Duplicate Records and Split testing

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Support ticket.

Support ticket. So I saw that come through. Did that get answered for you?

Yeah, I've got a couple working through the process.

Okay. All right, well, let's fire them away. We'll handle it.

Just to follow on that second thing, second come for everyone. We used to do that in photographic studio and that was really worked really well.

Again, I probably think him back about my time and the ethicalness of it and all that kind of stuff. I probably should have given one away, but man, everybody was so happy that they got second. They were just crazy.

It was so great.

It was such a nice email to say, congratulations, you picked up second prize, and when can we get together to talk about your next steps? So you did that as well, worked well.
Yeah, it's slightly different. We did collecting names and we gave away one first prize and everyone else got a bonus price.
Love it.
And again, take that and just feel free to use it in any way that you want to.
That's cool. I've got a couple of questions. I was going through the this month's leads and I found this guy called Matt, and he had seven entries because he had his own, the same email address with seven different phone numbers because he was the boss of seven different businesses.
I see.
Okay, so how can we sort the contact list for duplicate emails?
Well, first things first, I would completely remove the opportunity to have duplicate contacts in GHL.
But then you have phone numbers, the phone, and it creates another one for each phone number.
Wow. It's a rare event, dude. So I can tell you how to do it. I mean, export ads, CSV, sort by phone number, remove duplicates, that kind of stuff, no trouble at all. But in terms of that is literally the only way that it can happen.
That's quite a good way because some of them have info at and the person's name. It's only one man band, but they've got the two emails.
Yeah, right.
And I just try to sort it out. So you've got quality. They double up as little as possible.
So from the leads tools perspective, from GHL's perspective, it sees that as two separate companies. Who knew that Matt had seven phone numbers with seven different companies? That's a bit of a rare event. But in terms of making sure that the client doesn't have that happen or it's something that's a struggle for you. Yeah. Dump it out into an Excel spreadsheet. Just select the column of file and just delete. Delete, duplicate.
Just delete delete the duplicates out of the system. That's a good idea.
Cool. That's excellent. And then on running on a split test, what's the easiest way to do that? Do you duplicate the whole workflow or do you just go and change one email at a time?
Yeah, great question. So my best answer to that is Scotty Bywater, who's our copywriter superstar as a client. The way he did it, mate, was scientific and exact, and he duplicated the entire campaign. And so the way he did it was split his campaign. So I always tell the story that before Scott sent one single email, he had actually created three months of campaigns, and each month was broken into four different weeks. So, month one, week one, week two, week three, week four. Yeah.
The mechanics of doing it well, because I've seen some of them, they have a rotor, so you'll have two different emails sitting beside each other, and the leads get split between each one.
So mechanics are doing it. Duplicate the campaign. Okay. Call campaign one, campaign two, and then split the leads as well. So, for example, if you bring in your leads, you've got, let's say, 500. Just go through, change your GHL page to show 100 at a time. Select 100. Select 100 ad to campaign one. Select 100. Select 100 ad to campaign two. If you're running if you're running, like, multiple cities or that kind of stuff, it makes it a bit easier because you can tag them in the leads tool. So you might do Australia, for example. You might go, okay, do Melbourne and create the tag of Melbourne. And then do Sydney. And create the tag of Sydney. Then add all the Melbourne ones to campaign one and all the Sydney ones to campaign two. If you can split them at the point of searching, that makes it easy. But the other way that you can do it is literally just bring them into the GHL tool, select 100 at a time and tag them with week one. Select the next 100, tag with week two, and then just add those ones to the campaigns as you would do.
Okay? Does that work? Yeah, there's different ways of doing it. I'm just wondering which way is the easiest way to do it.
So, again, from a personal experience point of view, just literally duplicate the same campaign, run the same amount of leads in a week through both. So 50 a day for five days a week, week 150 a day for five days a week, week two, two separate subject lines and just have a look at the end and see which one's getting better. Clicks. Take that one.
Thank you.
Somebody said to me once, Never stopped split testing. Like, it was a guy who creates multimillion dollar figures. So probably a good piece of advice. Never stops split testing, never rest on a campaign. I would love to say that I live and breathe by that. I'm definitely not that focused. But getting those early results by doing the initial legwork, yeah, super valuable. Cool, man. Great to see you, Mark. Thanks so much. Bob, you mentioned you had a couple. Sorry, I just wanted to come back as well. Mark and I'm doing a bit of a quality cheque as well. Did the guys on the support desk help you out? Was that all good?
Yes, they did very good.
Glad to hear it. Well, we got some new support people starting next week as well. Man, our team is growing so fast. I think we've hired what have we hired three new people this week. Wow. It's game time over here. It's getting crazy. So very, very cool. Thanks, mate. Appreciate it. All righty, let me.

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