Plugging holes in your funnel and integrating postcards

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Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I was talking to talking to someone yesterday. We were doing a training session and we were talking about specifically fixing the holes in the pipe. Right. So. Hey, Aaron. Great, by the way, and Justin. Hey, good to see you, man. So fixing the holes in the pipe. So we've got we've got great open rates. Amazing. Cool. Everything's good on the subject line. We're getting great click rates. Well done. The email is written well, they get to the page. We are having a lot of people opt in for our free download. Fantastic. Congratulations. Your page is well written, but nobody's booking into the calendar. AHA, that's where the hole in the pipe is. I grew up on a farm out in Country, Australia, and we used to have a windmill way out into the middle of nowhere, down 200ft to find water, and then it would bring the water up and pump it through a pipeline that was miles long back to a tank and whatever. It was a long, long process, and so many days in my childhood was spent trying to find, okay, so the water is not coming into the tank.

All right, end result. My leads are not booking into my calendar. My tank is not filling up. Okay, cool. Then let's start that long winded process of backtracking all the way, because I need to follow the pipeline through all of those miles to find where the gap is. I could go to the windmill. I could go to the source, the lead tool, and I can see that the leads are there. I can see the waters coming up. So somewhere between that and that, there's a hole, and it's literally about finding where that hole is. And again, so many days from my childhood was spent looking through miles and miles of countryside to find one tiny little wet patch of soil and going, AHA, there it is. I need to dig here. I need to cut this section of pipeline out and replace it with a brand new section of pipeline and carry on with my day. Right? So when we're talking about leads in that same track, it's important to look where the wet patches are. Where are people leaving my funnel? Because that's where we can start to plug the gaps. So we'll talk about that, and then I'll talk about the multiplier effect.

And Steve, I can see the hand up there, so thank you. I'll jump to that in just a second. So first things first. Where are people leaving my funnel? We can say, okay, great click rates. Amazing. Great open rates. They're opting in to get my free download, but they're not actually booking into my calendar. That's our wet patch of soil that I need to dig into to find out what's going on. Now we look and say, okay, what message are they getting at that point in time? Why are they not converting. Maybe I just need to change the wording or I need to be a bit more personal. Or should I put a voice drop in at this point? Or should I change my offer? Is my approach not am I not following them up regularly enough? There might be a billion different things, but that's where the issue is. So slowly we can start to look at why is that issue? Is the page loading slowly? So people go to click on the calendar and it's taking forever. That could be something. So what we need to do is, first of all, go through the process ourselves.

Click on the calendar, does it load? Can I book it? This person yesterday, they were struggling with, I've got webinars, people are watching my webinar. They're clicking from the webinar. Where are my sales? And we said, let's go through the process. So click from the webinar. Got to the link, there was another click which opened their payment thing. And when I clicked on it, the Stripe payment page hung and hung and hung and hung. It just didn't refresh. They were opening their payment in an iframe, it turned out. And Stripe wasn't liking the fact that it wasn't an iframe. As soon as we put that to open in a new window, it was instant and we got sales within ten minutes. It was amazing. So first point of troubleshooting, go through the process yourself. Is there something physically obvious? The page doesn't load when I hit the submit button. Is there something fundamentally obvious there? Right.

Yeah, I caught that earlier in the week. Exactly. Right. And the calendar would not connect to my calendar and it didn't go anywhere, so it got lost. But I fixed that. So I think where I'm at now is it needs to be more personal.


And I'm going to make a video saying, hey, I sent you this stuff out. Just want to reach out. This is us, we're real, blah, blah, blah.

So look into I've mentioned this tool before. It's a tool called Dupley, but there's another one which is very well known in the GHL space. Something images, rocket images or something like that. I'll come back to it. But personable, what it allows you to do is put a personalised message on an image. And example, take a photo of yourself wrong holding a blank piece of paper like this, right? And you can use these tools to put that person's name on the blank piece of paper every time it sends out. And just like you can hold the blank piece of paper that just says, hey, Ron, I'm looking for you. Right? And then the next person that says, hey, John, I'm looking for you. Hey, Mary, I'm looking for you. It's dynamic. Like it's one image that changes every time it sends to the person and it's again just a pattern interrupt. It's like this is not an automated follow up email. This is me holding a sign going, john, I'm looking for you. I can't believe you haven't booked in my calendar, or something like that. Make it more personal. Absolutely. Use the tools within GHL to personalise the page that they're landing on.

So, yeah, definitely. When we find where the leak is now, we need to look at psychological reasons. Is the message turning them off? Is the functionality not working? As you said, calendar is not booked in. When we find a leak, then we can focus in on what's happening. And the great thing is you can track where the water is flowing. They click. Sorry? They open, they click, they opt in. They take an action. They are supposed to take an action and they don't. That's where my leak is. Now let's focus in and see if we can solve that one.

Perfect. Now, technical side of your software, I loaded up about 300 new contacts and about 100 of them had no email. Is that normal? Has that happened?

It's relevant. I mean, we don't find 100% of email addresses.

When you put it into the CRM, when you pushed it over, why would it grab them and push it over? I guess I didn't add that part.

Yeah, sure. Am I still sharing my screen? I'm not sure. Yes, you are. Okay, cool. So you can still see the lead still. So when you've got a set of results here, you can super easily. It looks like I've already sent these ones. Let me grab one I haven't sent, see if I can find a whole bunch here. It's real easy to just simply select so I can see. I've got some with email, some without email, greens and reds all over the place. It's real super easy for me to be in a hurry and go click and send.

No, I know where you're going with that. I picked the green button first and then I picked them all.

