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This one. So over a couple of weeks, you've been sending emails, which is great. You're focusing on the business coaches niche, which is one that I understand pretty well, and you're, you're sending them out the 23 leads offer, are you? Yes.



Yes, sir.



Okay, cool. Awesome. So, and you're getting around 25, 30% open rates. You're sending them to the 23 leads landing page. What kind of clicks, what kind of responses are you getting right now?



Well, I'm getting, I'm getting like a 25% to 30% open rate, but in terms of clicks, I have not had success in terms of clicks yet.



So when you say you haven't had success, have you had any, have you had one? Have you had two? Have you had zero? I have had a couple, yeah, you're good, bro. By the way, if we're putting you on the spot and you're like, yeah, I'll chat to you guys later, feel free to put us off, man. I understand that we're putting you on the spot.



Yeah, sorry about that. No, I have had a couple, but they're from like,, so I'm not.



Sure if they're legit, but they clicked.






That's amazing.



So they're legit. It's a really good point. People often ask me, should I filter my results and take out all of the support at accounts, at info, at Admin, at kind of emails? And I'm like, you can, but nine times out of ten, those emails actually get read by more than just one person. So, for example, Comet Suite, like with us, with our company, the email address, info, Comet is the one that we sign up for everything with, and the three founders get that email, plus our Ops manager, plus I think a couple of other people as well. So the info at email address, rather than being the one that nobody reads, is actually the one that everybody reads. Now, that's not the case always, right? So sometimes the questions at Blah Blah is kind of just the dumping ground. And people put that on a website so that they don't get annoyed by marketers. But the thing that you're getting clicks. What I want to focus on is that we've talked about this before in other training sessions. The fact that that's a click actually shows that not only somebody got the email, not only that they opened the email, but they actually went through it and were interested enough to click on that link.



So that automatically escalates that person up into a reasonably warm prospect. Right? So it's the click, the action of the click, in my opinion, in this whole kind of outreach mentality that we go for, the click is the pivot point. Like, that's the point where we go from having a cold prospect, dead cold, never heard it from you before, to at least they're interested enough about what you're talking about to click on your message. So that click is super important. So you mentioned 25, 30% open rates. Cool. Awesome. We can obviously tweak up subject lines and that kind of stuff. Tweak up the market itself, click rates, what are we talking? 1%? Less than 1%? One out of.



Yeah, I think around 2%. Let me cheque real quick. Email series or 23 leads for the first email? Yeah, like about 1%.

About 1%, okay, so and give me a number, like, how many emails have you sent in these two weeks?



I'm following you guys' advice in terms of warming up the domain. So the first week was like ten per day and then 20 per day, and then this upcoming week I'm going to do 30 per day.


Amazing. Great stuff, man, well done. This is a really great warming up process and period. Are you getting any replies? Even auto replies you get like in your Conversations tab? Are you getting replies as thanks for sending a message to XYZ Hotel group or whatever? Are you getting any auto responses?



No, I don't think so yet.



Okay, cool. When you do, because you will when you're doing bulk email, you get like the auto response. Your email has been received and will be addressed by our person, whatever. When you get a reply in your Conversations tab, make sure that you engage with that, like literally reply to an auto message.



Make sure you need to say that again because we had this one partner who got a list and it was like reservations booking and all Chris stuff and it was an auto reply. So you saying to reply?



Absolutely, yeah. Reply to those and reply to the abusive ones. Like actually see it as believe me, you're going to get abusive replies. Why are you emailing me? Don't ever contact me again. Right? When you get that, I want you to smile and type something back that just says something like, so sorry to annoy you, I didn't mean to cause any offence and I'll make sure never to email you again. Please confirm that you've got this so that I know it got through to you. Actually, ask them to email you back again. Why? Because when you're warming up an email address, one of the things that the email overlords the Gmail and Hotmail and Yahoo and SMTP recipients and all that kind of stuff, one of the things that they look for is dialogue. It's actually instead of just being a broadcast email address, instead of just sending, we're also receiving and we're also communicating and those replies will warm up your email address almost faster than anything. So every time you get an abusive email, just see if you can, hey, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to cause any offence. I'll make sure I don't email you again.



