Connecting with Stripe in the licensing dashboard

Created by Joanna Love Mojares Panizales, Modified on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 02:20 AM by Joanna Love Mojares Panizales

I've been having a time trying to connect my stripe with white label suites. Everybody else, I'm able to get it connected, but I keep getting this error message.

Okay. Do me a favor, drop a Loom video into the support channel. But my first thought suggestion is going to be try a different browser. So try a different browser. Like, if you use Chrome, try Firefox or try Safari or that stuff. And do a Loom video as you do it. So Loom is free, loom. Com. Do a little Loom video, record what you're doing and the steps and send it through to us on support because we might spot something. If we don't, if we look at that Loom video and go, Jeez, I don't know, that's crazy. We can then take that Loom and submit it to Stripe Support and say, Hey, guys, one of our clients can't do this. Can you tell us why? And we might be able to find that answer. So try a different browser and when you do it, loom yourself doing it, and we might be able to spot the error quickly for you. Anna?

Okay. All right, I'll do that.

Drop it in for us. We will help you in every way that we possibly can.

Yeah. Because like I said, I can't connect my Comet suite. Well, whatever it is, the Comet suite partners. For some reason, I haven't been able to do that.

Okay, cool. So try this for me. Do it in a different browser. But first, log in to Stripe. Make sure you're logged in. So go to Stripe, log in, then go back to the dashboard, then go to the Connect and just go that path and loom it as you go. At the end of it, you go, Oh, there you go. It didn't work. But you'll have a video that you can send through to support so we can see.

Why it didn't work. Okay. So log into Stripe first and then... Log into Stripe? Yeah.

So make sure you're logged in. Then go into the dashboard and try the connection and loom the process as you do it. So loom it so that we can see, okay, this is what's happening. This is the error, and we'll have something that we can hit up, strip support and see what they say about it.

Okay. Because I did send the error over. Okay. I did send the error because this has been going on since last week. And so I want to get this done.

Okay. So try the different browser, be logged in and then give it a shot. Loom it as you go and we'll chase it up for you. Okay. Thank you. No worries. No problems at all.

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