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Real technical questions. That whole discussion actually made me start thinking of some of the stuff that I've been getting hung up on. And it's the niche that I'm working with. First, I was working with auto detailers, and I felt like that was one where I had to create a story and stretch it to get me passionate about it. It was more like my dad was a mechanic. I knew about cars. I became the car gal. But then just the date I got, it wasn't the right niche for various reasons. And then start thinking, well, the system I built out could work for holistic health practices, which I'm really passionate about. I'm always like, someone says they're going to surgeon. I'm like, how about you go to the chiropractor first? Let's not go right to surgery and just ways to prevent things and have optimal health. So I've been reaching out to them a lot, but it hasn't really been taking off. It's more just lots of conversations. I started doing lots of general networking. I'm getting a lot of strategic partners. But then I also need clients. Then I started thinking, Well, who else can I help?

The person that wants to sign up who still didn't sign the NDA, he totally has nothing to do with holistic health. He started the call with, I see you wrote some stuff about holistic health. Are you branching out? I just said, Yes, I'm branching out. He was like, Oh, thank you. Because he really wanted the services. He read through my website and he was like, Yeah, the way you presented things, the way I communicate, and all that. Then he's more like an entrepreneur, small business owner. He's making deals for larger companies. It's the type of business I'm used to working with with my graphic design business for many years. So then I'll start thinking, Are these the people I should reach out to? I feel like I can work with anybody. There's some ethically I don't want to, but other than that, I feel like I'm limiting when I go into niche and I really limited when I.

Went to. This is really interesting.

Yeah. Because I've had a business since 2007 and I've thought about different industries. They would say, Oh, you just understand cosmetics and can design for them. Nobody in our area can do that. But then I talked to engineers and they're like, You do really well with us. You can translate what we're doing in engineering to the regular market. And then I go into health care and they're like, Nobody can go in there and understand what we're doing. So it seems like I could just fit in anything. Manufacturing, cosmetics, health and wellness. Absolutely. Yeah. I guess that's the overview.

So there's some really good gems in there. So first of all, Anna, thank you so much for the comment. I appreciate it. So first of all, I used to feel like, man, if I niche down, if I limit myself to just this space, dude, there's so many millions of dollars that I'm going to be missing out on. I'm like, surely I can go abroad. Surely. And then you keep hearing, and at some point it has to sink in, you keep hearing that the general practitioner, the GP, makes 200 grand a year, and the specialist makes 10 million a year because they charge more for being a specialist in the area. And the other thing is, dude, if I just work with landscapers, am I going to be able to feed my kids? And then you do a quick Google search and you go, how many landscaping businesses are there in the continental US? And you find out that there's 1.7 million of them. And you go, I don't really need 1.7 million. I probably need 30. So 1.699,000 and 70 can go to someone else. There's so much abundance in this planet that you can never tap the bottom of the well.

This is a real philosophical hang out today, which I'm super excited about and it sets the tone. If you walk up to the ocean, who's gone to the beach in their life? Anybody stood on the beach, felt the sand in their toes, heard the waves coming over and seen that little foam at the edge? Daniel living in Hawaii has never been to that. I know. I was going to... Daniel. I think that's an experience we can all relate to. I want you guys to put yourself there. Standing on the beach, if you're in Hawaii, you got black sand between your toes. If you're in Australia, you got golden sand between your toes. If you're in the UK, you probably got rocks. I'm sorry for that. Make sure you're wearing shoes. But if you take down to the waterfront a bucket, you take that bucket down and you fill that bucket from the ocean, you have a full bucket. And guess how much of the ocean has dropped as a result of you taking that bucket out? None? I could take that bucket home and I could put it in my bathtub and I could come back to the ocean.

I could get another bucket, a full bucket of ocean water, and I could take it back to my place and I could put it in the bath and I could say, surely the ocean has gone down by two bucket pools now. I can't even see where I've dipped into it. And that's the reality with our niche. So I could take as many holistic healers as I possibly could, and there'll still be so many more for every other professional to work with in their life. I could take every single business, engineering, manufacturing company, every single one that I could possibly gather with two arms in my team, and I could get them all together. And I haven't even made a single dent in what's out there and what's available. I've got more than enough than I could ever possibly need for my entire life. So, Laurie, you can work with absolutely anyone, which is amazing. The question is, do you want to? And the answer of that is completely up to you. If you just want to work with holistic healers, there's more than enough business for you to have a real comfortable life and do an amazing job.

