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We'll go with Steve. Steve, hand up. Tell us, man, what's going on?

So first question, you've got two questions. First one paid for an additional 1000 leads. The subscription is not going again yet. I kind of expected them to appear in the account. I don't know how do I get them to call. So then it's an additional thousand.

It's an additional thousand. Give me 1 second. So did you upgrade from the 1000 to the 2000 or did you just buy another thousand?

I just bought another 1000, yeah, because I bought the first 1000 and I've been playing around with it, testing it, using it, and I kind of used it just kind of obviously going to through different a few different niches as well. Right. So I burnt through them quite quick and I said, I need another thousand to obviously generate leads and to demonstrate leads.


So I'm not sure how to they.

Are in your account now. I've just done that. But the cheapest way for you to do it is actually just hit us up and actually I can just drop into support desk is my short answer. Drop into support desk, we'll send you a link where you can upgrade your account. Go from the thousand to the 2000, you'll save money. So on 1000, it's going to cost you 150 a month. So if you have two 1000, it's going to cost you 300 a month. But if you upgrade to the 2000 plan, it's only going to be 250 a month. So just drop in. So I've added those to your account right now. They're in, they're there. But just drop into support and just let them know that you'd like to upgrade. We'll just send you a link and you just choose the plan you want. It will save you money.

Perfect. Second question. I watch one of your videos again and it just really hit home talking about how you're taking the lead through the process of what we plan on using for them.


So when you kind of say you call someone, you open an email regarding blah, blah, blah, and you're showing them the system and they kind of said, you know, it works, because we're literally having this conversation because of Chris system. And I think that is not really not relying that much on sales because it's just logic. There's nothing to convince. It's just showing them the facts of that it works. And for me, it was like, just made such an easy sell.

I'd love to take credit for it, but it's an idea that I got from a guy that was doing prospecting for me on LinkedIn. He used that line. It was just literally, if you'd like, proof that it works, I'm talking to you right now and you're my ideal prospect. I went, I'm stealing it.

How could someone not see the value in that? Because absolutely, I found I spoke to a number of people explained things to them, showed them and tried to focus more on the benefits. And I just get crickets like, okay. And I think it's just not at home, it hasn't landed. So I thought that'd be really interesting.

Is that in a one to one environment, Steve, are you getting crickets when you're actually talking to people or are you getting crickets in a follow up.

Sequence in a one to one to one question? So I just want to talk about referral side of things just regarding the property management stuff. And I thought, would it make sense for me to work more on that? So I build up my own newsletter regarding property, speaking to lots of different people within property to basically go, essentially I'm helping people in property build their own networks.

But yes. But yes. But yes, it will help you massively because you will get that following and you'll get no one in that space. And if you've got 50 people that opt into that, there's 50 people that know you and getting your information. Yes, but don't do it yourself. Right? Get yourself for $50 a VA and this is your instruction to them. Here's the three points for the month. Create the newsletter, please, and send it out. Like, do not do it yourself because I tell you what, you will lose. And again, this was the same advice I gave to Becky. She has staff. Don't do it yourself. You will lose hours of productive time. Your time is best spent on the phone. Getting a yes. Getting a no does not matter. Your time is best spent on the phone. It's real easy for us as entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs that work solo. It's real easy for all of us to get buried in work and be completely busy and create an amazing LinkedIn article that took me two days to craft it out and research and do all that kind of stuff and feel like I've done an amazing piece of work.

And what I should have been doing is just speaking to one person. I just needed to make one more phone call. The money in your bank account will be reflected by the amount of people you speak to on a daily basis. So yes, the answer is 100% yes. Should I do a podcast? Absolutely. Should I have a YouTube channel? Definitely. Should I put together a monthly newsletter? Yes. In fact, of all of those three things, that's the easiest one to do. And that means it's the bait in the trap of getting stuck into doing content work when you should be talking to people. What you need to do is get yourself an assistant. That their only job. Like, if you're just doing it as a hey, once a month, I just need my newsletter done. Here's the points for the month. Here's the formatting. Go and make it happen. That is a 32nd flick and a creation of an amazing process. And you can get back on the phone. Should you do a podcast? Yes. Should you do a YouTube? All of that takes time, effort, work, whatever. The most valuable time you can spend is talking to people.

So, yeah, get somebody else to help you. We've recommended level nine a lot in the last week. Justin was on here before level nine VAS. Joe Rare, who's the owner over there. Joe specifically trains the VAS in GHL. So you can have your VAS do an absolutely anything you like. And one of the things that I talked to Joe about was actually creating a three to six month roadmap. When I first got a VA, I was actually snowed under with work, so my task list was very easy to dictate. Please do this, this and this for me, because I just can't possibly get it done myself. And it was great because they did what I asked them to do. But after that initial dump of, oh, my God, I'm so snowed under, I don't know what to do, then it was like, what should I get my VA to do? And it's actually a trap of business owners because we all go, Cool. Everybody tells me we need a VA. What should I be getting them to do? And it's actually like having to think about it. Whereas if you can say, okay, every single day, I want you to run my lead search, put them into my email campaign, monitor my conversations, answer anybody on my Facebook page that's there for me, create and craft my monthly newsletter.

And these are just things off the top of my head that you can get somebody else to be doing which frees you up to be on the phone. Your time is best spent on the phone talking to a prospect. Level nine are great. The guys over there are amazing. Yes is the answer and yes is also the trap. Hopefully that helps you avoid it.

Okay. Appreciate that. Thank you very much.

You're welcome. You're welcome, guys. Anyone tapping? We'll finish up real soon, but did anybody tap into our Masterclass this week talking about podcasts?

I did, but because of the storm that we got, it broke down halfway through it because I lost power. But yeah, I want to go see back.

We've got that in the Masterclass, I think in the vault. I think it's added already. That was actually a big thing for me. This is years ago. My business was going well, and I was fortunate enough to have an amazing team and actually just click on the stop button here and restart.

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