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Let me do that one as well. What's going on for you?

I got a quick question here. I hate to ask it because I'm sure you ask all the time. But the niche question, niche, niche, niche, I read it. So I think my problem is I don't want you to come ask me, what's the best niche? Because obviously then you're not going to answer that.

Your audio is cutting in and out, man. So okay, I'm getting the niche question, but it's just something I don't know whether it's my connection or...

Let's try one. Is this a little better?

Yeah, I think so. Let's see how we go. So the niche question I hate to ask it.

Let me know if I'm cutting out too, because I can always do the dial in because the WiFi might not be the best here. But hate to ask niche questions. So pretty much I think the issue is that I've been reaching out to web design companies. I've got them on board. I got one, and I'm not seeing the greatest results. I think part of it is fixing those results. And then the analysis process of the niche of should I really be doing this one? Is it good? I think I'm just looking into it too much and seeing that there's always problems with everything and just realizing that there's no perfect niche. But every time I look into a niche, I feel like there's more of the problems and there are advantages. So I end up being this stalemate of not doing anything, which I know is not productive at all. So I really just need to focus on one and figure that out. And I guess the question really is, is there any other way to think about it besides... I'm not even sure how to frame the question, but it's more like, I know I need to pick a niche, but at the same time, I'm stuck in this analysis paralysis of I see so many negatives versus the positives of one or the other, but.

It's keeping me.

At a stalemate of what to pick. So how do you think about it? How did you go about...

Go wide, bro. So when you're first getting started, it's taking any job you can get. It's like every client that comes through the doors is a valuable one. So you did your outreach, you got one web designer that said yes, you've got them on board. Have you got another couple that you're still talking to, or is that still in the works?

Yeah, it's still in the works. I think what's also holding me back is the results that I'm getting for him is that part of me, I think the back of my mind is I'm a little nervous to reach out to more because I'm not sure if I can actually fulfill on it. I don't know if we want to dive into that first.

Yeah, definitely want to dive into that because that makes all the difference in the world. So with the one web design client that you've got, what campaign are you running for them?

So the facts and everything on that is we just finished the warm up period. So we've gotten through that. So I know it's still pretty early, but we are getting good deliverability around 91 on the first email, about 91 to 96 % deliverability. About in the 20s for open rates and about 5 % to 7 % click rates. So I know they're clicking, but I think where I'm losing them is on the actual landing page itself.

That sounds like it. So let's look at those numbers as you scale up this for the client. So first of all, managing expectations, making sure letting them know, great, we're through that warm up phase where we can really start to ramp it up now. But let's look at those numbers in terms of scale. So if we're delivering 1,000 minimum emails for the client, if they're getting 20 % open, that means 200 people in the month are going to open that email. If we're getting 5 % clicks, that means we've got 50 people that have actually clicked through to the website. So then what we need to establish is, just purely from your sales call with the client, do you know their average customer value? Like, can you say if they get a client, it's worth X to them?

About $2,000.

It's $2,000. Okay, I'll come back to that. So it's $2,000. From 50 clicks, we need to be bringing in at least a couple of clients, two or three, to make it a valuable proposition for them. Okay. So from 50 clicks at the moment, now, what results are you getting on the page? What's the actual landing page? What's the offer? Do you want to share it? You're more than welcome to.

Yeah. Let me share my screen. All right. I went very split with the actual funnel page. So it's pretty much click here for more information thing. And then this is what is shown going on. Okay. So it's pretty much it's just very simple. It's got the calendar booking on here, turn your outdated website into a generating machine, customer testimonials, and then just a little bit of credibility. They're Google reviews, dude. They've been in business for a while. They're a Wix partner.

So are you just targeting accounting firms for this client? Correct. Okay.

So what we figured was, what we talked about was that firms, they work with other business. So he wants to try and get accounting firms through their website and then use those accounting firms and say, hey, we do this. They can refer them out to their clients.

One of our clients, I know, Paul Warren does specifically the same thing with accounting people and web design. So interesting. So can you just scroll back up to the headline? I can't quite see it. Just scroll just up a little bit more. Turn your outdated accounting website into a client generating system. Okay. What I would suggest doing is running a split test in the funnel itself. Turn your outdated accounting website into a client generating system. Again, everything depends on the data, right? But I would run a split test for your client on this particular page, and I would split test the headline that said something like, Can you invest 15 minutes to double your... Can you invest 15 minutes to double your website? Traffic?

