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All right, well, thank you. So I had a demo today, and it was with someone who is also using the same product that I am. He is using D7. And it was interesting because he brought some things to my attention. I don't know if you saw the email that I sent to the support desk. So I mentioned to him that I would present these questions and find out if that's something that's possible. And if it's not available now, if there might be a timeline but basically on the import, there are a few things that if we could bring it over, then in campaigns, we'd be able to target, automate marketing by targeting specific businesses based on the tags that we create. So I don't know if you need me to go into more detail.

About that. Yeah, I'd love you to. So D7 is great. When we first, I guess, discovered D7, we were like, Oh, wow. Oh, my God. Is this going to cripple us? Is it going to kill us? I think we actually still have a membership on D7, but maybe we don't. But anyway, we did a whole bunch of tests with D7. I love their pricing. It's ridiculous how cheap it is. And that's why we were worried that it was going to crush us. But we actually did a side by side test. So we got leads out of our system and we got leads out of D7 in the same space and we mailed d them. And on the D7 list, we got about a 30 % bounce because it's not live data, it was all cached data. Whereas us, as I was just saying, we were running around 7 % as a bounce rate. So we actually got a lot more emails delivered from the same searches with our tool, which I'm thrilled to be able to stand behind. One of the things that we love about D7 is the additional data that you get. So you get the Instagram information and the additional socials, which we're building into the system as well.

When will that be available, though? Because the number of Google reviews, whether or not they rank in the top 20 or 50 % of Google, details like that help in the message that we send to people when we reach out to them.

I get that completely. When will it be available? I would say probably 90 days ish, somewhere there. It's on the planning board right now, so we're adding a whole bunch of new stuff. So the next iteration of our leads tool is our new update, which is coming out in a week, which has been in Dev for about two and a half months. So it s different dashboard to start with, but it's faster, more results, more filters, so you can filter on a whole bunch of different stuff. So that will be out within a week or so. And then the next update after that is going to have some AI built in. It's going to have more socials and that stuff. But that's probably, I would say, another 90 days before it hits the market.

Okay. So would it also include whether or not the business has a GMB? Yes, absolutely.


And part of that is not just to literally identify it, but maybe give us the ability when we export it to create a tag, because then we would run campaigns based on that tag.

Beautiful. So you can create tags now.

But for those specific... For example, if it comes back with Google ranking being in the top 10 % as opposed to top 100, we'd want to create a tag that indicates where they are in their ranking.

Nice. Okay, cool. Love that as an idea. And I guess our greatest strength is you guys being able to actually give us that feedback and say, Would it be great if you could do this, it would help me create more business or whatever. You mentioned that you dropped in an email to support. Can you add those details? Yes, I did. Do you want to add those details for me? Because any of that feedback that we get, we love to build that into the tools, so love.

To do that. Okay. Yeah. Actually, I wrote an email and they said they were forwarding it to you.

Okay, cool. Awesome.

What was included in there is also... Let's see, hold on one second. I know we had spoken about an API for people who are using L eadEffic or other tools. Would it be possible when we're... Right now, we're just exporting it into a CSV file. But when we're able to click on the API to send it over to the CRM, would it allow us to create a Smart list that we can name when we do that? Or when you click on it, does it just... I don't know what happens because I can't use it yet. So.

At the moment, when it goes into GHL, you can set the tags so you can then say, Okay, find everybody that I just imported by this particular tag, and bang, there they are. So it will be the same with Lead, if you can imagine. That API functionality is in this release, which is a week away. So are you part of the beta group, Dora?

The beta group of what?

The beta group that are testing the new release of Leads for us. There's 15 or 18 people in there. Okay. Did you get my emails over the last couple of days, inviting people for the beta or?

No, actually I didn't.

Okay, cool. Let me drop it in. We do have that list blocked off. Jay, I can see the question there. So I've got Jay's question and then Katie's. I can see your hand up as well, Katie.

Should I put my email in chat so you can send it to me?

No, what I'll do is I will give you a URL right now. And you guys can go and register if you want to. Being a beta tester for us basically means that you're testing our newest system, and if we can ask you to give us feedback in a specific group that we have on Facebook. Let me just grab the URL for the beta test page, and I'll pop it in the chat. There it is. Beta test enroll. There we go. We closed the beta testers off about three or four days ago. But if you guys do want to be in the J, I know you're already part of it, you can still jump in. So beta test. Once you've enrolled, we'll send you the logins and you can jump in and have a bit of a look. Okay.

