How to create A Great Offer For Real Estate Investors

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We know that the offer that we present is the 20 free leads. But like JT, he's not offering 20 free leads, he's offering muscles. Right. And so let me first ask this, and Kyle, I really hate that I'm putting you on a spot like this, but were you able to figure out what your offer is, who you sell?

I'm going back to the same thing that we were talking about, finding real estate investors. And that's kind of where one question I did have, but I'll ask that in a minute. Basically, real estate investors were booking bot, either multi family or single family investments to be able to take those leads and sell them to high end real estate or realtors, I guess I should say, on it. So that's basically you're getting somebody who's qualified, ready to go, that has the money, all these different things, and then sell them, like I say, to the Realtors, to be able to do it. So that's kind of my out on it.

You are going to try to reach real estate investors that can get, I guess, people who are looking to put their house on the market or try to get rid of their assets. Right.

Basically building their portfolio. So this is for somebody who wants to grow their portfolio of real estate.


And then they'll be targeting Realtors to help them achieve that.

I will be targeting Realtors to get basically take that lead and send it to the realtors. Then the realtors can connect with the real estate investor.

So you're selling the qualified leads to the realtors.


Beautiful. So you're going to market and the thing that you need to fill your books with are real estate investors that are qualified so that you can then sell that lead out to the realtors. And that's where the money is made. Right. So what we've got to do is fill your books with people that are interested in real estate. So what is everybody doing right now? There's a lot of people that are in that same space with a paintbrush. If you could just say blanket. Like, this is the offer that we see on Facebook all day, every day. What is that offer? Because I've seen it. I'm sure you know it.

I'm not sure I've seen a blanket offer, honestly. Most of them are going to wholesalers and that kind of stuff, or wholesalers looking for leads to be able to just and then they don't have buyers. Most of them.

I've seen the ones that are like, download the list of the top ten hottest suburbs in the US. Right now. Right?


Maybe I'm seeing those ads because I've been targeted as a real estate investor. Maybe maybe I'm just seeing them. But that was the that's the one I see everywhere. It's like download the download the list of the top ten hottest suburbs for real estate agents, for real estate investors looking for multifamily homes, right? So anybody that downloads, that obviously a pretty good prospect for you. Now you got to qualify them into their budget and the time frames and all that kind of stuff. But if you can at least get their interest, you're done.

And that right there will be reaching out to those who are booking.

Bot invest. Exactly. But if you're looking to crack any market, again, in my experience, this is only an opinion, but if you're looking to crack any market, the question you got to ask is, what does my ideal client? What are they looking for and what's the conversation they're already having about that in their mind? So, like TJ your clients, what are they looking for? They're looking for a way to improve their lifestyle. They're looking for a way to decrease the stress reduce, be a better leader, all of that kind of stuff. Take control, health. When they've let it slide, we know what they're looking for. What's the conversation they're having in the head at the moment? Man, I'm fat. I don't have time to work out. I put so much my business that I've neglected my health. This conversation is going on in their mind. Right. So what I got taught when I was first starting to get into marketing was, if you can identify what your ideal client wants and what's the conversation they're already having in their head. Right. So, Kyle, I'll put that back on you. I'd say, okay, what do they want?

They want an opportunity. They're looking for an investment that is safe, secure, has the right numbers behind it. They're looking for a place where they can quickly make a decision, get something on their books that's the right buy so we know what they want. What's the conversation that they're already having in their head? All the good properties are already gone. I have to look at 100 properties before one makes sense to me. Jeez, I hope I don't make a wrong decision. How am I going to find tenants for this property? There are things that are part of the conversation that that ideal target market is already having. If we can enter the conversation that they're already having in their head with an offer that presents something that they want, we go a long way to getting those people on our books. Right? So let's think about that. Real estate investors. Real estate investments that don't suck. Safe and Secure, where properties where tenants line up to pay you more than the rent are available. Click here to see if there's any in your suburb. Right?

And then click here to see if there's any. I love that because there's not necessarily a guarantee, right?

It's just click here to see if there are any in your suburb. How do we get that message? So now we know the market. The market are real estate investors that are looking for multifamily homes. So those people could be from middle level management all the way through to high level management, executive level kind of employees or business owners. So we kind of know who our market is. We know the message. So it's a market message medium. We know the market. We know the message. The message is multifamily homes with great returns are available in areas that tenants are lining up for to pay over the rent. Click here to see if there are any. That's the message. Market message medium. Now the medium. How do we get that message in front of the people that we're really trying to reach? Right? So Facebook obviously is one of them. Let's talk about our leads tool in just a second. But Facebook is one of them. LinkedIn is one of them. But those platforms are very interrupted. They're like, nobody goes onto Facebook, wakes up in the morning and goes, I wonder if I hit Facebook if I'll find a property to rent.

