Creating Big Deals By Relationship Building

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No problem. This was an amazing master class. And and and it was it was told as a story, and I got so much out of it, so I kind of that's why I'm recording and I'll recap it. So one of our masterclass guests came on, and he was talking about creating JV relationships.

Right, okay.

And he told this story. He told the story about this campaign. I'm not sure it was dinner with Jeff, but I'm just going to say let's call it dinner with Jeff. So Jeff inverter commerce. Jeff jeff was a landscaper. Like, he did landscaping for a living. Like, that was his whole business. But he wasn't like a domestic landscape. You know, you need a new lawn or you need a retaining wall at your house. He was like, high level executive mansion kind of landscapes. Yeah, right, exactly. He was the levelled up. Dude. You got a house in the suburbs, you're not going to call Jeff? You got a mansion that you just picked up on Long Island. Yeah, sure, man. He's your guy. Right? So he was kind of at that high level. He had a marketing company come in, and they talked about the need to create strategic relationships and partnerships. And so Jeffrey dived in on this subject, and he was like, okay, let's see if we can take this all the way. And TJ, I know you did that thing with your Penthouse Associates where you're, like, bringing. Tell us about that, man.

Tell me the thinking behind that, because I know the story, but I'm not sure that Ebony or Dave or Kyle or the guys know you well enough to know. So tell me about this training.

Yeah, so myself and a guy that I just met through a networking event, he's a bespoke Italian tiller he had this Pinhouse across the street from Brian Park in Manhattan. And this pinhole house has so much history. Like, guys like Lenny Kravis actually used to party there and other top end folks. So he turned this pin out into an experience. So when you walk in, it's like a museum. You have art on the wall. You have different bespoke items. So it's more like a library. It's very experiential. So him and I combined because his birthday was the day before mine. So we decided to come together the last minute and invite all of our top clients to have a great time in this penthouse where wende item provide them an amazing experience. So I got two of my massage therapist on board. We hired private chefs. It was very decadent. It was very high class. We were all in bespoke Italian suits. It was amazing.

Wow. What's the goal? Like, you're getting people in, and what are you wanting them to experience while they're there? So they're associating you with this amazing penthouse in Manhattan with a massage therapist with bespoke Italian suits. What are you hoping that they do after that? When they associate your brand with that. Yeah.

So the goal was to combine luxury meets wellness. That was the thing right there, luxury meets wellness. So having them go through the experience of what it would be like to work with Get up a gift, wellness Concierge. Also what would be like to work with Luca, that was his name. So they got the combination of both. It was more of an experience, more of networking event. At the end of the day, I got the emails and other contact information.

Amazing. Super cool. And again, that's the kind of world that we're talking about. So this Dinner With Jess campaign, what this guy did was something very similar, but he created this little network of associated businesses that were all dealing with the high end market, right. And he started with an automotive dealer, right. So he went down to, I think it was a Cadillac dealership, and he talked to the director, the owner of this Cadillac dealership, and he brought him into the network. Then he went to this jewellery store and he talked to them about the concept of the network and he brought them into the network. What he did was he created this event, and this event was supposed to be a prize. It was like dinner with Jeff. And if you win, you're going to get jewellery from this store, you're going to get picked up in a Cadillac and driven to the best steakhouse in town. But you're not going to get driven by just a driver, you're going to get driven by the owner of the Cadillac dealership. So when they get to the restaurant, they had like a private entrance with a red carpet.

So they did the deal with the restaurant was in the network. When the client got to the table, there was a bouquet of flowers by the high end florist, the guys that are charging like $1,000 for a bouquet kind of thing on the table with a card to the thing, nice little piece of jewellery from the jewellery store to the wife and all that kind of stuff. Like it was an experience, right? It was an absolute experience. So then what Jeff did was he got like 100 of the clients he was going for. He researched. He's the owner of XYZ investment firm, he's the owner of blah, blah, blah, real estate company, whatever it is. He got the 100 clients that he was going with and he said, we're going to do this as a prize for anybody that's interested. If you're interested, just let me know because you're our ideal client and let's go. And ah, he made a mistake, right? He made a mistake. So the email was supposed to go out and say you could win, blah, blah, blah. The email went out and says, you have won.

Oh, wow. Right.

So this was supposed to be a $50,000 dinner, right. And it went out to 100 people with you have won this 50,000. And he went, Holy crap. That's $5 million worth of thing. What the hell have I just done? Right? What have I done? Now we know not everybody opens emails. Not everybody clicks, especially with you have one. But five people responded. Oh, my God. That's amazing. It's incredible. You know, thank you so much, and blah, blah, blah, right? Five times 50,000. Now we're in this thing for 250 grand. It was supposed to be a hoo hoo hoo, right? But Jeff followed it through. So his first dinner, the first guy that came on board was this guy that he he owned apartment buildings. But again, not not like everyday apartment buildings. Luxury, you know, beautiful one. One apartment per floor kind of apartment buildings. And he owned like, 18 of them in the city. And so the dealer picked him up in a brand new Cadillac SUV, you know, had a conversation with this guy all the way to the restaurant. The restaurant did the thing. The bouquet was delivered, the beautiful jewellery was delivered, and no business was discussed until the guy was standing up from the table with Jeff, the landscaper, saying, wow, Jeff, this has been an amazing experience.

