When Do I hire Someone In My Company Outsource or Internal

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Hey, Teresa.
Hi, Walt. How are you?
I'm great.
How are you doing?
Great, thanks. I love the business strategy conversations, but when we do technology, the technology piece is where I am stuck.
All right, well, let's see if we can solve that for you. Now, if you say printers, I'm going to tap out because, like, me and printed just don't get along. Anything else, I'm pretty good with.
So I have a really good general overview of how GHL works, and I've got a pretty good grasp on Comet suite. And it's just all the little details, technical parts. So I have an event coming up in a couple of weeks. I want to fill with real estate agents and investors. So I was going to use this. I got three domains cause you mentioned that to launch out to the events, I have warm list that I was going to send out to.
I guess my question is, when do I hire somebody? Because, like, I'm like, oh, yeah, oh, I want to send out Chris 20 leads oh, I Walt. To do a landing page for my business. Oh, I want to do this, I want to do that, I want to do this. But I'm like, oh, my gosh. It took me like, an hour to figure out the calendar the other day. And I was like, the answer to.
That is as soon as you can afford to. Really? And I mean that genuinely. When I was a solopreneur, I remember when we first had a big win, we launched a software product. It was amazing. I was a solopreneur. I was literally doing everything myself. And one of our products just took off. And suddenly we had, like, hundreds of customers coming in in a one week period. And I'd booked to fly to go and see some relatives overseas. And if you're flying from Australia, it's a 24 hours flight. Like, there's no getting around that. And I was panicking. I was like, how am I going to get offline for 24 hours? Because we had just hundreds of support questions coming in all the time. I just couldn't even breathe without without being there. So I reached out. I found a talented person, brought them on board. I was super panicking. Asked them, please just look after my support desk for the next 24 hours. Literally, just, you know, tell people I'll be back. If if you don't know the answer, help out where you can. So they jumped in. It cost me $100 for that 24 hours.
And I got off the plane, and I thought my system was broken because when I logged into my support desk, there was zero tickets. And I was like, straight on the call. Matty, what's going on? He's, oh, no, everything's under control, helping people out. I'm like what?
And he said, yeah, answering tickets, no problem. I said, how many tickets have you had? He said, oh, probably 100 or so.
You've got 100 tickets in the last 24 hours? Yeah, no problem. I'm like, okay, dude, can you please do this for me for the next week? Because I'm on here on holidays. Yeah, for sure. Anyway, I ended up working with Maddie for four years. It changed my life completely, having somebody on board. Theresa so as soon as you can afford to but then the question is, what do you want them to do? So there's a trap that we all fall into at some point where it's like, everybody says, I got to get a VA, man, I got to get a VA. All right, cool. So now I've got a little bit of money, I'm going to get myself a VA. And then you end up going, hey, what did my VA do today? Like, they just sent me their invoice for the month, and I'm not actually real sure that they ticked off a whole bunch of stuff. So having a daily process for your VA is super, super important. So, example, teresa before you hire anybody, write down everything you do in a day. And I'm talking about everything. I checked my emails, I booked a calendar, I set up a landing page, I wrote an email campaign, I wrote a search for my lead.
Everything, every single thing that you do, like, literally be just crazy about it for one day and then go through that list and put a little tick next to the things that you love to do. These are the things that I love. I would do them even if I didn't get paid. This is my favourite for me. This is it, right? Being on these calls, this is my jam. I just love this stuff. So the things that you put a tick to are the ones that you're never going to give to the VA, but the rest of that list becomes their daily task list every day. An example in our team, we've got Joanna, we've got Giselle, we've got Glia, we've got Jr, we've got a whole bunch of Alex is there as well. We've got a whole bunch of people that kind of fit under that framework, and they have a daily task list. So, for example, for Joanna, her daily task list go to the groups and accept anybody who matches that. They're a white label suite member. Send them a welcome message, go to the emails and do this cheque off the conversations tab.
