Campaigns For Web Design Carrot Or The Stick

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On where I'm up to. We will get there. Sorry. How's the week been for you, man?
A call yesterday, closed them, so I got second client on board.
Great start. Thank you, guys. So my question to you is a web design company, so any tips for web design company? Any sort of copy that you'd recommend, any funnel pages that hasn't sort of criteria to it? He's going to be reaching out to local businesses to try and get them better websites.
Yeah, so we've got a guy in the group, guy named Paul Warren, who does exclusively that and he was bragging maybe two or three weeks ago that he did 160,000 for the month in web design, which is pretty hectic. So the, the copy that Paul was using was literally just I'm trying to remember. I'm see if we can actually ask his permission to use his campaigns. But just talking about making sure that you're ready for this coming year, I guess, is a great way to go. Improving the results. Your visitors are leaving you. You're missing out on deals. So there's, there's a I guess you've got to go with the carrot or the stick, right? So the carrot your website can improving your website could could increase your bottom line by 30% kind of thing. Or the stick, which is your competitors are stealing your clients, let me know if we can help kind of thing. So I don't know which one is going to be better, but one of those testing those options. In terms of web design, the trouble is that we all probably get a million different cold emails about web designs every single day.
So it's got to be something a little bit unique, it's got to be something special. One of the things we did with Comet, when we were talking about websites, specifically, we talked about interactive. So we talked about not just a website, a fully interactive and trying to remember the terminology, fully interactive and end to end connected website. Now, those are terms that we made up, right? It's a fully connected website and it's an end to end connected website and then playing on that. So it's like making sure that we had that intrigue. So what do we mean by fully connected? Fully connected meaning I can put a chat bot on the website that immediately, as soon as somebody messages you, they're in the database. What do I mean by end to end connected? As soon as they're in the database, we have a complete mailing system and marketing programme that sits behind the website that can manage it. Plus we have the reputation that goes with it. So if your client, your brand new client doing web design, if they're starting to do web design using GHL now, you can really kind of blow the doors off.
So are they a GHL client already or are they coming to you for GHL as well as everything else?
So, yeah, he just switched over. He's more on the coding side, so he doesn't really use the templates or anything. It sounds like they do it all from scratch. They've got a design team and everything. It's a smaller company. It's about five employees. I feel like he probably outsources a lot of the web design. He probably just brings in the business out, has other people actually fulfil on that. And then for Go High level, he just switched over from another CRM to Go high level. So when I was going through, he was like, oh, is that Go high level? Yeah, of course. And then there was another question I was going to have was he wants to get the clicks to zap into his Go High level? Yeah, because there's not really a way. Would there be a way to have white label suite within his Go High level or he would then have to purchase it from you guys?
He'd have to purchase it from us. But the way that you can let him know is you can give him the and He can add it to his own custom menu link. He can use his own API key, no problem. The key there. There is though, he's got to know what you paid. He's going to know all that. That might happen. But yeah, just up to you. That definitely is a way that he could do it. So he could certainly do his own AI key into the API key field. So then the leads could go into his own guy high level without any issues whatsoever. Can I ask, what did you price of that at?
397 and then set up a fee of $500.
So is that including GHL?
Yeah, that was including Go high level.
That's including Go high level. Okay, cool. So he's got a Go High Level account and obviously he's got the leads programme there as well. Yeah.
If you want to get him to use his own API key, he can definitely do that. So he's got his own GHL agency account?
Yes. It seems like he just has the basic the $97 a month, just his basic plan just internally for him to use. I don't think he's reselling to a high level. I don't think he's really doing much with it except using it for his own purposes to just keep track of clients.