And then he said, and this was the story that was late. It's giving me goosebumps even as I'm saying it. This is exactly the kind of experience I want the owners of my apartments to have. Here's my 18 buildings. I want you to do the landscaping for all of them. It was a $22 million contract.

That's a good contract.

All right, first dinner. So now, not everybody can put on a $50,000 dinner and make that pay for itself. Not everybody can do that. But we can all do something down that line, right? So we can all create an experience for our ideal customers. And doing what you're doing is is incredible. The other one was that one of our other Masterclasses, and again, it was Nick's Gogart. I've remembered one go to Nick's event. Go to Nick's recording in the Masterclass vault. So Nick, he was talking to a financial planner contract. So Nick owns a marketing agency. One of his clients is a financial planning organisation. And Nick worked with this financial planning organisation to the point where their business ten X in one year. So Nick was telling us the story about how he did that, and he was like, he started working with this financial planning organisation, and the financial planner was like, 55 years old, had been in the industry for a long time. And Nick, on day one, I'm a brand new agency. How can I help you? This financial planning owner said to Nick, you know what? I'm just tired of dealing with people I don't want to deal with anymore.

And Nick said that's interesting. You're actually looking for less clients. And he said, you know what? It's not the clients that bothers me. It's not the volume that bothers me. I'm in a phase of my life, or I don't want to deal with this anymore. I want to deal with that. Like, I want to pick and choose. And so Nick said, okay, how so have you got a like, what do you do for your top clients? He's like, I've got a corporate box. We go out. Okay, cool. How about you invite three of your top clients to the corporate box and you give them, like, five tickets for their friends? And he said, but here's the criteria. I only want you to give this offer to your top clients, the ones that you want to have a barbecue with this weekend. Like, people that you want to hang out with, clients that you want to be in contact with. Don't pick everybody. I'm just talking about the ones that you really love these clients and give them five extra tickets. And he said, and here's the other part of the rule this weekend, when you get to the corporate box and you're watching the game, business is not available to be discussed.

You may not talk about business at the game. He's like, oh, okay. All right. Let's give me the theory. So here's the theories. Like, if you get the people that you really enjoy their company and you invite their friends, what are the chances are that their friends are kind of like them? Right? So you're actually going to invite the people that you get along with and their friends out to a social environment. So now you're actually filling a room with a pretty good chance that you're going to have a connection with these guys, right? And then he said, okay, that makes sense to me. Why no business? And he said, Because I want you to make sure that these people know that this is a social event. So here's the spiel. When somebody comes up to you and says, oh, you're looking after the finance for my buddy Dave, he said to talk to you. I've got an investment portfolio or whatever. He's like, no business in the box, but if you give me your card, I'll call you on Monday. Enjoy that. Here's a glass of wine. Have a great meal. Enjoy the game.

No business in the box. We're not even going to talk about it. We're here to have fun. I'll call you Monday, right? So now it completely takes away the sales enos of it. It's like, this guy's going to try and sell me a life insurance plan or something.


Did you see the Dunk? We're not even here to talk about it. Like, have a glass, sit down, enjoy the game. We'll get back to you. Right? So now he's got the people that he wants in the room. He's got a connection with them that's social. No business discussed. And when the phone call comes in a Monday, it's like, hey, how do you enjoy the weekend. Oh, man, it was great. Thanks so much. It's like, now it's such an easy there's no sale needed, so he ten Xed his business with that strategy. Just people that he really got on well with, doing something and giving them tickets for their friends. Let's be social three, four times a year and just grow that network of people you want to be in the room with, do something special, and get on again. I love that concept, dude. And just being able to bring the people that you want to work with together in a room and make something special happen.

Well, quick question. The first example that you mentioned, right, about the experience, if that gentleman hadn't made that mistake, do you think he would have been as successful?

No. Yeah. Great question. No, I don't I don't have a crystal ball. But thinking about it, if he ran it and did it once, maybe he would have landed the same guy. Maybe he Would have got the contract. Maybe. I don't know. But the fact is that he kind of forced himself into making that work. You know, it's like so with with you and the penthouse thing. Like, I'm sure that cost you some money.

It did. A few thousand dollars, I'm sure.

But if you hadn't put everything on the line to make it work, would it have worked? I don't know. I don't have a crystal ball. But what I do know is when you go all in on something, your chances of success are much higher. It still might fail, but you've given yourself the best chance of making it work.

I know. We have someone on a call. Hello, Kyle. Showing you're facing hi.

Hey, Bob. How are you doing? Good. How are you?

Another one of my best friends, Kyle, has been in.

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