Can you confirm back to me that this reached you? So they just reply back and say, yes, I got it, stop sending me like, Troy, it's another one. And the auto replies again, just absolutely drop it back. You get that auto reply that says, you've reached reservations at XYZ One of our team members will respond to you in due course or something. Just reply back and say that would be great. Hopefully this reaches the right person. Right.



Let me ask you a question about that.






Does it make a difference if there's a manual reply versus an auto on our end?



An automation, it does not matter.



Okay, so you can set up an automation for that.



You could definitely set up an automation that literally just says, hey, thanks so much for replying, one of our team will be in touch with you shortly. And actually you know what? Pro tip, put an open question at the end of that auto reply. Was there something specific that we could help you with? Again, just invite that reply. And we've talked before about some of the most successful campaigns that we've run in warm ups in the warm up stages, the Who's Your CMO campaign. So we literally ran an email campaign that just said, hi, we're trying to reach the CMO. Could you please let me know who that is? Right. Specifically in that first week, that 10, 20, 30 warm up phase to get people to say, oh, you're trying to reach Keith. His email is blah, blah, blah. Again, it's asking a question that we can get a response from specifically so that we can start that dialogue going on. So you know, making sure that those replies are coming through. So when you do get those auto replies, respond to them and get into it. In terms of the clicks, one of the guys, I can't remember if it was Bryce, someone in the group, who was it?



Bryce man?



Bryson? Maybe it was because he's been a really active person in this last week somebody mentioned that they did the auto voice drops to the clicks.



Oh yes.



That to me is such an awesome thing to do. We always talk about calling the clicks, right? So he was like, if you can call the clicks, you're going to accelerate your income. Call the clicks. And Chris from our leadership team, he kind of introduced this whole concept of calling the clicks. He did $60,000 in sales in two weeks because he called the clicks. And so in the initial email that went out, what he actually said was, blah blah, blah, this is who I am and et cetera, et cetera. David, I'll cover that in just a second. But he's like one of the lines that he put in the email was, I will be giving you a call within the next week. Right. So he actually told the person, I'm going to be calling you. Okay. And so when the call comes through, it's kind of expected.



And you can also say to them, I love that.



You can say to the gatekeeper, oh hi, I'm trying to reach john. He's expecting my call. Right? So calling the clicks again, chris has been the biggest advocate of it. He introduced it to the group Call the Clicks, and it just literally in the email, I'll be giving you a call in the next week. So when you get the click and it drops into the opportunity board and you can actually give him a call and be like, oh, hi James, how are you doing? I promised I'd give you a call. This is me giving you a call. How's business? What can we do together? And James is like, oh man, I literally just read your email. Really? Wow, what a coincidence. It's amazing. Let's have a conversation. But whoever it was in the group, and I'm sorry that I can't pinpoint that name right now, whoever it was in the group that said they added in an automation that did a voice drop, they did six voice drops to the clicks and got a meeting, got an appointment, booked. So they built out the automation that on click, wait a day. And if they haven't booked in, send an automated voicemail, which is an amazing feature within GHL.



And so you just record a 32nd message, make it generic so that it can go to everyone. It's like, hey, it's Walt from Cometsuite, sorry I missed you. I've sent an email through. I'd love to chat to you about generating some leads for you. Please reply to the email and let's organise a time to meet. Right? Nice and generic. Sounds like it's a personal call, but it's not. And it can go out to literally everyone and just gets them to engage with your email message and proof in the pudding, right? Somebody made a booking from those auto voice drops, so I use a good one to set up Call the Clicks, set up an auto voicemail, follow up the clicks, do all that kind of stuff and turn up the dial, man. Just let us know if we can help.