Okay. And again, no, it's not probably. Let's take responsibility. It's my fault because again, I can just go green and I can tick them, but what happens is, again, it's 100% my fault. From a tech point of view, it's again, real easy to go select. All right. And then cancel selected 144 results. This actually is selecting all the results, but the second click there is going back to selecting all of them with and without emails. So, again, my fault. Programming, where we've got version two coming out super soon, actually, we had a bit of a play with it yesterday and everybody was like, wow, which means I can read all my training videos, so that's coming through. But it's just going to be a process of making sure that we're only selecting the ones with emails. Stay with you.

No worries.

Yeah. Somebody said to me the other day, and actually not the other day, was yesterday, alex again talking to his insurance agent crew. What he said on the webinar that we were doing, he said, now everybody, these ones with the emails are super valuable. What do we do with the rest? And he is talking to them about integrating with services like the postcard guys, people that are sending out postcards. And even if now you got to be careful because there's an expense. As soon as you get into physical mail, there's an expense. But if you use somebody like I'm trying to remember postmark, post box post. What is it? Postmark. Postmark.
Yeah, but we could do voice drops.
You can definitely do voice drops. I'm just thinking mailbox pro. That's who it is. Mailbox. Mailbox. Here we go. Mailbox Power. That's the one. Mailbox Power. Mailbox Power is giving me a 404 error. So anybody that does web stuff may have a client there. Mailbox Power, let me just pull them up. Is somebody that I've used before to great success. And what they allow you to do is actually to send physical gifts and physical personal gifts links with Zapier or Pabli. So think of it as the flow. What we do is let's go and just put a couple of these things on the screen so you can see some of the choices here. We might say, let's go for Thanksgiving. I don't know. Let's find a category here. Let's just go with insurance. Okay. Postcards. Postcards, postcards, postcards, postcards. Or even getting more and more personal, more and more expensive. You can do whatever you want to do depending on your on your cost per account. But cheque this out, free postcards. Now you can get up to I think it's depending on the level of account that you've got. With Mailbox Power, you can get up to 100 or even 250 postcards for free every month.
So I've sent an email, but I've got these 70 insurance agents that just aren't there you go. I've got 50 with mine that don't have emails. But I want to get their attention. So how about I create a a postcard? It's automatic. So first I send across my so we do my search. I've got 170 with emails. Great. They're going into my campaign. Then I'm going to select the ones without emails, change my tag, just create a tag for mailbox or something like that. And when mailbox tag gets added, it sends it to the Mailbox Power. And the automated process of personalised postcards is going out. Now again, be careful. It's expensive. If you're sending out 1000 postcards and then $0.50 each, hey, you just spent $500. So it's something that you just need to be careful of. But I have a good friend, he is an ex military return service guy. Jim. Jim Tamena. He took me up on this. And his business is videography and video marketing for businesses. And he starts by talking to them about doing a video review or getting video reviews sorted for their businesses. And so he was struggling with getting people to respond.
But what he did was literally took me up on that Mailbox Power thing, ran leads, sent them out to businesses, spent a couple of $100 on postcards. Each postcard had a QR code, and he did the the personalisation. So it's dear John, we put this postcard together for you at Insert Business Name here at Joseph's Butchery. We've got a video review that we'd like to send to you. Please scan this QR code. So the guy gets the postcard, gets his phone, scans it, and it's Jim on the screen going, hey, your business is amazing and I want to tell more people about it. This is what we do. This is how we work. Please click below and we can organise to get video reviews. Now, his business took off, and again, he was having a struggle getting people to respond electronically, but these days, he's got to cut through the noise, right? So he integrated our leads tool with Mailbox Power and automated a physical gift being sent out as part of that leader. Now, again, you got to be willing to have that investment. It's not free, but it does cut through. It's an interesting way to go.
Mailbox, I'll share your time now with others, but if you can remember that rocket whatever with a white Cart label next to you, with a name, whatever that company is.
Yeah, Duplicate is the one that we've got. We got it on a Duplicate. Yeah, we got it on an App Sumo deal. Images, images, images. It will come to me wrong. I think we posted it, but yeah, it's definitely worth it. And Duplicate is the one we got. We got it on an App Sumo deal, which was a one time $79 fee. And damn, man, that's amazing. You might even search go to AppSumo and search for Jubilee, and they might have the deal on again. Actually, I can do that while we're here at Sumi. You've never heard of AppSumo?
I'm an engineer, dude. I don't know this tech stuff.
I'm about to apologise to your bank balance because is a place where you can go and get all kinds of digital deals. They have a database oh, this is a fascinating story. They have a database, I think, of six and a half million as of right now. And they started their business with Cold email. They built up to a million subscribers with cold email only. Noah Kagan is the owner of AppSumo and built up to a million subscribers with Cold email. And now they're valued at, I don't know, $200 million or whatever. But they're a marketplace. They're a marketplace where anybody can go and list their software and they just do great deals. They get typically 10,000 subscribers whenever a deal is done. So and again, let me just do the screen share thing here. I'm on their sites. As I said, I'm about to apologise because you'll spend money here without.
My wife.
It's real easy, but they have sticker meal. Let's Go. There we go. So this was the deal that we got. And it was $79 when we got it. But, you know, you can actually reach out to them and say, hey, guys, I missed the App Sumo deal. Any chance of getting it. And they might just go they might just go. Yeah, man. Here's. Here's a special link. So that was Jubilee Co. As I said, we paid $79 for a lifetime deal, which was amazing, but you could go with let's go. Personnel.
Yeah, I dropped your name to Spanky and he gave me a deal.
Art, the smart, supermachine learning lots and lots of man, this AI image generation is just there's a lot here. But, yeah, personalise the images, personalise the landing pages, all that kind of stuff is a great way to go. So thank you, Ron. And I appreciate you, bro.

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