Not traffic. Conversion. Conversion?

Yes. Something along that line. Can you invest 15 minutes to double the new clients from your website? And then almost this headline as a sub heading, it'd be like, Turn Your outdated Accounting website into a client generating system. Follow our client generating system to improve your accounting website. Split test the page. So what we're asking an accountant firm to do is to invest 15 minutes at a time. Or each time slot is 30 minutes?

I could tell whatever we think. These are 30 minutes, but I could tell 15 minutes.

No, I'm just trying to think, 15 minutes is probably not a bad thing, but still make it every half an hour on the availability. Again, I'm just thinking, what's a low barrier of entry? The other thing I would put here, right above that book of free consultation button, would be one of those testimonials. So pick the best one and put that there right where they can see it. Something that working with Next Wave completely changed our business or something like that. That would be probably the biggest reason for an accounting firm to book is they would see that value. Again, I would split test it. Just turn your outdated accounting website into a client generating system. And I would maybe even... Again, I want to run a million split tests, but I would test maybe one more variation, Ethan, and I would say something like, let us turn your outdated accounting website. So rather than turn your, which means I have to do the work, let us turn your outdated accounting website into a client generating system. Even if you only want to run the two split tests with one, give us the 15 minutes and one, let us turn your, I think you'll do better.

So we're talking about five %...

So with split tests, even simple little word tweaks are enough to be considered a split test?

Yes. Okay.

So long.

As you're getting enough traffic to it. If you can run a split test and you've got 100 people coming to that site and 50 each visit those split tests, you'll know whether one is outperforming the other. That's about the minimum, about 50 people going through. So you can get an idea. Of the five % clicks that you've had, how many have you had book in? I'm guessing zero.

Zero. We had two replies. One just said maybe, and then one said he sent some examples.


The websites.

You've created. Those two answers sound impressive. So your client has invested whatever it is, 2, 3, 4 hundred bucks, and has got two people that have said, one said maybe, and one said, send me some examples. It's not bad actually, considering the fact that the first month is your startup and getting everything running there. So really, it's not actually a bad thing. One of the things that we know is a struggle is that clients don't follow up their leads. And this is constantly shocking to most people is that they want a client to fall into the lap. I want a client to go all the way through my system. I want them to qualify themselves. I want them to put down a deposit and turn up in my calendar and want me to spend money. There's a little bit of a need to manage that as well and just literally talk about the fact that from those clicks, show them on an opportunity board. Our primary goal is making sure that they love you. So how do we get them to love you? We get them to love you by seeing that you're doing a lot of work for them and that you're putting a lot of opportunity in front of them.

So on more, again, protecting your income, make sure that you're delivering to them a weekly report. And I know that this is a pain in the butt, but if you get just a template that goes out that says, Hi, John, whatever his name is, Hi, client's name. This week, we've installed the split test. We've run these campaigns. We've put these leads. This amount of leads through. We've had 63 people click to the website. We've had specifically seven people send us a message or whatever it is, and then show him a visual of the opportunity board. So literally, you can see that there is 23 people that have clicked because, again, think about the business owner. They're not going to be going into that checking every day. Where are we up to? What's happening with that campaign? They're just not. They're just going to expect it to happen. So protect your own income by putting your results in front of them on a weekly basis. And in terms of the clicks, like 5 % click rate is actually pretty reasonable. It's good. So if you can put something in place that follows up those clicks, and even if it's something as simple as a voice message that goes out from the owner of Next Wave, that when they click, three, four, five minutes later, it sends an auto voice drop.

Again, this is something that you're putting in front of the clients and will increase their results. So it can be something like, Hey, thanks so much. It's Brian from Next Wave here. Thanks so much for checking out the offer to turn your accounting website into a cash generating machine. We'd love to see if we can help you get more clients, that stuff. Please click through or make sure you book into my calendar or something like that. Do that little follow up as well from the clicks. It's too much to ask that I get a web design firm to call the clicks, but if you're getting somebody to call the clicks, you'll get those results. But okay, so let's wind this back. Let's do a split test first just to see. It sounds like you're actually 20 % open. Great. Again, tweak your subject lines. Use the split testing in high level to tweak those subject lines a little bit. See if you can bump that 20 to 30. Great. Then let's make sure we've got a follow up. Make sure we've got a system in place to follow up the people that click. Even if it's designing another campaign that starts with that voice drop, sends another email that says, in case you missed it, I noticed that you checked out our special offer for accounting firms and didn't book in.

