There's nothing stopping you at the end of that campaign. Taking all of those leads back, changing that subject line and rerunning them through again.

You lost nothing. But from a speed point of view, slow it down a little bit more. I would say, sending out... So we've already done a bit of a blast out. Let's do 15 or 20 per day and spread that out over three or four hours. So we might do five per hour for five hours a day from 7 AM until midday, five per hour. That's going to give you out 25 per day, which is on a five day week, 125 in a week. That's going to get you 600, 700 emails during the month that have gone out, and that's going to be a good volume. The month after that, we can wind it up to 50 per day. And again, now we're at 1,000 per month. But, Mike, there's nothing that gives me more pleasure than see you with those roller blades on and skating right now because that's freaking awesome.

Ron, Charles, Laurie, Dan that was on, everybody had hand in this, but I could be wrong. But I think I found what my niche should be. The niche, and I was driving around listening to your mastermind on YouTube and John Logar, his YouTube, and I was listening to all this and I said, My niche is selling leads. It's not coffee roasters. They need it because I was thinking this. I was talking to Ron yesterday with ebony saying, Why are you doing coffee roasters when you have this and all that? I said, well, you can't sell leads to coffee roasters. I was thinking, I said, why not? Because Ron put that in the epiphany in my head. Where are they can sell, where they're going to sell the coffee beans to? And Charles, he constantly goes, Simple, simple, simple. My niche is I actually wrote out what Chris said, can we help you? I wrote it down from what I heard and written out. This will be my script when people call. When they click, I'm supposed to call. As we do that, I said, I'm a lead seller. As you said, I help business owners attract and retain more customers and more clients.

My niche is leads.

Every time you pick up the phone, when you keep it simple and you just literally say to somebody, Hey, John, my name's Mike. I generate leads for businesses. Can we have a conversation?

Right. For a month or almost a month, my head was gobbled with GHL this and GHL that and snapshots. It's not working. I can't send out stuff because my snapshot I'm going to send out isn't working. Then I said, to call the approach emails and I'll hit and I'll drift.

I love it.

Thank you, everybody.

It's a start. So good to see, so good to see, Mike. And Ebony, how many times have we had people coming into the Fast Track to Success program and we focus on what is your offer? And even with with Rodrigo, Rodrigo is part of our sales team, right? And Rodrigo was struggling with sales in those first weeks because people were saying to him, I don't have my offer yet. And Chris said, You don't get it. The leads are the offer. What you're actually able to sell a business is the chance for them to grow. Now, again, Laurie, it doesn't matter what they do. Charles, Anna, it doesn't matter what you do, what your specialty is. My specialty is in graphic design. Amazing. Why do businesses need better graphic design? So that more people are attracted to them. It's about leads. My specialty is SEO, PPC marketing, Facebook ads. My specialty is in outreach with our leads tool and our CRM program. A business owner does not care. The only thing they want is leads. And again, if you can say to a business, I will put leads in your funnel every single month. I will make sure that you've got people to speak to.

And I do it for 300 bucks a month or 500 bucks a month. Do you want to get started? Now, that business owner does not care how you do it. You could be sending smoke signals from the nearest hill. If what you do gets them leads, they will keep paying you. If what you do doesn't, they will stop paying you. Simple. The only thing that we do as business marketing professionals in this space is we help businesses attract and retain more clients. That's it. That's all we do. We do it in a number of different ways. And the business owner does not care what those ways are. What you sell is leads. And that's what the business owner is buying from you. Great job, Mike. Really awesome. So good. Charles.

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