Yeah, for sure. And in terms of the auto replies, I saw one of the white little suite YouTube videos where you guys, I think you set up an automation to deal with auto replies. I think you have two things like you measure or you cheque whether they replied and then send out the second email depending on whether they replied or not. So I just wanted to go over that a little bit.



Yeah, sure, absolutely. And actually hey TJ, great to see you man. It's been a while since I've had Thomas Johnson. Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas Johnson, the world's greatest executive fitness concierge on our call. TJ works in New York. He runs executive wellness concierge services for high level CEO suite people in New York. Dude, it's an honour and a pleasure to have you on the call. I'll come back and jump in and say hey, with you in just a SEC. So let me just do a quick screen share here. So I'm just going to come across to let's dive in. So what you're talking about there AYUSH is actually an automation in the background that if they cheques if they've replied or not. So let me come to this one. I'm not sure if I'm in the right automation here but I just think that this will be the one. Let me just cheque this out outreach there's two reasons why this exists, yeah, so it might be like this one, let me just have a quick scan and see. Wait for a reply, here we go. Okay, yeah, so wait for reply. So the first thing is like we've sent an email and then the next step is wait for a reply and we're like, okay, but you can't wait forever because what if they don't reply?



So after three days, if they haven't replied it's kind of like, okay, go to the next step. So that's what that timeout is all about. So the first thing is like send an email and wait for a reply then cheque for that reply and if they've replied, add them to a different workflow. So you're following them up, if they haven't replied, send a follow up, right? So that's what kind of that split is. But there's something here that in the settings. So this is a marketing campaign, we're sending out emails, we're getting people to reply, we want to kind of engage with them. There's also in the settings area here, you can literally turn this on, which we do anyway stop on response so don't keep sending people if they've replied something then it's time for a human to get involved, right? So stop on response. So the reason this actually exists is because when I'm demoing to a client, this is the step that I want to show them, right? So I actually don't need this. I don't need this at all because I've already got that in the settings stop on reply I could turn the stop off so that the reply will actually put them into another workflow.



The reason this exists is so I can show a client that it can be done. So in terms of me doing my cold email marketing, if somebody replies I'm on the phone to them, I'm like, hey, you replied, how can I help you? What can I do? Let's get that going TJ I'm just seeing the amazing sales machine and all those incredible books behind you dude, no wonder you kicking butt. But the other thing is like cheque your reply when you get to the point of doing a demo, this is one of your massive wins for GHL. I'm going to show you what I do with a client, right? So I'm talking about wait for a reply, cheque for a reply but I do this in a demo so I will say Mr. Customer, you can even then direct the reply based on the intent the AI picks up in the language. Now again, I'm building value in my service here because I can show them that not only cheque for a reply, but is that reply intent is positive or negative. So we're actually using artificial intelligence to interpret the language and then direct the customer based on the intent of their reply.



Okay, so again, this is me impressing a customer, saying I can actually show you that I can set this up in a way that if they tell me to go jump change my religion and never contact me again, I can send them a different message than the one that says, yeah, sure, man, sounds good. Send me your booking link, right? So I can split based on the intent of their not just did they reply, but what did they say in their reply, and I can make that happen. Yeah, so yes, make sure that you can follow up the replies with an auto response 100% and you can also direct which reply they get based on are they being nice or are they not? And you can move them down that path as well. So important point, are you sure?



Yeah, for sure. And also there's like another automation you deal with in terms of the auto generated replies. Some officers have that when you email them, they send an auto reply, we'll get back to you soon or something. And you did an automation dealing with that because sometimes that email could count as a response or reply.



It definitely does, bro, it definitely does. So that's exactly what Ebony just highlighted there as well. It's like send out an auto reply and put an answer on the bottom of it. So again, to keep that dialogue happening with a client, the auto reply can be something like, hey, thanks so much for replying, we make sure that we get back to clients within 24 hours. Was there something specific that we could help you with? Again, get them to respond? We want to make sure if you're doing that though, again, red warning, flashing light. Make sure your automation that is dealing with the auto reply is only set to do it once, right? Because you don't walt your auto reply message to go, hey, thanks so much for emails. Was there something specific we can help you with? And they reply back, yeah, I'm really looking for blah blah blah. And you reply with hey, thanks so much for replying. Is there something specific we can help you? You only want to do that one time, right? So you want to make sure that the automation is set up in such a way that it only does that reply once or it's only going to send that message out once.



