Importing funnel pages from Clickfunnels into GHL

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When you create your funnel, it gives you an option to import over from ClickFunnels.

I thought so, and I just hadn't seen it for a while. So when you do this... So let me switch over to my demo account again. So let's say, for example, we're going to create a new funnel. Sorry, let me make sure that we have the right place here. We're in sites, we're in funnels. We click New Funnel. We're going to give this a name. So this is Demo for Monica. All right. And as we add a new step, import from Quix. So you're importing a page at a time, Monica. So what we found in our experience, and again, I haven't built sites for probably six months. The team does that now. What I found when we were doing it, or what I found when I was doing it six months ago was that the import was probably 90 %. I would say that some of the formatting just needs to be double checked. But super quick to grab it, and I think actually when we first met you guys and you had everything on ClickFunnels, we did a demo import for you, and we brought across one of your pages. But if you want to drop a ClickFunnels page that you've got right now into the chat box, I'll do it right here and we can have a bit of a look.

So grab one of your funnels and we'll push it over. So Dora, when you did this, how was the formatting when it came over?

I would say for me, 95 % of it was fine. There were a few images that just didn't come over correctly, but that was okay. But I did it fairly recently, though, so maybe they've improved it since then.

Cool. Nice. I wonder how it's going to go with ClickFunnels 2.0 because I know that's part of the big you could fuffle with ClickFunnels is that all the old funnels are incompatible with 2.0, and everybody's crying out there. I think they missed a trick. I wonder if the 2.0 funnels will come over. I'm sure that the ClickFunnels team will be scrambling to stop people doing what we're about to show off here because that's one of the big things that they lost. But if you've got any of your URLs there, Monica, we can grab that and pop it in and just see if we get that coming in. So this is import.

Do you see it? I just dropped it in there. It's the.

Rik one. Nice. All right. Fantastic. Let's grab it.

It actually has Yohan's picture on it.

So that might break the system. No, just kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Let's see. So I'm going to drop this in here. Before we do, we're going to do this and just go and have a look at it as it stands right now. So this is a page, and this is actually the one that we brought over for you when we were demoing. So this has got a page with lots of images there. Let's bring this in to our system. We've got it there. I confirmed that this page belongs to me or I have permission to use it. Go. Away we go. Let's see how much of that page we get. It usually... It's not a slow process, but it usually takes 30 seconds or so. But you'll do this. I know you guys have got so many funnels, but you do this page by page. So you're going to ask the team to go through step by step. And yeah, you'll probably... Again, an experienced door, I said about 95 % for me, it was about 90 %. You're just going to need to check your formatting and just make sure that all the links are there.

But once they're in, they're in, of course. Unfortunately, there's no easy method for doing the members area. You know how you have members training in ClickFunnels? That's copy and paste, unfortunately. There's no export import on that one.


Let's see how this goes. I might leave that run just for a little bit, but that's your methodology. So when you go into funnels, create a funnel, create a page, it's going to offer you that option. Something went wrong. Please try again. Let's see if import. Something went wrong there. I'll leave it run and we'll jump over to Dora's question and I'll come back and check in just a second. That looked like it worked a little bit better. Let's see. It's running in the background anyway. All right, so I'll leave that run for a sec and we will come back to it and check it out in just a second. Thanks.

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