I just wanted to acknowledge, I know you're busy, but here's my calendar link, and this 15 minutes might be the most valuable time you spend thing. Like somebody that's clicked and hasn't booked in is a really good opportunity to send that follow up to. So put that in place and yeah, turn up the dial, see how you go. So then in terms of what do you do from a niche perspective? What I would genuinely do is to...

I don't want to catch up, but I think that's the reason that I started with the niche question was because... I think we talked about this a little while ago that it is hard for websites because websites are such a... Everyone's getting emailed the website. So I figured, I don't know if this is the best one to stick in because it's a hard sell to get someone to buy a website through it. And I know there's the split testing and everything I could do for it. But is there, I don't say, easier niche that I should be getting into that's not going to have these issues of it's hard customers. And also $2,000, I can't really charge a lot because it's not a very high lifetime value either.

That's why I said I was going to come back to that as well. So all of that being said, and specifically with this niche, you know as well as I do that of all of the cold emails that we get, probably the number one is a website redesign. It's somebody, a billion companies throughout the world in every country are sending out email saying, We do website designs for 95 or whatever. It's probably the one that's the toughest. But it's also lucrative enough that people are making good money from it. The challenge is you've got a client that's paying you. Amazing. They've got a low ticket, so they need multiple sales per month to justify it. Here's what I would suggest you do. Literally use this as your own client generating machine. Do these steps that I just mentioned. And then if I were you, I would put together a little video of what you've done. I would literally say, This is us working on one of the toughest niches in the world, website design. These are some of the things that we did for the client. We put up a split test of the page and literally show a little statistic with it.

You don't need to show the actual page, but just show this is a split test. We created a lead generation campaign, and here's the automation of the emails that we sent out. Then we used our lead generation software to bring people in. And then I would just show the statistics. I would just say, from our first month, we're getting a 20 % open rate and a 5 % click rate. That means that we're driving clients to this web design business. Keep in touch. We'll keep in touch with them and let you know our results. Now, that video of your process of what you're actually doing for that client, when you start posting that and you start bringing people to that, this is the process that we went for for XYZ for Next Wave Web design. People see that you're working hard, and that's one of the big things is that what am I paying money for? I'm paying money for Ethan to be working hard. Look at the process that he goes through. Again, if I were you, I would use this experience to build your next campaign as well, like showing people what you do.

And then in terms of doing that for a niche...

Because I did create, and that's what I was, the VSL was creating, and I think John Loder talked about it, and that's what made me get into it was, we have a client generating, we have a tool to find your ideal client and a method to actually turn them into an ideal paying client. My whole thing was that instead of just the tool, it's a tool with the system of actually being able to convert them in a method to do that. And then that's all that's done. I've created the video, I've created a little PowerPoint thing, a little training, but now it's who do I send that to? And that's why I'm like, do I waste my searches? Not waste them, but do I spend my searches on web design companies when they may not be the best niche? Because it might be a little bit hard to get them results. Or should I go for something else that's more B2B?

How many leads have you run through the system specifically for web designers that you've got in your database right now? Say that again. Roughly, have you brought in 1,000? Have you brought in 2,000? How many have you got there?

I would say about 500 to 1,000, somewhere around there. that we're doing.

Cool. So what you can do is recycle those back through another run. So now that you've got a client in that space, you can actually use that and use that video that I just mentioned, what we've done for Next Wave. And just send out, this is our process and we'd love to help you as well. So in other words, you can continue to use those searches that you've already done and send them another email like it's been a few weeks since we first sent that first one out. Send another email with the process and another campaign for three or four days. And you can actually do that, put that on a loop. Every 45 days put them back through that loop. So you're actually seeing if you can milk that existing search group. And then at the same time, look around. So in terms of the niche question, and sorry, guys, hey, Aden, great to see you. Isaac, Dylan and Voltaire, great to see you guys. In terms of the niche, use what you've got. Fantastic. Just keep digging into that. But I think you've actually highlighted a couple of really key points as to why it might be a good idea to look at additional niches as well.

