Integrating the lead search with a platform other than GHL

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Quick question. Based on the screen that you were just showing, I'm using Leadific as I mentioned before, I'm assuming that if I can't get the integration directly into the iframe in my account, that I can just export from the web and import the contacts into...

100 %. Okay. 100 %, easy done. And again, our next evolution of the Leads program, which will be a couple of weeks coming through. We've got some beta testers already. We are adding in multiple more integrations, including Zappier and Pabbly. So that will allow you to integrate directly from our lead system via Zappier into Leader, if that's the choice. So it's coming, it's coming. But at the moment, yeah, the export import is the way to go.

Okay. I just signed up, so I'm still wrapping my mind around this. But when a client signs up and says, Yeah, I want some leads, are they running the search or we're running.

The search? Great question. And it's completely up to you. So we very much went down the path of here's the tool. And we gave, in you guys in the members areas, all the white label training videos as well. So you don't have to do all the training and all that stuff. You can just give them the stuff and say, There's the tool and here's how to use it. We have had a lot of people say to us, Can you just do it for me? We actually had so many people say that to us that at one point we just added it as a service. So we were like, Here's the tool, it's $4.97 a month. If you want us to do the leads for you, it's 97 bucks a month. And we got a VA who could look after 10 or 15 clients at a time because it only takes 20 minutes, half an hour maximum to run the leads for those clients every month. So we used to charge for it as a service. So the answer, Dora, is both. Depending on your business model, we went down the here's your software path, which is good and bad.

It's good because it takes the workload off us. It's bad because if they don't use it, they don't pay. So much better in some ways to almost include the done for you service as part of the process and then make sure that they're using it. But do make sure you charge for it because it's a time factor and you want to make sure that you're leveraged. So if you're going to do it for them, make sure you charge for it and pass on that fee.

Okay. And when they're running the search, how would we educate them to know what the demographics should be to select the right search?

Great question. So we used to start with a very simple question, which was, tell me about your last client. So when you say to people, and this is something that I've come from experience. When you say to a business owner, who's your ideal client? The very first answer they give you is, everyone. Anyone with a heartbeat. Just please just send me anyone. They all do it. And that's based on fear. We all do it. If you've got a heartbeat, come and talk to me. I want to sell you something. We all do it because we feel like there's scarcity. So the best way that we found to nail that down is tell me about your last client. Tell me about the last person that you successfully... Where did they work? What did they do? What made them a good client for you? And if you can just spend that five minutes to interview them, then the natural lead on from that question is, so if we could find you more clients like that, is it going to be the right way to go? So to educate them on them using the best form of demographics, get them to think about their favorite customers.

So who's your favorite customer? Who's the person that spends the most with you and causes you the least amount of grief? So it makes sense to naturally see if we can get more people down that space. So those questions help that business owner narrow down who they're looking for. Because, again, you can say to them, I can find you everybody. I can literally put a list of a thousand names and emails in front of you, but it's no good. I would rather give you 200 of the best ones than a thousand of the worst ones. So so yeah, just ask them who their favorite customers are.

Okay. And in terms of pricing, if someone wants 1,000 leads a month or 500 leads a month, I'm assuming I would need to, as an agency, make sure my account is subscribed to the level that they're requesting?

No, through the dashboard, you can literally go in and create a package for them at the 2,000 level or the 5,000 level or anything like that. And you don't have to be at that level. So we've got a lot of our guys that are on the 1,000 a month level, but they're selling the 5,000 a month level because their clients got better processes, better dial in, and ready for that volume.

Got you. All right. Thank you.

I appreciate it. You're welcome. Great to see you. And again, guys, thank you so much. I know that.

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