So you could build it into the automation to only handle that at one point. David asked a great question in the chat as well, talking about cold email, making sure that's going out, I was told by someone who works with Cold email deliverability not to add any links into Cold emails. Is that accurate? No. So you can definitely 100% add a link. And without question or doubt, there's one link that you need to have in every single email and that's an opt out link. So no matter what, you're going to need to have an opt out. You can do opt outs, like please reply if you'd like to be opted out, or reply with no thanks, which is a good way again to get dialogue. But you need an opt out link. I've tested this, David. I've literally sent millions of Cold emails. There is no deliverability loss with up to three links in an email. After you go over three links, it starts to affect it. But if you've got blah, blah blah campaign blah blah blah information, click here for more information. Thanks so much for reading this email. Click here to opt out.



That's two links. You can go up to three without impacting your deliverability whatsoever. Right.



What about images?



Images? Yeah. So does the inclusion of images impact deliverability? No, not at all. Does the inclusion of attachments affect deliverability? Yes. 100%. So adding an attachment to an email is actually going to hurt you unless it's part of a dialogue and you're not concerned about like you just want to deliver the report, like the free whatever. If somebody said so TJ example has got an opt in. Get your free download of your wellness plan and that kind of stuff. Like it's important to give that to the person. So you're going to either need to give them a link in the email or you're going to need to attach it. In that case, you're not concerned about the deliverability, you're concerned about keeping your promise to the person and making sure they get what they asked for. Right. But if you're doing Cold yeah, just don't, don't put an attachment on you'll. You'll affect it. Don't put any more than three links. And biggest thing that I've ever come across in my entire life is what I covered in that email deliverability. Webinar. Not webinar, YouTube video. And actually I'm going to post that here for you to cheque out as well, TJ, because you jumped in just after I posted it.



But let me post that link again. The biggest thing that I've ever discovered in my entire life for email deliverability, I cover in that video. And it may surprise you. It's about how to avoid the promotions box in your in when you're sending out email. So have a watch. It's twelve minutes. There was a guy that gave a session at a Master class that I was at. He charges $5,000 for the advice that I gave him that I was taking notes like crazy. It's simple, easy, fun to do, especially with chat GPT. I won't spoil the ending. Go and watch the video. And if you do what we say in that video, you're going to end up with a really long email probably in your PS and having that company story and your history and all the kind of stuff that we talk about in the email, like add 2000 words in your PS disclaimer and your email deliverability will massively go up. So I did just ruin the ending, but okay, I'll ruin the ending. It's about the percentage of text that is promotional. So typically as marketers, we go like this, hey John, I saw your website address and I'd really love to help you out with blah blah blah, because I'm a blah, blah, blah person and I'm a specialist in Lalala and I'd really like to talk to you about this.



And we've got a special offer right now where you can get a free such and such if you just do this right. It's all about promotion. And straight away, artificial intelligence is reading the wording of these emails and going, yeah, that's a promo email. I'm going to put you straight into the promotions tab in Gmail. And guess what? It's almost as bad as the spam box. Like, people go into promotions, select all delete, they don't read them or they might scan them at best, right? You need to get out of the promotions box. So one of the advice from three years ago was change the words. Don't use the word free, don't use the word offer, don't use the word discount, don't use the word whatever. And so what you end up with if you follow that advice is this really flat and boring email that just goes like, hey, I'm John and I'm good at what I do. And by right, it doesn't have any personality. Because what we're trying to do is get people to take action. And by very nature of fact, that's promotional. So if artificial intelligence is measuring the percentage of text that is promotional, one way is to change the words and take out the promotional words.



