Businesses with Multiple Listings

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That's right.

So my niche is cryopractors, and I've noticed that a lot of them will have, like, they'll come up multiple times in the search. They'll have the same website and the same email. I know this just comes from Google Maps because they'll have their name as a business and then their actual business as a business. Do you guys have any plans in the future? Because I think realtors do the same thing.


Let me see if I get the trouble. So the trouble is we do a search and there's a duplication, I guess, of a business based on emails or something like that. So the easiest I'm just trying to think from how do we make this work in the software point of view.

By the way, roy.

Hey, how are you doing? Angel, Gabriel, Antonio, Aaron, Bryson, and Jack. Great to see you guys. Thanks so much for jumping in. So from a software point of view, our challenge is that somebody lists themselves twice. Like I'm a business owner. As a chiropractor, I am Dr. Blah, and over here I have my Practise, and it's the same company in the same email address, but it's being picked up twice, and we want to be able to kind of filter those out.

Is that right?


All right.

No, I'm going to give you a pass to come onto these Q and A calls every chance you get because that's the second good idea you've had in less than five minutes. And again, that's an awesome one for us to add. So we should be able to filter or remove duplicates based on phone number? Based on email, yeah, I love it. Again, not at the moment, but what the system sees is, as you said, it's just literally two listings that the same company has made, but from a software point of view, it's easy for us to filter that out. So yeah, dude, great question. Again, your gold passes stamped, bro. Come and can I be an official idea guy?

Say again?

Can I be the official idea guy?

Yeah, absolutely, man.

I'll send you your T shirt. The official idea guy.

I love it. Thanks so much, man. That's a great one you send me.

I'll wear it to these meetings.

Nice. All right.

No, actually wearing it to the meetings is good, but I want you to down the street with a bell, making.

Sure we get that attention. I love it, man.

Thank you so much.

I appreciate it.

All righty.

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