But maybe you don't want to. Maybe you want to work with holistic healers and manufacturers because that keeps it interesting for you. In which case, you create your collateral and your business to talk about the different things that you've done. I've done this for manufacturers, and I've done this for engineers, and I've done this for holistic healers, and this for cosmetic companies. What can I do for you? But the thing that I want to focus on just purely from what you said was how do you make an offer to these people that is so good that they can't not say no to you? So you've done a lot of networking, you've had a lot of conversations, and they haven't come to fruition yet. So I want to put a story in front of you and see if we can bring that together for you. If you rock up to a business with a 16 Wheeler full of gold bars and you rock up to someone and say, This 16 Wheeler is probably worth $100 million. If you can give me 50 grand for it, it's yours. I can pretty much guarantee you that even the homeless guy on the street could come up with 50 grand if you gave him just a little bit of time to buy that 16 Wheeler off you.

The reality is that when we talk to a business, we are nervous. We're conflicted about asking them for two grand a month, 10 grand up front. It's not the two grand. It's not the 500 bucks a month. It's not. It's what we give them as a result in return for that investment. And it's how we convey that to them in a way that makes it such an unbelievable offer that they'd be stupid to say no. So with your services, Laurie, what do you charge? What's your rack rate right now? If I rocked up to your website, I wanted to engage you, what am I going to be paying?

$497 a month.

Plus how much for a set up fee?

No set up fee right now.

Please don't say nothing. Are you.

Going to tell me nothing? I have none right now.

Okay, cool.

I was going to add it. I was going to add $997 for the first month.

Yeah, you should. Okay. Why? Because we ran our agency when we were desperate for cash and we were charging $297 a month, not even as much as you, and we nearly drowned. We had people come on board. It is as hard to get $297 as it is to get $497. We nearly drowned. We honestly nearly went out of business. Mortgage on the house, Chris double mortgage on his. We literally just nearly drowned because we were so desperate for cash that we were pricing up, Just give me a customer, just please somebody just come and pay me. But here's what happens. You bring somebody in for $497, it's not life changing money, but okay, I need to now perform. I need to deliver. And even though GHL is incredible, there's a heck of a lot of work you got to put into that client for $497. Now, $497, cool, great. We're going to have another month, another month, another month, another month. And that client is going to turn into five grand a year, six grand a year. Great. Fantastic. Good numbers. Good numbers. $6,000 a year. But I put so much time and effort into getting that client up and going, trouble shooting, setting up their funnels, creating the surveys that two weeks have gone by, and I haven't even got another lead in my funnel yet because I haven't got time.

When we put a set up fee on the front, it completely changed our entire world. Why? Because I was able to say to a client, we were doing 297, it's going to be 297, but it's a $1000 set up fee. In that $1,000, we are going to create a funnel, get you up and running, get your lead system connected, get your mail gun going, get your willy o system set up. We're going to have a completely up and running system for you. So your first month is 1,000 and then it's 297 after that. As soon as that big chunk of money came in at the front, we're able to take that, grab a VA and say, Okay, here's a checklist. Set up mail gun, set up Twilio, set them up a funnel, install this template, run this snapshot, get this done. Next, because we had some money, we were able to get someone to do the task, which meant that we could have more conversations. But here's one I want to come back to. So you were talking about that you've looked at holistic health and there's been a lot of conversations, nothing's come. There's some great networking there.

There's some amazing opportunities coming through, but nothing's actually landed yet. And again, from my heart, this is why I feel why. It's because you haven't made that offer so damn good that they'd feel stupid saying no. So it is all about you going to that holistic health company with the offer that's so damn good and Ebony's got it there. I've got it on my shelf. This is like, don't miss it. Alex Hermozi, $100 million Offer. How to make an offer so good, you'd feel dumb saying no. Ron's got it. Everybody's got it. You need to make your offer so good that people feel dumb saying no. And it's a tiny, changing conversation. Because at a networking event, Laurie, I love networking events. They're like, Hey, so nice to meet you. What do you do? Oh, great. And what do you do? And let me tell you what I do. Even if you're the most polite person on the planet, you ask what somebody does because you're polite, you ask, tell me what you do. And you're just waiting for them to finish what they do so that you can tell them what you do and see if they want to buy something from you.

