Running podcasts to attract your ideal clients

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Done. So it was a couple of years ago that I actually had some free time. And as a business owner, who the hell's got free time? Like, what what kind of magic lottery is this? But it was fun. I thought to myself, how can I how can I bring in more clients? How can I have some fun while I do it? And we created a podcast series. And my my trick, which has turned into something amazing, my trick was interviewing my ideal prospects, interviewing the people that were so I actually created an entire podcast series talking to digital Marketing agency owners. We did 150 episodes and the it was incredible. I I was able to reach Fortune 500 CEOs, we had retired army generals on the court, we had NASA astronauts, and we did an entire, I think, 40 episodes of that series specifically talking to digital Marketing agency owners. And what was amazing was this. My criteria was they had to be at the top of the game, they had to be well recognised, they had to be somebody, they had to have a following of their own. And I would reach out to them.
They are my ideal client. Now, I was not pitching them. My reach out to them was, hey, we run a podcast specifically for high end agency owners. Your names come up, I'd love to interview you for 25 to 30 minutes if you got an opportunity to come on the podcast and just talk about yourself. Right? 99.9% yes rate. Which was just spectacular. And I'm talking Fortune 500 CEOs and NASA astronauts. 99% yes rate. I was reaching out to my ideal prospect and interviewing them. And again, Steve, this is a real easy trap to fall into, to spend hours and hours doing it's important to have everything else in place already. But what was really fun was I was able to choose who I spoke to. So it was great. What do I want to learn? I want to learn about Facebook ads. Amazing. Who's the best digital agency Facebook ads owner on the planet? That guy. Cool. Hey, that guy. Come and chat to our audience about your genius level. So that guy gets on the phone and we talk about Facebook ads or we talk about whatever it might be. And a funny thing happens at the end, right at the end.
It's like, oh, thanks so much, Justin was the guy's name. Thanks so much, Justin. Wow. What an incredible podcast this was after the recordings turned off, that's going to really hit our audience, man. I'm so grateful for it. And, you know, we're obviously over here helping digital agencies do their thing, and that was great. And Justin would say, what's your business? We do this, this and this. So we did 40 episodes with our ideal client, all right? And 30 of them turned into a client. Send me a link.
So so your podcast had an overarching theme so that's what you promoted out there, for people to watch the top dogs in the field. That's what your focus was.
So now my audience, the growth of my audience is my ideal client. And the people that are on my call are the top tier of that ideal client. And there was something which I coined the term the Ego Effect, which I thought was really fascinating. So after the interview was done, I've got amazing contact. I've got a connection with the top dog, and I've now got an in with that particular company who's one of my dream clients. And something really interesting happened because a couple of weeks afterwards, when the episode was ready to air and I sent the episode out to my ideal client, guess what they did? Posted it on their socials. And now I got what I called the ego effect. I got them hitting their 10,000 followers with a drop of the podcast that has my branding all over it and a call to action. It was so amazing. It was so much fun.
Why aren't you in Fiji now?
I'm having the best time in my life. I just came back from two months in Europe.
I know I'm with you.
I'm working with some incredible people, having a look at our market right now, at our audience. Inside of the white label suite group, there's 700 and something top level agency owners in that group right now. And we're chatting to GHL, we're chatting to the people that are there. We're having the time of our life. So it's why and I and Fiji right now because my home is nicer. Nice as it was funny, there's always people that walt to that want to, I guess, give you a little spear in the side. So this is again five, six, eight years ago, something like that. We were running a different type of business. We had a software company, but it was in a different space. And one of my emails was talking about, use this tool to make yourself some money. Create wealth for yourself, create some success. It's always been the mindset that I've always had. And this guy, he must have Internet stalked me somehow. He sent me a picture of my like a Google Maps picture of the top of my home, which was a place in Melbourne. And his note to me was, oh, yeah, if this works so well, why are you living on a half a block in a suburban street in Melbourne?
And this was my address. And cool, man, I replied to him and I said, yeah, absolutely. This is a half a block in one of the most expensive suburbs in Melbourne that we own fully without a mortgage. It's one of six properties that I own. How's your property portfolio doing?
Yeah, we got one of those little flight emails that we sent out. Yeah, one of these emails that we send out to get for our client. We said, do you want to sit down with a $10 million annuity guy every year? And he goes, I do 4 million. Why would I want to talk to a 10 million okay, fine. Next.
Really? Seriously? Like, that's interesting, because you talk to the 10 million guy and go, do you want to talk to the 4 million guys, guy? Dude, absolutely. Sign him up. I want to listen to that guy. I love Jim Ron and Jim Rowan often talks about learn from your wins and learn from your losses. And then he said, learn from the winners. Learn from the losers. Learn from the successes. Learn from the failures. He said, put a guy on the stage that stuffed up every single thing in his life. There's John. He's completely ruined his life. And he's going to give a talk on Wednesday at 08:00 P.m. About how he's ruined his life and the things that happened that ruined his life. Jim Rowan is like, I'm there with my notepad going, john.
Wasn'T that mistake. Exactly.
Just keep Chris in the mouth. I love it. Guys, thank you so much for joining me. Aaron, we didn't get to say hi. I hope you're doing well. God, we hope you're doing okay as well if you're here with us. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and learn to come and listen, to come and be part of our community. We appreciate it. We're heading into the weekend. We've got new timetable we've got new timetables for our onboarding calls next week, so they'll be going out to everybody. But of course, we are live and loud every day for question and answers and we're always here to help you guys. So anything you need, ask and let us know what we can do. Thanks so much for jumping in, everyone. Have a great weekend ahead and look forward to chatting to you all real soon. Thanks, guys. Cheers.

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