One automation has a MANUAL trigger on sale how to set it up

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You. I'm great. Thanks so much for joining us.

Hey, I'll make it quick because I know you got to bounce and I'm going to join that also. So thanks. I had a question. I know Ebony had put me in touch with someone, but real quick, I'll just ask this since I'm here. I got a little stuck on creating a trigger on step four, the automations from your training right before the PAB, and I know we're going to talk to somebody, but if you could shed a little light of where I could learn how to do that or what that is.

Hopefully this will be a nice, easy one. So what we're trying to do is trigger the PAB, right? Like we're trying to say, send something to the Pabbly. Is that what we're talking about?

Yeah. Well, I think it was in the training was you create a trigger. You wrote in there, import and do manually. When somebody makes a purchase, it takes them, it removes the.

Sequence, I guess. Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. We are in the 23 Leads snapshot to answer that question. In the 23 Leads snapshot, there is one of our automations that says, I mportant, add manually. What do we do? How do we make this work? So what that automation does, and let me just jump into here, this is... There we go. Email series, hang on a second. See if I can find it. 23 lead system. Important, it says. Important, important, important. Add manually on sale. So what does this automation do? What this automation does, as you can see on the screen here, is it literally just removes people from the follow up. So it's like, Hey, come and get 23 leads. Come and get 23 leads. Come and activate your account. Do all that stuff. Now, if they've just paid you money, one of the worst things that you can possibly do when somebody's just paid you money is say, Hey, come and get our new system. You're like, Dude, I just got your new system. Stop doing that to me. So what is this all about? This is ad manually. Now, the reason I've put this in here is because of the fact that so many of us use different payment methods.

I didn't put this in here to trigger based on a payment inside of GHL. You have to create the trigger. So here's how this would work. And let me answer this as quickly as I possibly can for you, David. So the thing that we have just created, the licensing dashboard, allows you to fire a web hook which updates your contacts and all that stuff. So let's say that all of this is happening in the background. So Pably is actually firing from that web hook. It's creating a user account. So it's creating a user account for you to sell another sub account in GHL. It's creating a user on that account. And then the last step should be to add a tag to my database to say that that person is now a buyer. So that's what we fire that web hook from the transaction of the sale in the dashboard. We fire the web hook, Pably does all this. But this last step is what we're talking about with that specific automation. When I tag the person as a buyer, remove them from my follower. So how would I then translate that back into the workflow?

I literally just come across and so I'll stop that share and share my other screen. Let's go. That desktop, there we go. So now I've said to Pably, the last thing I want you to do is come into my database and tag that person that they just bought. So then the trigger is that tag. When that tag, whatever tag it is that you just decided, when that tag is added, and you can say the tag added is a buyer or whatever it might be. Okay, so you're going to create the tag yourself. When the tag added is they bought, that's what's going to fire off this, remove them from the follow up system. So, David, does that help?

Yeah, I think so. So basically create the tag, then the trigger will be what you just showed. I guess you select it then with then Pably, you're telling it what to do. So it does everything you just said. Is that pretty.

Much just... Yeah, you got it, man. So the last step on the Pably is to add a tag to that customer to say that person is a buyer. And then the manual step in your 23 leads is that tag removes them from the follow up.

And does that tag in high level as well?

Yeah, absolutely. So Pably will create the tag and send it across if it doesn't already exist. And then that tag can be the one that fires the stop follow up system. Awesome. Thank you.

Thank you. And do you know what time the Q&A's are, other days?

Great question. I'll drop this in the group and this might be our last.

Thing for today. Thank you so much, Walt.

You're welcome, man. White labels suite. Com office hours has got all of the times and days for all of our Q&A. So white labels suite. Com office hours. You can jump in there. You can attend any session you want and you don't have to register. If you do register, it goes in your calendar and you get the reminders so you won't miss it. But you don't have to register. You can just go to that page on any day. Join the Zoom room at the time and turn up. We love having you guys here. But if you do register, of course, then it goes in your calendar and you get the reminders and better chance of actually making it. So white levelsweet. Com office hours. Lucho, I'm sorry I didn't get to you. Please reach out to me privately and I'll spend some time with you and get that answer for you guys as well. Every single day we're doing these Q&A s. We're live in the group. We're live with you guys. We're on support. We've got a whole team behind you. Our goal is to help you make sales. So whatever we can do to do that, we are all here for you.

And thank you so much for coming along. I appreciate you guys. Look forward to seeing everybody on the Masterclass stunt in 1 Minute comment Zoom. Com. See you there. Cheers, everyone. Bye.

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