Integration With GHL

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This short video, we're going to be talking about connecting your licensing dashboard up to your CRM program, which at this age is GHL. So we're going to come to... This is our login screen. We come straight to the account settings. We're going to come to the integration area over here. Now, why is this important? This exists so that once you've created a package for sale, you might want to create a package that has also GHL in it or other things that you're selling. And so you might have a buy button on your page that means it's their first interaction with you. They're not already in your database. And this particular function, when the purchase is made, will put that person in your database. So let me say that again, you can create a buy button, a payment link where somebody's going to pay you money. And connecting with GHL here will actually take that payment link, the payment details, and push them into your CRM program, into GHL for you. So where do we get the API key? I'm going to come across to our version of GHL or go high level. And our branding is Comet Suite, you might see it and see it looks different from yours.

But this is our brand of our GHL program. So when you're in the sub account that you want the contact details to go to, so your main account, the account you really do your business from, come down to Settings all the way in the bottom left hand corner. And on the first page that opens up, it's the Business Info page. You can see the API key right here. So to grab that API key, just literally click on the little clipboard icon. It's going to copy that API key. Then back in our licensing dashboard, we're going to paste that in just like that and connect up with GHL. And now we can see that that's been authorized successfully. And then we just need to then tick yes, we automatically want to send customers the details to GHL when a new purchase is received by a stripe. So again, now we've got a link between the payment and that person's details going straight into your GHL program.

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