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Okay. By the way, you'll also hear me do that a lot during the Q&A because I turn recording on and off, on and off so that I have lots of little short videos at the end. Yeah. Guys, Monica and Rick joined us when we were running GHL through our agency as Comet and got an amazing program out there. And one of the things that was, I guess, a hold up. You guys were huge on ClickFunnels. You had everything on ClickFunnels. I know talking to your team, talking to John and the guys there. Having an affiliate program was one of the things that was stopping you going all in on GHL because you needed that affiliate side of things. So thankfully now, as of about six months ago, GHL released their own affiliate stuff. So let me jump in and share where you get that and how it all works. So, Monica, you and Rick signed up for your own GHL account? Have you got your own agency account with GHL as yet, or are you still based on everything through Comet?

Everything's through Comet.

Okay, cool. Awesome. So that may be... Again, chat to me and Johan about, make sure it's going to be the right thing for you. You might choose to have your own agency account with GHL shell, which you can have for, I think, $2.97 a month, or the higher level is $4.97 a month. And that way you can sell the software itself the same as we sell Comet, you can sell your own brand of Comet and pick up additional income as a result of that. But let me just show you what we're talking about here. So if I come to... Let me show you in our demo account, and it will be the same in demo. There we go. And it will be the same. Being a GHL agency owner means that you can sell the GHL system under your own brand as many times as you like for that one monthly fee, which is pretty cool. Coming down into the marketing section, you'll find this affiliate manager stuff up the top here. So the affiliate manager, and we start with campaigns, affiliates, and then payouts. So first things first, you need to set up your Stripe account.

I might actually go into the white label suite account since it's all set up and connected there. Y ou can literally just... Sorry, I missed that one. No? Okay. So let's go to campaigns, and we can start to build from there. So we can upload your existing affiliates. If you've got a list of names and email addresses that are existing affiliates, you can upload them. But let's jump straight in. So we're going to add a campaign. Away we go. So let's give this... This is the first campaign. Being really creative there. We can have a specific funnel that the sign up is on. So where you build your funnels is in the sites area here, and you can link your affiliate system to one of one of those funnels. So let's say I'm linking it to this particular funnel. And then which page of the funnel is the actual sign up page? So when you're sending an affiliate link to people, where do they go? Which page in your funnel do you want people to go to get signed up. Then you're going to add products. Sorry, I steered you wrong already. The link that you're putting on is where people will go when they have their affiliate link.

My apologies. So your affiliates will be sending people to this particular page. And then we're adding products from that page. Okay, cool. If you've got your products already built within the Comet system or within your own GHL account, you're going to have your products right here. You're going to add those products to the funnel, which you guys have done a million times before. If you've got your products here. Let me do that on. Cool. There we go. Now I've got products connected to the funnel. Now I can add those products in here. Description, really cool affiliate system. How often are we paying out? Do we pay 15 days? Is it a percentage or a flight mission? So you can see that you're building this as we go. How long are the cookies? So right up to 365 days. You might choose 90 days. So the way that the cookies work, you'd be very familiar with, is that you can set the length of time. So we always like to say last click wins. So if somebody sends an affiliate to a link and the person looks at it and goes, yeah, cool, maybe, maybe not, whatever, you might retarget that person.

They might come and look at that page again in seven days, or they might come and look at it in 20 days. You still want to try and allocate that sale to that initial affiliate that brought them to you. But this is literally saying for how long should I remember? Should I remember that this person was connected here for 90 days, or should I give them a year? So if they come back to that page anywhere in the next year, you might choose that it's 30 days or 90 days or something like that. So you can set that here. Let's go with the commission that's offered, and now we should be good to go. I might need to save and come back to their products. So that's done. Now we have a campaign in place, okay? And I might come over here and add those products. But again, since I had it there, so add my products. There are products in the funnel, something I've missed there. But now we've got everything ready to go. Now you can add affiliates. Here we go. Let me just jump in here. All right. There we go. And now let's go to our affiliates section.

I can add in affiliates here, or I can import a list. So add a new affiliate, John Smith, blah, blah, blah. All right. So when you've got affiliates in the system, you'll then be able to get their links for them. Here we go. Okay. Now, that affiliate ID I'm looking for, I haven't seen. Let's have a look. There we go. So now I can see my affiliate and I can connect them to this specific campaign. Makes sense? Now John is allowed to promote this particular product. Away you go. Let's go and have a look at this one. You will see the URL there, ID equals affiliate ID. John will have his own affiliate ID. And of course, when he has that at the end of the URL, he's going to promote people to this specific page. So all built in, ready to go. So that's in the marketing section over here. Monica? Okay, perfect.


And the way you go, yeah, just build your commission rate and cookies and you're good to go.


And then the last part, of course, is your payouts. So you'll be able to see who's earned what when the payment is due to be released, and you'll be able to see that once the transactions are starting to come through.

Perfect. Thank you. Awesome. You're welcome. My next question is about emails. When we get the emails.

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