Twilio masked numbers with GHL

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I'm going to do that. And we'll record and fire away, man. What's the question?

Everything that we ask is all about high level, not so much your lead program. So that says that your lead program is working great. We would love that.

That's awesome. I'm pleased to hear it. We're here to answer any questions that we can, man.

Good. So I've been using Twilio and the numbers and stuff, and a couple of our clients are saying that we want to send out a revital database, reanimation process. They don't recognize the phone number. And I heard that there was a thing that they're starting to push to mask that number to make it look like that company's number rather than your Twilio number. Do you know anything about that?

I read something about it, but I didn't dive into it. Let's just go... So I'm going to do the whole high level help docs thing and see what we can see what we can find there.

Have you come across any of that problem where the client that you're working for a client and you're doing all their SMS marketing for them and the client just don't.

See that? Yeah. So it's going to come across with an unknown number in the first message. So if that like the client saves the number on their phone or something. So what we're thinking is that here's a business that's been around for 20 years or whatever. They've got clients on their database and now with a brand new Twilio number, they're messaging those clients and they're seeing it coming in from an unknown number. So I mean, there's ways around it, obviously, with the way that you structure the message, just being saying, Hi, first name. It's our new messaging system from XYZ Dental here. Just wanted to touch base and see how whatever. But let's just have a quick look at mask Twilio, because I saw it asked before. No, all right, Twilio. Just twilio calls, not showing his calls, not showing at all. Okay, let's have.

A look. Client or Rebello uses his own Twilio account? No, it's the same thing.

Yeah. Okay. And the other thing we're looking, I did see it in the high level groups. So let's have a quick look there as well and just do a scan. Twilio, click sub accounts. Okay. Mms capable, phone numbers configured. Let's just have a quick look. Replace the web hook. Okay. Scrolling. Okay, nothing there jumps out at me. Let me just have a quick scroll in the group as well. I did see it mentioned, how do we mask the trivial mask trivial?

Yeah, I couldn't find it either in high levels, whatever.

Too many people.

Some workarounds, Twilio, Call or ID masking. Okay, so this was from a few weeks ago.


Person is saying that the...

It's not resolved yet.

No, they're saying it is resolved. They're saying it's resolved in LC phone system. So doing that via the LC system rather than Twilio Direct... Now I can mask the outbound Twilio or LC number with the business number. So this is the right thing. Let me drop this link in here, Ron, and that looks like it's got the answers there. So do you want to just head on over and bookmark.

That one? Yes, sir. Reboot, Bobby.

Bookmark that one. To further explain how I set up my clients, I have them get a second line with whoever the current provider is. That new number is what we add to their GHL account. They'll have a new Twilio number as well. But GHL needs an actual non Twilio number to forward to. So now we forward the original number. So he's got the whole thing that he's gone through. All this does is mask your LC number for outbound calls, but allows the call to come through. So perfect. This is exactly step by step. Using existing business phone numbers, no more spam likely. That's exactly the post that answers it for you, mate.

I'll open it up and it's blank. There's nothing there.

Are you a member of that group?

Probably not.

So that group, there's 23,000 people. And I say that because it's such an awesome group. There's 23,000 GHL members in that group, and it becomes a really good knowledge base. So definitely make sure you sign up to the group. I t's Facebook. Com groups go high level. Got it. All right, that's the go high level official group. And once you remember there, which I don't think is any restrictions, you can just join and they auto add you, then go to that specific article. Do you want me to copy and paste the wording from it, or are you happy to?

No, I got it. I just need to make sure I keep the link, so I'm not going to lose that. I'm hooking up to the official group right now.

Cool. Awesome. And then you jump in. So problem solved, not by me, but by somebody else in the group, which is always handy. It's just as good. Actually, do you know what? I'm telling my team on support, quite often we get GHL questions coming through. It's like, this goes with the territory, right? But it's so great. And Brianna is here. So thanks so much for being amazing, Brianna. It's so great that our team will do that. They're like, Hey, that's actually a GHL thing, but let me see if I can find you a support article or something that relates because one way or the other, getting it all working is going to be much easier.

And with that, I'll say that we're getting two more coming on board next week. That's going to be using the leads.

Good job, man. Well done. Fantastic. Awesome. All right, mate, I'm going to click on stuff for that recording. So we've got an answer there.

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