I would never say to somebody, don't do that niche, but look at additional niches as well. When we look around, tapping into what works, we start to see what we can do for other people. There's been a big swell in the last few weeks for us that we've seen in terms of people running insurance, people running financial stuff, people in a legal space coming in and doing commercial legal protection, that gear. Business coaches, obviously, is a massive one. But if you look around you, any of the social circles or groups that you get involved with, there are ones that there's just plenty of them, and there's ways of reaching them. Again, following the Alex Hermozi thing, commercial electricians, commercial air conditioning, commercial HVAC, commercial that stuff. Now that you've got that framework to run down those additional niches won't be that hard. I would suggest accountants as well. A campaign directed towards accountants, not a bad one because they have B2B. They're looking for B2B clients as well. So I guess my wrapping all of that up, I would say.

You're talking great. I was thinking the...

Go for it.

Yeah, I was thinking about the financial sector and the business coaches and everything, and then I could understand how I would get them. But then I think it's the next step of what their campaign would be to send out is what trips me up sometimes. I know there's real estate agents all over the place, but there really may more B2C. I know you guys have an angle on that, but it'd still be a little bit tricky to do that.

And again, I would definitely see the accountants. I would focus on the commercial, like the commercial real estate agents. And again, you don't need 10 million 10,000 of them, Ethan, you need 20. And there's commercial real estate agents, again, the value of the deal. The trouble that you're looking at already with web designers is that they've got a $2,000 spend. And it's sure, we can maybe get a client a month or two clients a month, maybe. But if you're talking to a commercial real estate agent, for example, and they're picking up a $50,000 commission on an office building sale or something like that, you need one a year. And you can go into that client with that expectation that I'm going to work for you for the next 12 months to bring in clients every month to fill your funnel and to go down that path. So I love what you've built for the web designers. I think that's amazing. And again, keep that running is my thought because you've already got that workload, but use the work that you've done for Next Wave to generate the next one. And in terms of getting the results, really and genuinely, I think you're close.

And it does. So you've proven the point that you're getting opened. You've proven the point that you're getting clicks. It's the offer. It's the offer that is super important for that client. So for the web designer themselves, what is the offer? Because like I said before, we all get a million revamp your website for $295 emails all day, every day. We get those coming through our inbox. What makes this particular web design company different from any other web design company? Why would someone listen to that spiel, that pitch? And again, no matter which... Guy, I'm talking to everybody as we do this. No matter which niche we go into, it's always going to be the offer that is, is it good enough? It can't just be get a new website. It has to be something unique, something special. What I saw on that page, the turn your accounting website into a client generating machine. Not bad at all because it's specific to a niche, it's specific to a problem. And with a few tweaks, I think you'd do pretty well. But for your long term income, working with your client to firm up their offer is always going to be the thing that makes or breaks any campaign, whether it's a Facebook ads campaign, a Google ads campaign, or a cold email campaign.

Like making sure their offer just jumps out of the page. It's got to be so good that they can't say no to it. And in fact, talk to Next Wave about that. What is going to make that offer so good that people can't say no to it? And that could be client history. That could be a whole bunch of different things. But I'll jump into next questions, man. But hopefully, is that a little bit helpful? I think you've done a great job. Let's just build on that a little bit and see where we go. In terms of the niches, look at other things around you. And again, my suggestion is give it a test, give it a run.


Good. Thanks, though. All right, I'm just going to pop you a little message here as well, dude, because something I just thought of, but I will... Where's my chat box? Do I have a chat box? I don't even have one. Yeah, you do.

I've been sending you messages.

Hey, how cool is that? Ebony's been sending me messages. Okay, thank you. I haven't been monitoring that chat, so I'm just going to send you a little message here, Ethan. Hey, Ebony.

Hey, Chris. It's fancy to see you here. Yeah.

Nice new office.

I see that there's some natural sunlight. You see it's coming.

From here, so it's.

Hitting me on my good side. I didn't know that you had a bad side. Ethan, I just sent that to you. Hopefully, that's good.

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