This is like networking the world wide. And it's great. I love it. Don't get me wrong. But if you can pitch at a networking event or you can pitch on a Zoom call in a way that the person goes, Oh, my God, I need to speak to you. And then there needs to be a price with it. So at a networking event, it's like when they get around to asking you, So, Laurie, what do you do? It's that next sentence that will set you up. So when people ask me what I do in a social environment, I have practiced this for the last 10 years until I came to a sentence that I felt was a no brainer. And this is my sentence. I help business owners attract and acquire more customers. I have it written on my whiteboard. I help business owners attract and retain, actually is the right word, attract and retain more customers. What do you think the next thing that they say is? How do you do that? Well, now it's probably not the setting, but if you throw me your business card, I'm happy to have a coffee with you sometime in the next week.

We can talk it through. But I make that a no brainer. So I start with that. But when you're talking from your perspective, you've got so many things you can do. Amazing graphic design, website systems, funnels, surveys, all of that is blah for a business owner. What they need is the result. So changing the verbiage, making the offer so damn good that they can't say no goes like this. When they say to you, so, Laurie, what do you do? You say, You know what? I'm a specialist in design and automation marketing, and I can help your business grow with new leads every single day, and I do that for less than $500 a month. Make sure the price is in there. Because automatically, I want to find out, is that person willing? Do you want to watch their eyes go?

Because you'll know if their eyes go a little bit wider, we need to have a conversation. That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Let's have a conversation. Don't talk to me about funnels, surveys, websites, designs, graphics. Don't care. What I do care about is how are you going to get me more clients? Well, let's put a strategy together. I'm going to charge you $1,000 up front and it's going to be $500 a month, but I will get results for you. Great. Even that, guys, just straight up. Without saying anything about what I do. If I said to you, we're chatting, you and I right here on this call, and I said to you, like we're just hanging out and networking, we'd never met before. And I said to you something along that line, you know what? I charge $1,000 up front and 500 bucks a month, but I get results by growing your business. Do you want to have a conversation? I don't care what you do. I don't care if your method is dropping flyers into letter boxes. If you can get me the results, go at it. I will find the $50,000 to buy your 16 Wheeler full of gold bars, if I can see the gold bars if I can see the gold bars in front of me, I'll find the money.

I don't care if you're the richest person on the planet. If somebody rocks up with a 16 Wheeler full of gold bars and says it'll cost you 50 grand, dude, just give me a few days, I'll have it. Nobody's out of money if the results are there. So it's the confidence in what you deliver that will help you close more sales. That's what we're talking about before with Daniel. It's the love of what I do. And Laurie, as a straight question to you, I know you had some tech questions as well, so I'd like to get to those if you need a hand. But as a straight question to you, if I got a business owner and I put them in front of you and I said, Mr. Businesso wner, Laurie is going to help you grow your business. And I gave that client to you, could you help that business owner?


No doubt. Could you help them? Yes.

Not even a single issue of doubt. Could you help them?


Absolutely. Not a trick question. Could you help them? Yeah. And that's the difference between networking and having a massive contact list and being so freaking busy that you need a team of people just to book in. Because it's when you look somebody in the eye and you legit say to them, I don't care what you do, you give me 15 minutes with you and I will help. But they go, Come on. I went into my very first job interview straight out of school, didn't do well in school, didn't do well in school. Straight out of school, needed to make some money to pay rent and just happened to walk past a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia. And this restaurant was like the best restaurant in Perth. Five stars view over the city, $100 a plate even back then. And I was 17, couldn't even be working in a licensed environment. You need to be 18 to work with alcohol here in Australia. But I was 17 straight out of school. And I walked into that restaurant and I asked to speak to the manager. Hi, can I please speak to the manager? I was a little bit taken aback and I just nodded and smiling.

