Why We are Such Huge Fans Of GoHighLevel

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Separate Videos. So with GHL, you can have unlimited web pages. You can have unlimited funnels. Unlimited forms. Unlimited everything. And let me just do a GHL sell job here, because I love these guys. We are their biggest fans. And if I come across to our version of GHL, which we've branded we call Comet suite So we've got this comet branding up in the top. Tom. But you'd have your own branding. Let me show you something really cool here. So I'm just just going to go to my demo account that I've got and I say, okay, cool. Let me say I want to design a new website. I want a landing page. I want a home page. I don't want to have to muck around with a web designer. Cheque this out. Tom. This is amazing. You come to sites. We've got funnels here, and I just go add a new funnel and cheque this out. I've got a template library. Now, you, as a GHL agency owner, are the only person that sees that your clients don't. But I can say. Okay, cool. Let's go to a library. Here. And now I've got all these categories.

I've got Beauty Business and Coaching and consulting, financial health and wellness. And I would say, okay, cool. Look, I'm in the coaching and consulting niche, so look at all these different funnels that I can find. And I can say. Okay, you know what? I like the design of this one so I can click on it. I can see what it looks like, so I can say, let's go and have a look at this funnel. So okay.


It's pretty nice laid out. I like this design. Looks Great. I just click on Continue and it says, I want to get this template. Click and it's done. It's in my account right now. If I refresh this, you'll actually see it right here popping up at the top. So I've just added a complete website funnel template to my GHL. There it is. Strategic coaching, right? And now from here, I can edit this as easy as editing a word. Document. So I come in here. I've got a home page and a thank you page. So now I'm just going to edit this page. Just click here and then I'll show you something even cooler. And this is why GHL has got so much traction at the moment, because now I can say improving and strategy and growing your business. Now I want to say, Tom's business is the best. You should buy from him. Okay, Cool. So you can see how quickly I can edit stuff. I want to change this. I don't like that image over here. Let me find another image that I've got in the system. There's one that I like or I can upload my own So now I've customised that page as easy as that.

And as I said, I can have unlimited websites in GHL. But here's the really cool part. So now I've done this web design. It's as easy as grabbing a template and just configuring it to myself, right? So now I can go to a client. I go to a guide that I know his kids go to the same school as my kids, and I say, hey, notice you're running a business there. Your website is not looking so great. Would you like me to create a new website for you? I'll do it for $500. I can do this website in the same way as I just did then. And when I get him as a client, I can put this website just by going click. I can clone it, and I can move it into a different company folder. So now I move it into my friend's folder so I can get my template, customise it, and put it in my clients folder in about one click. And now he's got his own website, and he doesn't know that GHL even exists.

Oh, wow.

So that's why GHL is so amazing.

Because it's all under the same domain.

It'S all under the same sign up. It's all under the same logic. It's honestly incredible the way that they've actually structured their pricing. As I said, we're the biggest fans because they make it easy for business owners to profit. You can provide an unbelievable amount of services to your client using GHL as the base. So that's why we love them so much.

Cool. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Last question is I'm in Germany. Would it be hard to translate the stuff to German? Or I can make a home page in German. Okay.

And that would be enough, you think?
I think that's fine. I mean, that probably 80% of people in Germany speak English anyway. Yeah, but if you put your home page in German, you're gold. I don't think you'll have any troubles at all.
There's thousands of people that are using GHL that are based places in Europe. I'm in Romania, so you won't have any troubles there at all.
Tom okay, great. Thank you.
You're welcome, man. Great to see you. Thanks for jumping in. Shoot across to Clinton. Who's.

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