Regulatory Bundle

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What is a Regulatory Bundle

A regulatory bundle is a set of documents needed to register a phone number. 
Provisioning phone numbers in most countries require registration due to local telephony laws. These regulations often require providing set of identity documentation aka Regulatory Bundle to carriers or a local enforcement agency. 
Dedicated phone number, once registered and integrated with the system is what allows for functions like 2-way text, missed call text back, sales call, call reporting to functions, as well as any automated sms that are programmed in the   to work.
The documents required will differ depending on country and regulatory laws. For full details on this ➝

Why do you need one

The purpose of providing this identifying documentation for your business is to establish trust with both the regulators and ultimately your customers. 
Any business that uses phone, voicemail or sms for sales, marketing and customer care purposes needs it.

What documents do you need to for a Regulatory Bundle

Typically for most countries you will need:
Make sure you are providing relevant information and supporting documents or the bundle/address maybe rejected.

How do you create a 'Regulatory Bundle'

You simply create one in the system via the LC Phone System and once it's been approved it will get passed on to the underlying carrier, Twilio, and they'll handle the registration with the relevant administrative entity for you.

1. Go to 'Regulatory Bundle/Address part of the system

Head into the Sub-account > Click Settings (bottom left menu) > Phone numbers > Regulatory Bundle/Address

2. Click 'Create'

On the top right click on Create to create regulatory bundle/address for the sub-account:
            Regulatory Bundle and Address List View:
The agency and locations users will be able to view the list of all the bundles and addresses that are submitted and their current status too.

3. Select 'Regulatory Bundle'

4.Select the country you want to operate in 

*you will need to have your business registered in that country
and select 'mobile' 
Mobile is what will allow you to do 2-way text as well as calls

5. Add your business name

This must be exact same name as the name on your company registration certificate

6. Provide required documents to verify your information. 

  1. Commercial register (to verify your Business Name and Business ID Number)
  2. Business address via
    • Commercial registry or equivalent showing address OR
    • Utility bill OR
    • Tax notice OR
    • Rent receipt OR
    • Title deed
Each country has it's own requirements and local regulations often require providing adequate identity documentation to carriers or a local enforcement agency. To avoid urgent escalations from regulators, we urge you to provide the required information for each country you intent to operate your / your client's business in.

7. Submit and wait for approval

You will see your regulatory bundle / address listed and a 'Status' on far right will indicate when it's been approved.

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