So something that obviously get him set up, get him going, get all that kind of thing working. But something that you might think about in three months time is if you sign him up as an affiliate as GHL, get him on the 497 plan and get him with white level suite as well as an affiliate with white level suite. He would then have have obviously unlimited sites and all that kind of stuff that he's going to have with Go high level. You're going to pick up 40% from GHL. You're going to pick up 20% from us. And you don't have to carry him as a client, but get the set up, get everything running first. And obviously that's something that might be down the case later on. So, yeah, in terms of the campaign, though, you genuinely need to have a hook that's different from everybody else that's reaching out on web, web design. So Paul I know Paul. Warren was he runs a company called Insightful. When they did their $160,000 a month, he was specifically reaching out to accountants. Don't know why, but he chose that niche and just went hard after the niche and went into accounting.
Websites are booking bot, yours is losing your money or something like that. And again, I'll ask his permission to see if I can get the campaign, but getting away from having something different about the campaign. So, yeah, carrot of the stick, one simple change on your website might be a $10,000 increase or every time someone clicks, they go to your competitor, that kind of stuff. I don't know which one is going to convert better. It's just going to be a matter of testing, brother. But, yeah, see if you can use a bit of that terminology. Again, we made up that end to end, connected and live interactive website stuff just, again, to create that intricate what is that? It's not just a normal website, it's got a whole bunch of other stuff behind it. So give that a shot and see how it go.
Okay, definitely.
Cool, mate. Congrats. So that's awesome. So that's your second client at 397. Well done, mate. That's really awesome. So now we're starting to get those runs on the board. Well done.
Yeah, that's kind of the goal is to keep it at that 397 a month for a couple, maybe two or three more people, and then from there start bumping the prices up since I can then get more experience and get some testimonials. And then just from there.
So if you bump it up at 497, you can bump it up 597. You can always discount that down if you're struggling to get the sale across the line. But that's great, man. Congrats. Well done.
Thank you.
And don't feel shy about asking in the group, too, as well. Like, just let people know, hey, I've got a new client. This is what they do. Any suggestions on campaigns would be welcome. Maybe somebody throws something at you that is, whoa, that's amazing. It might spin the wheel. So definitely ask in the group as well, man.
Definitely. And then one more question too, on that. When you guys were writing emails for them, was there any sort of like, checklist? You guys kind of ask them sort of questions. I'm going to try to come up so little backstory. So I'm going to have an onboarding session with him next week and I'm going to kind of ask him, what do you do? Who do you want to reach out to anything that you do that's different that we can put in this email copy. Anything that makes you stand out. Is there any sort of questions you guys usually would ask? Like a formal list of questions to kind of get that out of the clients. Then you can help yourself write the emails.
Great question, man. So ask this Mr. Customer, when you're talking to him, your clients, what keeps them up at night? Right? Because that's what's going to make the email copy convert. So they might say to you, what keeps my clients up at night? It's always going to be more business or that kind of stuff, presenting a good image, whatever it is that they say, that's what you should form the base of the email copy around. So ask the question, what keeps your clients up at night? What problems do you solve for your client? And formulate the subject line and the email copy around that because yeah, like whatever he says, he might say, what keeps our clients up at night that their customers can't get hold of them. So they need a new website. They need to put it okay, great, that's your hook. So then his subject lines are, customers are trying to reach you. Exclamation point, exclamation point. My name is this is what we do. We'd love to help you make sure that your customers can reach you. Here's how we'd like to design your website kind of thing. So yeah, ask him what keeps his customers up at night.
And if you're in any time in marketing, if you can answer that question. And I always say enter the conversation that's already happening in their mind. So if in the example that somebody with a bad website, your customers are trying to reach you into the conversation that's already in their mind. I know you've probably wanted to have a new website several times in the last six to twelve months. Let me show you how it's is easier than it's ever possibly going to be because again, they would want to get a new website, but I don't know where to go. This is a conversation that they will be having in their mind. So what keeps him up at night and what is the conversation that they're having in their mind about that problem? And then write your copy around that.
Okay, makes sense.
And have fun.
Yeah, I'm just going to play around with it and see where I can get the best results for him.
Good job, bro. Good job. And again, keep asking questions. Bounce subject lines into the group. And there's 700 marketing agencies in that group right now, so feel free to do a split test in the group. Hey guys, which subject line is better? And get a vote. Just start to use the power of the group behind you as well.
