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Let's connect up your Stripe account. This will allow you to create packages and allow you to sell those packages and create the licenses for your clients. So let's go through the system. You're in the account settings tab right here, and we're going to go across to the Stripe tab right here. Now we get offered the opportunity to connect with Stripe, and this is where you're going to connect and authorize the Stripe connection, allowing this system to work. So we're going to connect with Stripe right here. And if you've got multiple Stripe accounts like I do, you'll see the ones here that you're able to select. So I'm going to select this particular Stripe account. It's going to prompt me to log in. So I'm going to use my login here. Once you have that login, you will have to reselect the account again, and then you're returned back to the dashboard here. So once you've done that Stripe connection, you can see account confirmed successfully, you'll be able to see the stripe connection here in place. Now, important to know, you can disconnect that stripe account and connect another one all the way up until you make your first sale.

If you've made a sale, you won't be able to disconnect that stripe because obviously that payment for those licenses will be going through and will be connected. So if you've connected a stripe account, made a sale, and then need to change, we'll need to create a second license dashboard for you. But in most cases, that's not going to be required. So you're going to be able to connect up your stripe account and then be able to see those details here. From here, now we are able to create packages in the program, and that's going to be going to enable us to create a package, sell that program, and we'll talk about the pricing and how that works on the packages video. So when you get to the video about creating the packages, this Stripe Connect comes into play and any licences that are sold, the profit obviously will go straight to your Stripe account where the license fees will be paid immediately to a white label suite and comment suite. So we'll get to that in the packages video. In our next videos, we're going to be talking about the web hooks and integrations so that we're ready to create the packages for sale.

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