All right. And one last question. Sure. Well, actually, I have two. Sorry. When the results come back and it has a green check mark saying email is verified, how is it verified? What's happening behind the scenes there?

Yeah. So we actually, some of the tools that we use in the background. So we've got a lot of live APIs that are bringing the data back into our system have actually done the same thing as Never Bounce or million Verify, and they verified that email using the tools that we have already built in there. So those are those ones. And again, in this new version, you'll be able to filter by verified email only.

But when you say verify, what are you doing to verify it?

We're using existing tools that are out there like Never Bounce and million Verify to actually verify that email address as a live email.

And what are they doing to actually verify?

I couldn't tell you. I haven't pulled apart million Verify or any of those guys. I don't know what they do. All I know is that they exist as a tool to verify emails. They probably are looking at sending reply history. I don't know how they work. I have no idea. But whatever Never Bounce are doing, it's the same thing. So we're actually pulling in from multiple sources into the lead system. So we're relying, I guess, on their verification system. The same as Mailgun, the same as GHL themselves with their email verification. I don't know what they do, but I know that they verify emails. So those emails are verified on them.

Okay, I'll explore that further. And then the last question I have is, right now I'm using Leadific, but it's crossed my mind that maybe I need to migrate into GHL. What would be the process for doing that?

Yeah. So I don't know the inside of Leadific. What do you like about Leadific? Well, I don't know.

To be honest with you, I like everything that I've seen. But just to back up, I started developing websites in Notepad, then in Macromedia, then in Joomla, then in WordPress, then in ClickFunnels, then in Leadific. And I was like, I like this out of everything that I've experienced so far. So I was just wondering, I don't know if I'm handicapped in any way because I haven't used Leadific. I'm sorry, Go High Level level, so I can't compare it, but I know that Leadific is a white label off of Go High Level. Yeah.

Wait a second. Sorry. Leadific is a white label off Go High Level?


All of this time, I did not know that. So hang on a second. You've got Go High Level.

Pretty much, yeah. What they do, though, is they don't give us certain capabilities with the asport. So for example, when I integrated the snapshot for the Comet suite, I had to ask, open a ticket, ask them to add it, give them the code, and then they put it in.

As a person. Yeah, so you've got a sub account. You've got a sub account, which is... So you've got all of the functionality of Gs. Wow, that just made life a billion times easier. So there's no reason why you can't import directly from our leads tool with an API key.

Should we experiment and give it a try?

Yeah. Can you do a screen share for me? Yeah. All this time, I honestly thought Leadific was like another program. And every time you've mentioned Leadific, I didn't realize that it's actually a rebadge of GHL. So do you want to screen share and just log into the leadific for me?

Okay, give me one second here. Cool. Let me do my verification. Okay.

So all of that being said, this is great news because that means the process for if you want to have your own brand, so you would call yours Top CRM or something like that, the migration is going to be instant and you'll lose nothing. So you can go and get your own agency account with... Oh, my God. Dora, I so wish I'd asked you to... Now that I say as soon as I see it, I go, This is DHL. It's amazing. You've got everything that you need. So you've got multiple sub accounts in there as well. Okay, cool. Yeah.


Clients. Different clients, amazing. Is this your main account, this one that we're looking at?

No, actually, my agency account is here.

Is this a demo account?

But what I did was I set up the lead system under this sub account.

Amazing. Okay, cool. Can you go down to settings in this sub account? Excuse me. Settings, API key. It's right there just under the pick and niche area. Can you just click on the little clipboard where it's next to the API key?

Yeah, I've already used this to link it to have it so that I can log in from here.

Okay, so you don't have to do the CSV export anymore.

Oh, okay. Because I was thinking, let me just pick one that I ran today. I was thinking that in order... Hold on, let me just... So before you.

Do anything, before you do anything, up the top where it says API Connections, can you just open that up? That one there. Okay, so it says Connection Successful. Which account are you connected to? Which sub account?

I'm connected to this sub account.

Are you sure? 100 % sure?

I would hope so.


Great. That's what I intended.

Yeah. Okay. Well, you can unclick that if you want to. So click on the little X next to Connection. It's successful. And now paste in the one that you just copied to your clipboard. So just right click paste. Cool. And click on Connect. And now you are connected to that sub account. So any leads that you run, so you've got Andrew Flooring there. Okay. And just pause for one second. So next to the next to Andrew Flooring, where it's got the number 20, there's that little cog icon. Do you want to just click on that? And you can add tags in right now before you send it across to the CRM. So tag this as Andrew Flooring. So that will help you with your Smart List side of things. So cool.