But the other way is to add more words so that the promotional component ends up only being like 1%. And the best example I've ever seen of this, Chris actually sent me. It was the funniest PPS that I've ever seen. So it's like, blah blah, blah, promotion, blah blah, blah, signature PS, thanks for reading and please take action here. PPS. And it started with the whole disclaimer. It was like, PPS. Our legal team have advised us that it's an important fact that we put a disclaimer on the bottom of all our emails. So as much as I don't agree with it, here we go. We recommend that blow. It like a bit of a disclaimer. And then it just like, went into this crazy story we were talking about. If you're still reading this, you're obviously one of those people that just likes to read every single word of every single email and admire you for that. So I want to make it worth your time. Him. And I really admire the fact that Yoda, when he was in Star Wars, was actually giving this advice to Luke. And that just shows that I'm of this particular generation.



And it's just like this whole thing. And every single paragraph was like, what? You're still reading this? Oh my goodness. Okay, well, let's see if we can make this funny. It just went on for paragraphs and the first time I ever saw it, I went, damn, that guy's just he's got some chops being funny. And then I found out that that 2000 words just took it completely out of the promotions box and put me in the inbox every time. It's like, damn, are you serious? That's like the biggest leap in advantage that you could ever possibly have. And now with Chat GPT, I don't know. TJ. Have you seen chat GPT? Yes, I've actually been using it for past two weeks. I love it. I did this one with my friends. I went to a barbecue a couple of days ago and my new friend, my friends just signed up for he's got a Tesla on the way. He's got a Tesla on the way. And he's been an electric car nut for his whole life. And I did a cool thing. It was like, write me a song about his name is Chris as well.



Write me a song about Chris and his love of electric cars and I write this incredible song. So I'd be like, write me a song about my friend TJ and how he can help you get a six pack.



With a hat on.



With a hat on that on. I like that. TJ's the man with the plan. He'll show you how to get that six back. He'll work with you hand in hand to get you on the right track. Because TJ is the one who turned. You never be slumber. Dude, how freaking good is this thing? So you want to write it's amazing, right? You want a copy of the song TJ.



That would be a great promo, isn't it?



This is different. This is definitely an eye catcher. It's amazing, isn't it? I love it. And actually, Chris showed me something the other day as well, which is really cool. But with TJ by your side, you'll get that six pack step by step with TJ. You'll be just fine. I love it, dude. It's amazing. So you want those 2000 words on the bottom of your email just good. Write me paragraph I don't know, hang on 1 second. Write me a paragraph about my fitness plan and how it will help help you live longer. Now that's going to be promotional, but I just want to kind of show you the next bit. Your fitness plans is only helping improve your overall health and longevity by incorporating combination of cardio and strength training exercise. Like that's cool. It's not promotional. Well, we're both crucial for living a long and healthy life cardio exercises such as running with others. So this is cool, right? This is good quality information, but this is what makes me really stunned by chat GPT. So let me just finish up that. So there's the paragraph, but cheque out this next command. Now make it funny.



Your fitness plan is like a party in your pants and everyone's advice with a combination of cardio and strength today, and you'll be able to pump up your heart and muscles like a boss. Imagine your cardio as well as a wild dance party where your heart is the DJ and your lungs are the hype. Man. Dude, how freaking it's different. So you could write that bulk email text without too much effort whatsoever and now say it in the voice of a pirate. Are you ready to set sail on a journey to a fitter, healthier lifestyle? Then you best be reading yourself for me. Fitness plan r like, come on, man. No chatter. GPT is definitely we're talking about email delusion, but just adding that text and those words can can be super helpful. So, yeah, cool. Let me all right, so what we talked about with AYUSH there was so we started this whole conversation with saying do the right things in the background, like make sure all your D marks set up and all that kind of stuff was there. And we talked about calling the clicks, making sure that you're you're taking action on people that are there with you.

We talked about starting a dialogue. We talked about a few things that you can help with that delivery. So we kind of spent a long time on that, but hopefully some helpful stuff there. So let me just.


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