How to fire the automations without a trigger

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Working patiently, man. I appreciate you. You've been sitting there with your hand up for ages. Your arm must be sore. I appreciate you. How can we help you, man? What's going on?

I got a couple of quick questions. First one is in prospecting side of things. I'm using the white label suite to do my own prospecting as well as sell it.

Thank you for the snapshots for the prospecting sequences and everything for the email. However, my question relates to the workflow for the prospecting series of emails. You've got a complete set up for that, but how do you actually add customers?

Great question. Why isn't there a trigger? This thing doesn't fire.

Let me finish.

Obviously, I don't want to add a thousand people into there all at once. How do I do that in a timed fashion? Do I have to create an automation for it or do I need to... Great question. Is there another way?

I love this question. The last thing you want to do is put a thousand people in there at one point because you'll end up with a bigger earthquake than what happened in Christchurch. Let's move forward and just see how we do that. We call it drip mode and it's awesome. The reason why... Let me wind back. We used to automatically fire it. Why couldn't we do that? Hey, we've got leads. Let's just tag them. Add them straight to the thing. Because the nightmare of trying to manage that when you're dropping in 1,000 leads at a time and now my emails are getting hit in the spam box and all that stuff. So we teach drip mode. So let me just turn over to our demo account. The reason why we don't put a trigger on those email automations is for that exact reason. Now I've just brought in a 1,000 ideal clients for myself for the month. How do I get this going through these automations in a timely way? Just like this. I go, Okay, cool. I've brought in my leads. I've got them tagged however I brought them in. So I go, Okay, cool.

Let's just grab a tag here and find... Okay, I've got 12,000 here. I only want to target the ones that I just brought in. So I've got I always tag by month, if you guys haven't seen that already. So Feb 2023, let me just come down to here, Feb 2023, and you can see I've done that a few times. Click Apply. All right, so now I've got however many 18. Okay, I haven't done many searches, but now I've got 200 or now I've got 400 and now I've got X amount for this particular search that I've done. How do I add these in a way that makes sense? Like this. Okay, cool. Grab them all. So grab all 500, all 1,000 of them. Come up here to the little robot dude. Click on Add to campaign, and then choose the campaign. Obviously, it's our outreach campaign. So it's the one that's got all those automated emails ready to go. And we don't do this. This is a terrible thing. We don't do this because this will just do it at a certain time. We do this added in drip mode. And now we can just call this the Feb campaign.

And we can say, okay, I want this to start on tomorrow morning at 4 AM. That works for me. Okay. And I want to send out, I used to do it this way. I used to do 50 per day, 50 every single one day. Don't send on Saturdays, don't send on Sundays, and let's get it in the inboxes at the right times. So I say, Okay, right times. Statistics tells me that the best time to send emails is between 7 and 12. So let's roll it out between those couple of hours. Now, what this is going to do is drop in 50 emails at exactly 7.30 AM. Click like that. That's not what a human does. A human doesn't send 50 emails in one hit. That's what I used to do. I used to do 50 emails a day between these hours. And then I was looking at the logs and I was like, as soon as it hits 7.30, 50 emails would send. I was.

Like, not.

Quite cool. What about if we did it like this? What if we said 10 emails every hour between 7 30 and 1230? Now I've got a much more human looking system. Send 10 emails an hour every hour between 7 30 and 12 30, five days a week. That is 50 emails a day. Now, I could wind that up. We teach don't send any more than 50 emails a day because I know you guys because I do it myself. I know you guys, you're not going to listen to me. You're going to be like, Walt's not watching. I can send 100. So if you want to send 100, cool, do it. But wind it out from 7 30 to 5 30. Send 10 an hour every hour for 10 hours. Again, guys, you know you need to be compliant with your emails and all that stuff, but try and spread it out over a period of time. So that's that answer, Peter. Exactly the reason why we didn't put a trigger on those automations for that exact reason. Make sure you spread those emails out.

Cool. Thanks.


The other question relates to the packages on the white label suite. I've created a package there. However, I cannot edit it for Australian dollars. I went into my Stripe account and tried to edit it from there, and it doesn't edit there either. That's a problem for me. Is there any way around that?

Not at the moment. We're working on it. The new licensing system that is the packages, et cetera, is US dollars only. And it's about, Ebony, I think, 10 days old, our licensing system before it was all manual. So you guys are coming at a good time. They were confused because of me. It's a new one. It is brand new. But the answer is at the moment it's US dollars only. I apologize for that. We are working on a better payment system which will allow a little bit more flexibility. It's not ready yet and I think it's probably going to be a couple of weeks before it's done. But at the moment it's US dollars only.

Okay, no worries. I'll just have to manually do it and hope that the customer pays the account.

Right. Yeah. You can also do the manual transactions and hope that's what we're trying to get away from. But yeah, US dollars only at the moment. Apologies, but we will have the answer as soon as we can for you.

All right, cool.

Thanks so much for that. Well, no worries, man. Great to see.

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