And they went, Sure, just a minute. And then I picked up the phone from the reception desk. Still remember the guy's name, still a good friend. Gary, there's a young man here to see you. Okay, I'll ask him to wait. You'll be out in a few minutes. Okay, great. Thanks. If you could just wait over there. Gary's on his way. I said, Gary. Okay, great. Gary walked out. Short guy, well dressed, beautiful suit. Walked out with a very puzzled expression on his face. And he said, Hi, can I help you? And I said, Yeah, I would like to work here. He said, That's great. We do employ obviously wait staff and people in the service industry, but you need a minimum of five years experience to work here. And he said, Oh, that's great. We do employ, obviously, wait staff and people in the service industry, but you need a minimum of five years experience to work here. And I said, If you give me a shot, I'll be the best damn employee you've ever had, and I'll work for you for free for a week to prove it. All I need is a chance. And he said, Start Monday.

And I worked there for three years, promoted and promoted, had incredible opportunities that created a lifetime of real doors being opened because I believed when I stood in front of Gary at Fraser's Restaurant in Perth, that I could deliver on my promise. And if you have that, Laurie, I said, Can you help that business owner? You said, Yes. I don't care what you do. I don't care what industry you are. Give me 15 minutes with you and I will help you in some way. Let's have a conversation. The difference is not what we have, it's what we are. It's who we are. I heard it said sometime, Dude, who you are is screaming at me so loudly, I can't hear the words you're saying. When somebody was trying to rip me off, trying to scam me, that was coming out of my mouth. Who you are is shouting at me so loudly that I can't hear the words. And that's positive and negative. If I put you in front of a business owner, Jeff Watkins, Anna Banks, Ethan, Laurie Dean, Ron Palmeter, Daniel Aaron, Mike Quock, Ebony James, Walt Bayless, if I put you in front of a business owner, who are you?

And what you give to them will close that deal every time so long as you believe that you're going to deliver it. So, Laurie, I think you've got an incredible suite of things that you can do for a business. They are all completely irrelevant unless that business owner wants to work with you. And the way that they want to work with you is for you to look them in the eye and say, Let me do what I do. It's going to cost you $1,000 and 500 a month. And if you're not happy at the end of the month, I'll give you your next month for free, but I will get you results. How about it? Here's a jackpot. Come back to me in 30 days. See you then. So, Laurie, I know you got some tech questions as well, but has that been helpful? Is that something that you can hold on to and walk forward with?

Yes. The difference is adding the price in there, doing it for under $500. It seems even when you say that, the way you said it, you're even more confident about what you're doing when you're just putting the money right out there. Absolutely.

Because otherwise, you're hiding something. Chris actually gave me that. Chris, our business partner, Chris from White Lable Suite, Comet Suite. He says, Ralph Waldo Emerson, what you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson, perfect. Chris actually said that. So when he put that whole spiel together, and if you've been on our webinars, you would have heard him say it, we're going to contact your ideal client. We're going to follow them up with three to six emails. We're going to make sure that they're interested. We're going to follow them up with text message. We're going to visually show you when they click, when they open that email, when they click on it, we're going to make sure that they're in your calendar, and we're going to do that a thousand times a month for less than $300. Nothing has a value unless you put it on it. I can say, do you want this? You're like, well, how much is it? It doesn't have a value until I tell you it's $300. No, it's not worth it. But it's full of gold bars and it's $300. Oh, yeah. I'll find the money.

You got to put the value on it. You got to actually tell people. You know what? I work with business owners. I help them with their designs and their automation. I make sure that their marketing is on point and I do it for less than five hundred bucks. No, dude, we need to have a chat. I don't care what industry you're in. I help businesses with their graphics and their designs, get their marketing on point, and automate their systems, and I do it for under $500 a month. Cool. When can you come and see me? All right. Lory, hopefully that's helpful for you. Guys, I know we got some questions. It's Saturday morning for me. I'm happy to stay on as long as you like. Normally, these sessions are 60 minutes. I'm happy to stay around if you guys are. So, Laurie, did you have a couple of tech questions as well? Can we help.

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