We did two searches.

Okay, cool. So click on Save. Okay. Great. And now we can send these leads across. So you might want to just click on the green ones and just only have ones that have got emails there. Okay. And grab all if you want to. And then tick it just like that. And click on Send to CRM.

Okay, but quick question. I noticed sometimes when I do this, it doesn't send the email. Oh, I see it's doing it now. Maybe because it hadn't finished the search. All right, here we go.

So now in probably it takes 15 to 30 seconds, but if you go over to contacts, over on your left, we give that 15, 30 seconds. Hit refresh for me. And we should actually see those leads straight in. Back down to contacts again. All of this time, you were talking about lead ifficant. I had no idea. There we go. Not yet. Might just take an extra second there.

This button looks like it's processing.

Yeah. Once they've been sent... The reason it's grayed out is because nothing's clicked. If you just click on... That all of those results that you just sent across will be in the sent results area. Let me grab my drawing tools account, but see in the middle of the screen there, it says unsent results. That's what we're looking at. You can change that to sent results and you'll see the ones that you've already sent over.

Got you.

There they are. Again, can you click on contacts for me? I just want to see these come into your system so.

That we know that they're there. There we are. Okay, cool. The API is there. I didn't realize I could.

Use that. All this time you were telling me that you were running Leadific, not GHL, and I was like, Oh, that's a shame. All this time you've had GHL, you've had the system. It's amazing. Then your question to me was, what's the process? If you want to have your own agency account, you're obviously going to have a lot more flexibility with it, but it's going to cost you either $2.97 a month or $4.97 a month to DHL. I'm not sure what you're paying to LeadEffic. But then with one of those pricing tiers, you can literally sell unlimited subaccounts.

Well, that's what I can do with this, too. I have have... I don't know if you can see this. It says agency admin.


When I come in here, I can create other sub accounts. Let's see, where do I do that? I forget. Hold on. Here we go. So I can create as many sub accounts as I want.

This is pretty cool. This is pretty cool. And again, I don't know. So then, let me ask you this. Can I ask, what are you paying for the lead dific agency account that you have?

What am I planning, you said?

What's the cost? What's the investment?

That's a good question. Hold on. Let me... What is that?

Just purely out of curiosity. I just know that if you have a GHL agency account, you have either $297 a month or 497 a month, depending on which.

I've invested you, I paid for the year, and I was thinking it might be listed... Here we go. Company billing. Yeah, here we go. I have premium, so that's what I paid.

Amazing. So you can do the same thing and have your own GHL agency account. What will you not have is the, I guess, the help from Leadific, but what will you gain is there's a few things that you gain, of course, having the control of your own brand and everything like that.

Yeah. Okay. It sounds like I don't need to switch then.

You've got everything already, it looks like. You're not missing out on anything, except for snapshots. Snapshots are amazing because you can say, Oh, cool. There's a snapshot for chiropractors. Click. Now I've got a chiropractor snapshot. Click out to all the chiropractors. Having the ability to do that without having to ask permission every time is amazing. But if that's not a big deal, then import templates, is that?

Yeah, they actually provide a bunch of templates.

They all come from GHL. These are GHL's own inbuilt template. When you have an agency account, you'll have all of those same ones.

When I go to... I always forget which one to click on. Here we go. I'm not going to add anything, but these are some of the default snapshots that come.

Yeah. So they're all GHLs ones.

Okay. And when.

I set.

Up a sub site. Can you click on where it says imported snapshots up the top? There are no imported snapshots. Okay, cool.

They should be for this one, though. Hold on one second.

Obviously, Leadific have done something here in the background and they've made this work, but there are no imported snapshots.

Yeah, that's interesting because I did get the snapshot from you guys in order to get everything that I have here, but I don't see it under here. They applied the snapshot, so I have all the automations that you guys created.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Again, there's nothing really that you're missing out on except for the fact that you have to ask permission to do that. Right. Okay. You have GHL. You actually have GHL. All this time, I didn't know. You have GHL. You're good. You're gold. You're not missing anything. Okay, perfect. Thank you. This is great news. I'm so excited for that. That's awesome. Now, as part of that, Dora, we're adding multiple API keys specifically because I knew that you were a part of our crew and it was like, I need to help Dora. I need to be able to input. And you've been able to do it all this time. Now, it's actually cool because what we've added is going to add to the program anyway. So we thank you for that. But you have DHL, you have everything that everybody else has. So this is great news.

Okay, thank you.

I appreciate it. Great news. Fantastic. Thanks.

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