Perfect. And then one thing I was actually just thinking was anything you guys have done to get them quick wins. I know some business. I don't know if it'll really work for this, but you could do database reactivation, try and get those previous clients in, but I don't know how that would really work for web design. Maybe reaching out to them and try and get them on maintenance plans or something.
That's my number one goal, is the reactivation plan. But my number two, go to actually, I bought some white level software to create mobile apps about three or four years ago, and this is the campaign that I ran, and I've run it for other people since it was scary how effective it was. So I was building mobile apps, and the campaign was very simply, win your own mobile app. Value $5,000. Right? And I had a nice landing page and everything, and it was put your name and email down to win your own mobile app. We'll custom build you a mobile app with your logos and gave a couple of designs. This white label software crew had some great templates and that kind of stuff that I kind of mocked up on the landing page. So first price, $5,000. Completely customised mobile app. Second price, $500. Voucher, $500 off your app build. Third price, $100 off your app build. And then I ran that campaign out, and everyone came second. So the first thing is that Christine is laughing. So the first thing is that people that enter their names into that winner mobile app have just told you that they're looking, right?
So they've just said, yeah man, build something for me. Right? And then when we actually emailed back, the email back was, congratulations, first name. You've actually picked up the second prize in our mobile app competition. We're absolutely thrilled to be able to offer you $500 off the the price of your app build. When can we schedule a meeting to talk about your needs and how we can kick this into gear for you? Same thing with the website design. Absolutely. As a quick win, I would run a contest where everyone comes second. And somebody said to me once, oh man, I feel like that's a little bit unethical. Really? I just gave everyone second prize. Like, I thought, I mean, give away first prize if you really want to. I didn't I have to say, hang on heart. I just gave everybody second prize. And we made so much money out of that, it was crazy. And again, I didn't come up with the idea. It was actually a marketing guy that I was listening to who ran a contest on Facebook, and he was building a campaign for a fencing company. They do fences. And his campaign was win a brand new fence.
All you need to do is submit the picture of your ugly fence to win. And then everybody just, here's my ugly fence. Here's my ugly fence. And it was like, I've now got 100,000 people who have got ugly fences and already know that they want to. And he gave $500 vouchers to everybody. And I was like, man, that is just insanely hot. Because people tell you, I want what you're giving away. You didn't win, but I've got $500 here with your name on it. When can I schedule in a call? Seems like, again, it worked so well, it felt like it was printing money.
Was it the previous clients, or was that to just call outreach, to know.
Cold outreach, using every technique? I didn't have the leads programme at that point. I was using Facebook ads and all kinds of messenger reach outs and that kind of stuff as well. But I didn't have the leads tool back then. But right now, these days, this minute, 100%, I would go down that everyone comes second path. I don't even know if I still got the domain, actually. Let me just see if it's and.
You wouldn't hit spam by saying, like, win now, or yet, I guess be careful what you would email. And also you can add a lot of GPS.
I would say you got to test it with everything I had. The domain. Your own app. There you go. Still got it. Well, I didn't realise that I still had that domain. Your own app. And then I can't remember the landing page of the contest. No. Yes, your own there you go. Still one place. Yeah, just to back up what I'm saying, your own app. But, yeah, quick Wins Reactivation campaign is the number one, because people already know you. They like you, they trust you. It's such an easy go to. But, yeah, for me, that that contest just was fantastic. So a little bit different with CRM programmes because you got to fulfil, right? You got to you've got to have enough in the kitty to make that worthwhile. But again, no reason why you can't offer I'm just thinking out loud now, but no reason why you can't offer a complete marketing service and system. Twelve months, including set up for you, for, you know, value, seven and a half prize. Thousand dollars off. You know, again, give it a run and see how it goes. For me, as I said, when I was doing the mobile apps, it was just crazy.
So hopefully that helps, bro.
Awesome. Yeah, that was very helpful, man.
Get into it. Let us know how you go and keep us informed.
Sounds good. Thanks, Walt.
Good to see you, bro. Thanks again.

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