They're sitting on the toilet scrolling. And it's mindless, you got to be real on point. I'm not saying that Facebook is bad. In fact, Facebook is probably a great source to get that scroll. If the capture is good enough to stop the scroll and get the click and all of the kind of goodness that goes with Facebook marketing LinkedIn.

One quick thing with Facebook. So Facebook allows you to see to actually discover the ads that have been most popular. So you go to like, I guess ads, Facebook, something to be able to access that actually been positive. Ad library correct.

And you can actually go and see what's working. It'll show you the I'm just trying to find it there. Ad Library Facebook, we've got it built into one of our tools, but I've never browsed to it. Ads, library on Facebook. There it is. So you can actually go in and put in. There we go. So let's do a screen share right now. You can put in a niche. You can put in a competitor. So you can see like if there's ads running, for example. So I might go. Let's go. US. So United States. So let's go in the US. And let's go choose an ad category. All ads is fine. Actually. Housing not bad. And let's go with multifamily investment, right? And let's do that. So New York City off market for multifamily single family investments. La family. Like, there's quite a lot here, right? So let's have a look at if we've got these guys might not be let's just go multi family investments. All right, let's see. Okay, so here we go. We've got some ads that are running. So how do we determine which ones are working best? It doesn't give me much here to say, how do I know that this is a successful ad?

Or if it's not a success, like, you know what, what? It doesn't show me amount of clicks. Like that would be just giving away the secret source. Right. But one way to have a look at it is how long has the ad been running? So this ad has been running since December 2227. We're like a month. Okay, yeah. Maybe. This one's been running 6 October. Interesting, right? This one's been running 6 October, September the 9th. So this ad has been running since September the 9th. Is there a pretty good chance that this ad works? Because you don't leave it running for five months if it's not working. So that's not a bad indicator. All right, so you might come in here and say, okay, this works hard. Money lenders, where do you buy and hold, fix and flip? Like, not bad. If this is working, it's really not a bad deal at all. You can come in here and click now we know that there's 886 likes. Okay, cool. 654 followers. Again, this is not a bad template to start from that you could work with. So, yeah, you can definitely look up your competitors TJ and you can find out what's working.

You can kind of model your ads from that, and then it is literally about that market message medium. So specifically for you, Kyle, we know what they want, we know what they're looking for. We kind of understand the questions they're asking in their head. We could use Facebook. Definitely. We want to make sure we have that message put in front of them. How could we use the ads, like, the leads tool that we've got within White label suite to reach that market? Because the reality is we're B to be right. So we have a B to B tool. And what we're trying to do is reach yeah, we're trying to reach the CEO. We're trying to reach the owner of the company with a real estate investment offer. How am I going to do that? What's our model here? So, first of all, you could use the people search to identify the profiles, and you can get the emails of the CEOs, the marketing managers, the senior executive managers, and you could put them straight into a campaign with a subject line that just said first name. So it'd be like, hey, David, there's an investment I wanted to talk to you about.

All right, get an intrigue going on. And then obviously it's the message, hey, David, multifamily homes that are in areas where people are queuing up and paying more rent are available. There's a potential that we've got some in the areas that are close to you. Is that something that you're interested in? Please click here to find out more. So you could use the people search. That's going to be gold. You're going to nail that. How could we use the industry search to work with that? So number one is what we were talking about with TJ before. Can we can we align with strategic partners? Hey, Silva, great to see you, man. Can we align with strategic partners, could we reach out, could we use the tool to reach out to financial planners, to reach out to accountants, to reach out to realtors, to reach out to anybody else that you can think in that kind of finance space, mortgage lenders, that kind of people. Could we use that to start conversations, buy lunch for the local financial planner, go and have a lunch with an accountant down the road and talk to them about their high net worth clients, that kind of stuff?

Yeah, definitely. So you could use the industry search tool to create strategic relationships with people that are going to feed you the right leads. Absolutely. Do that all day, every day. How else could you do it? The challenge is using a business email address to reach the owner of the company and talk to them about their investments. You're fringing on how do I make this professional and not spare me? How do I get that message to those people? So thinking about the delivery of that and I'm just kind of processing this as I'm talking it through. When we use that industry tool, we've got 1000 email addresses, but those email addresses could be admin at info, at reception. The chances of getting the right person are slim. So I might try and phrase the message in the way from an education point of view. I'm trying to think so like if we get a business name and again, thinking about the industries that we can target. You want to target financial industries, you want to target high net worth where there's already we know that there's money there, so investors and that kind of stuff.