Make sure that that's there go into the support desk and allocate it to the right people come across to, like, she has a daily task list of things that she needs to do. So at some point, when we say, gee, I wonder what Joanna was doing today, we can go, well, there's a daily task list. Joanna, how's your capacity? Oh, I'm free. Great. Well, can you also do this for me on YouTube? Can you also do this for me in our social media. So when should you employ somebody? Teresa as soon as you can afford to. But before you do, write down a daily task list that you would just love for somebody else to do for you. And then in terms of getting somebody skilled, you will be amazed, surprised and delighted about the price that you can bring someone on board for that has amazing skills. And one of the guys that we started working with since Dallas, or we started chatting to since Dallas, they are called level nine VAS. All of their VAS are specifically Ghlt trained. They're GHL trained. So, in other words, you can bring them into your organisation and they know what a workflow is, they know how to install a snapshot, they know how to build a landing page, all of that kind of stuff.
So they're really great. And you can just task all your stuff over there. So level nine are great. I've also got grace. Let me see. Where Grace? Grace has given us Alex, so I'll see if I can grab let me just grab Alex. So this is one of the beauties of working with someone online. I can just ping Alex and ask him for a link.
Yeah, I did, I have a call at ten and I told them that.
You got to go.
You referred you referred me? Oh, no, no, I'm fine. Like, yeah, you say that.
I appreciate that, that's that's that's very cool of you and hopefully they look after you as a result. Tell me some of the things, Teresa. What will you get your VA? What will you get your assistant, your person to do for you?
Well, for one thing, launch this campaign to get them into the event. I need a landing page for my real estate stuff and I figured out how to find buyers using the system, which I'm excited about. So I want to launch that. I have, like, a laundry list of things that I'd like to get done.
So you want somebody with a bit of design skill. You want somebody that can put your ideas on paper quickly with your real estate thing. You've got two weeks until your event. And Robert so right, I've got a bolt right on the alba if you got two weeks until your event.
You a perfectionist, Teresa.
Okay, cool. Then grab one of the templates that's in GHL system and get it up there. Put your brand on it, put a message on it and put an opt in form. Like, you need to move fast to get a page up so that that campaign can be launched. So the fastest thing, just grab a template, put your logo on it, put a form on there in a video and you can always tweak it during the the next two weeks. But the most important thing if you've only got two weeks, is to get that traction, get that momentum going through. So let me just see if Alex has responded. If not, I'll post Grace's Link. Grace has given us a whole bunch of awesome people. Actually, I've got Grace here on messenger. Give me 30 seconds more, and I'll grab Grace's Facebook page and link. And guys, reach out to Grace. She has she is an awesome person and runs her own agency, and the people that she's delivered have been fantastic. So there we go. That's Grace on Facebook. As I said, she runs an amazing agency. All of her people are GHL trained.
So just reach out to Grace and let her know.
Yeah. Cool, guys. Teresa, does that help?
Yes. Thank you.
So, homework. Write down everything you do in a day and get somebody as soon as you possibly can. Also, don't forget, as much as we want to be nice people, nothing has to last forever. If it's a short term gig, just see it as a short term gig. Let's just get someone on board for 30 days and then see how it goes after that.
Oh, that sounds great. Thank you so much.
Appreciate those.
Thank you so much for joining me. I am going to jump, but, guys, please remember, we're in our team. Tom, you're welcome. Great to see you. We're in the Facebook group. We're here to help the onboarding sessions. You don't have to just do one. You can come to as many onboarding sessions as you like. So whitelabelsuite.com onboarding booking. If you want to book in for an onboarding session, let me just drop that link in there. Onboarding booking. If you want to come to the Q and A sessions, please do. There's no limit on those as well. So that is office hours. We have our Master classes starting next week. Some really cool stuff in our Master classes. And of course, we're all in the group. Ask questions, get involved, introduce yourself, make connections with other people that are smart and clever and all grow together. Let us help you where we can. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much for taking the time. We'll see you on the next call.
Thank you.
Bye bye.

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Thank you. Bye.

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