How can we generate B2C leads using the White Label Leads Tool

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Good, how are you? Hello.

I'm great, man.

Thanks so much for joining us.

Yeah, so I'm just new to the whole wide labelling agency. Cool. Thank you. I would like to ask a question. For me, as an agency, I could use the lead generation tool as A, B, two B to finding businesses.


But then my question is, how would I use the lead generator to create leads for my business customers, for them to be to C?

Yeah, great question. It's actually a question that we get asked a lot. So if I can let me just find a little post. I made a post last week because there was four videos with that exact same answer or around that answer. So b to b.

All right. Okay.

B to C. It's such a relevant question because this is the post. So I'm going to drop this post link into the chat box right here. It's such a relevant question because it is such a strong B to B tool. There we go. So there's four videos on there and Theresa, who's on the call with us, contributed to one of those videos. So. Thanks, Teresa. There's four videos there that talk about that exact topic.

How can I use this tool to.

Get B to C clients? How can I actually make that happen? So have a bit of a watch of those ones. I would love for your feedback on there, Jacob. So jump on to that post, have a bit of a rock and then let me know. What do you mean by that? Or ask a bit of a different question.

I'll give you the summary so you.

Don'T have to think that I'm flipping you off.

There's multiple ways that you can use.

The B to B tool. And what I just mentioned there about the physiotherapist is probably the primary one.

How can I use this tool to.

Approach people who have already got my clients on their database? My favourite story is one of our clients is a juice manufacturer. They manufacture a certain health drink, green Juice. They did a big deal with Anthony Robbins and so they run a very successful shopify store and they came obviously, they were a client of us. They're running GHL through Comet as our brand. And when we released the leads tool, they said, how can we use this to sell more juice? We're like, well, juice is a consumer product, right? Like, they're selling juice through their shopify store. It's really tough. So we kind of put our heads together and said, what can we do here? And instead of looking for end users, instead of looking for that person in that particular place who wants to buy a bottle of juice, we use the tool to actually find people who have those clients already and approach them as stockists for this product. So we reached out to the health food stores, to the gyms and health clubs. We reached out to the yoga studios and we literally said, this juice health benefit, we'd love to offer it to your members at a discount.

Would you like to buy a few boxes at a discounted price so that you can put it on the shelf of the health club? And so instead of selling one bottle of juice at a time through the shopify store, using the tool to find those partnerships, we were selling boxes and pallets of juice at a time. So super successful. But there's a bunch of other case studies and stories in those couple of posts. That one where Teresa kicks in about the attorneys and targeting attorneys is super, super cool. So jump in there, have a look at that and comment on the postman and then we can take it further and see if we can take some of those strategies into your business. Think about the the big question is who already has those clients on their database and how can I reach them? Because now you're b to b. If I'm running a martial art school and I want more students, who already has my students schools. So I'm going to actually use the tool to approach the schools to bring the students over and across. So the question to think, who already has the clients for this customer and how can I use this tool to reach them out?

Does that help?

Right? Yeah. And for example, let's say that I chose the niche for weight loss delivery service, let's say. Nice.

So who already has those clients?

Yeah, that's a good question. And I don't really know. I feel like everyone who has kind of like a busy job or doesn't really have a food to prepare for their own would be the client. But I feel like that just doesn't narrow it down that much.

And I feel like it doesn't narrow it down. So here's how to narrow it down in a smarter way. Think about if you can target and again, this is part of those videos, but if you can target companies that are slightly larger around the local area and do special offers for them, example, you're targeting a weight loss product. Let's reach out to hospitals and schools. Hospitals have 300 staff, schools have 100 staff. So if you reach out to the hospital and say, special deal for all of the staff that work at XYZ Mercy Hospital, we would like to offer you 10% off out. Because being in the first responder industry, we love you and want to support you. And this is a discount especially for you. We make that special exclusive discount to the school, to the bank, to the automotive dealership, to the everybody. But if you're reaching out to a business and making special deals with as many of the businesses as you can, those people have got a big staff base. So if you can reach out to a hospital, you can put the offer on their notice board or in their staff bulletin or in their internal email.

So you need to create a relationship with the HR manager or whoever is in charge of the staff communication at the hospital. Get that relationship with a person who's got a big reach. That's how you're going to use the tool to reach the B to C consumers. Use it in a B to B environment to reach the decision makers who can then reach the employees of that group.

Totally. All right, thank you very much for the answer.

You're welcome, man. You're welcome.

And don't just think companies, think associations.

And organisations as well. So if you go to Facebook in that local area and you just type in the word association or organisation or foundation. So type, like, for example, if you're in Chicago, just type the word Chicago Association and you can come up with so many. It'll be like the Chicago Fishing Association and the Chicago Dance Association and the Chicago Business Builders Association. Find the associations that have got 100, 200, 501,000 members and make a deal. This is just an exclusive deal for the members of the Chicago Fishing Association. We love you guys, we're proud supporters. We'd like to offer you our weight loss product at a discount.

Now, are you going to get 100% people saying yes?

No. But if you reach out to the decision makers, you're going to get that percentage that say yes. And believe me, if you get a percentage of people who've got big reach, you don't need many, you need ten and they'll reach 10,000 for you.

All right?

Hopefully that helps, man. Jacob, I'm thrilled to see you in the group, dude. I was actually thrilled to see you pop up, say hi, shout out. There's so many clever, smart people in the group. Use it. This whole community is super, super supportive. So ask questions, find out as many answers as you can, dude, and go and cheque out that post.

Yeah. Good to meet you.

Good to meet you too, mate. Great to see you. Great to see you. Let me.

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