And let's see if there's an education angle you might go along the lines of for the We have opportunities for multifamily homes right now. I'm not sure who to speak to about this in your company, but these investments are something that your CEO may really appreciate. Who should I reach out to about this? And it's going to be a bit of a tricky one to get that interest. But just thinking about how do we word it? We have to word it in such a way that the receptionist says, this is an important email to send to my CEO. So it'd be like, we have an investment that we wanted to talk to actually that's the way we have an investment that we wanted to talk to the team at XYZ Industries about. So insert the company name. We have an investment that we want to talk to the team at XYZ Industries about who would be the best person to contact because a receptionist is not going to want to deal with that. They'll be like, that's out of my pay grade. Forwarded on to the CEO, right? We have an investment. We wanted to talk to the team at XYZ, insert company name here.

Who's the best person to speak to about that? You're going to get a reply that says, oh, you might want to talk to Jim. He's our financial controller. Hey, Jim, Kyle here. I want to talk to you about multifamily home investments, that kind of stuff. So two steps to using our tool. Number one, use the people search. Absolutely. Go for it. Like anybody that you get in that space, target your CEOs, target your C suite, target your high level executive, business owners, investors, that kind of stuff, all day, every day. That's going to be the goldmine for you. Use the industry search to kind of get intrigue and see if you can get to the owner that way. So, yeah, we have an investment we wanted to talk to you about. Is that the representative to speak to, Kyle? Is that helpful? In some ways?

Yeah, absolutely. That gives me a lot to think about. Now, when you said we have an investment or we have investments that we want to talk to you, to the team at XYZ about, is that the subject line or is that in the first one in the email?

Yeah. So again, there's no right answer there. So the right answer that I can give you and that's the one that sucks the most is test the heck out of it. It sucks because I'd love to give you the magic bullet, but I would say, what's the subject line that you want to avoid? The spam traps. So the word investment is probably going to hit the spam traps. So I might go something along the lines of important, full stop, not exclamation mark. Important as a subject line, important time critical message for insert company name. As a subject line, I would test that and then I'll probably test something so that's what we call a blind copy. Like it doesn't tell you anything. Important time, critical message for XYZ company. Then I would split test that against something that's probably a little bit more open. There would be like, something along the lines of, again, I'm trying to avoid spam words. So words like opportunity, investment, that kind of stuff, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting through. So it might be something along the lines of investment market news for insert company name.

Right. And again, the word news is what's going to get the opening investment market news for XYZ company. So, yeah, I would split test the blind important timesensitive message for X, investment market news for X and then I don't think you'll get great results with this one, but again, I would test it and it would be like property investment for your boss, please open. Right?


So we've kind of gone up the scale of like, blind to medium information to completely transparent information and just see which one gets you better open rates.

Okay, great.

In terms of creating your offer, though, bro that thought pattern of what is my ideal customer need and what's the conversation they're already having in their own mind about that. If you can put those together in a way that says, I've got something special for you right now, if you take action, that's going to, again, give you your best metrics.

Okay, great.

Thank you.

You're going to be able to handle that or have that ready for Monday?

Yeah, actually, like, forget Monday. If you can have that ready by beer o'clock tonight, that'd be great.

Let's do it. Got to get something.

I know. I've been giving you homework, like, back to back.

I know.

Do you know what I love, though? It's like I see this happening in the group all the time. I've got to jump across to my next appointment, guys. But I see this happening in the group. Like, Ebony gives you homework, and it's like the only reason she does it my mandate to Ebony is you have to make these guys money. So she's giving you homework, going, go and make some money. I need you to succeed. So let her do that with you. Sylvia, I didn't have a chance to catch up with you and say hi and see if there was any questions I could help you with. Man don't forget, guys, we are live and loud every single weekday. Rod runs our Monday classes. Ebony runs our Tuesdays and Thursday classes. I run our Wednesdays and Friday classes. We're live and loud every day. We're here to help stop and not anywhere. We've got background noise there with I.

Think that's you somebody's watching something really good.

They got Netflix fired up in the background. So, guys, we are reminded every single day with Q and a, we're there in the group to help post be loud. What do they say is squeakiest wheel gets the most oil. Ask every question you can. We are here to help you guys succeed. So thank you so much for jumping in. I appreciate each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing you on our next calls in the groups, in the master classes and on the Q and A. Thanks, everyone.

Thank you.

1 second. David, you asked me a question, and I didn't get to answer it. Is David still here? Yes, he is. Is it problematic to create domain variations by adding a digit at the end of the brand name, such as would use one or two? I wouldn't go down that point. So David's, question just to finish finish that off. Would I put a number at the end of the domain? No, because who does that? It doesn't feel natural. It doesn't feel normal. But I would put a word at the end, and I would change the domain variation. So in your example, David. So I would go with mvalore net, mvalore co, mvole IO. So I would change the domain. No troubles whatsoever. And I'd also put a word so I put it there like,, I wouldn't use digits. It just doesn't fit with a brand. But using words at the end of the suffix definitely works. So, guys, cool. Thanks again, team. Appreciate each and every one of you. See you in the group. Have an amazing week ahead and weekend. Let's go make some money. Cheers, guys.

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