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I've got a different pill that can go out and get phone numbers but does not get emails. And so what I'd like to do is, once I've identified what I think would be a good prospect, then bring them over into comment and then research them a little bit that way, to get to the right person. I'm thinking primarily with smaller companies, not not big giant companies at all.

So I don't know that you could do a text message, but you could definitely use GHL to do a voice drop. So you could just add those numbers to a voice drop campaign and that campaign could be as easy as, hey, I'm sorry I missed you. This is such and such and such, just trying to reach out and find the right person. If you could give me a call at this number or if you could go to this side and let me know. You got to get them to take an action of some sort. The best person I've seen do their voice drop campaign was Amanda Holmes. So we set up a campaign for Amanda. She sent out the voice drop and the call to action was text this word to this number to get this free gift that she was giving away. So she was like, hey, it's Amanda Homes from the Chris Homes Foundation. I noticed that you're a CEO of whatever company, because that was the lead that she was running. If you'd like to win our salesperson's 90 day training package for you and your team, text the word sales to this number again, Amanda.

So she repeats herself on the voice drop, but she had so many people actually texting, and then, of course, when they're texting, you've got their mobile number as well, so you've got them in the database. But I don't know if you can do a text message. I've never seen that happen then. But a voice drop definitely would be.

What I'm looking for right now is if I run my programme and I get the phone number and it turns out that it's a landline, then I don't have any way to send them a text.

No, it's right.

That's an ABC company. So I'd like to go into comment and run them through the person or the company and see if I could find their email. Then I can put them into my system. So how would I do that? That's my question. Should be simple.

Yeah. Just one at a time. Literally just grab the domain, pop it in there, see what comes up, add it to add it to your GHL, grab the domain, pop it in there, see what comes up, add it to your GHL. So you could run that whole list by putting them all in and getting more data with it. What's their name, what's the details, what's their email, what information?

I'm running that through comment. Is that what we're saying? Yeah, because that's really what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to figure out how do I use comment to get the information on that particular company.

Yeah, sure. So let me just do a screen share here with you. You got it exactly right, though. Sam, use the single search to do that exact thing. So there's my mobile app, giveaway thingy. So let me go over here and yeah, literally just use the single search, which is the one on the right here. Let me do this. Here we go. All right, so we'll go down to a single search and we just drop their website in here. So ABC engineering. One, two, three. Whatever it is, it's just Just pop it in and you're going to come up with all of the people that are working there and then you're able to grab these guys and add them into your system. Okay, you've got them in your single search, which you'll be let me come over here. So once you've got them in your single search over here, we say, okay, cool, I've got email addresses for these guys. I want this person, I want that person, I want this person. I'm going to add them into my CRM.

I see the answer. I was putting the company name in as opposed to their website.


So putting the website in, then I'll get that result.

You got it exactly right. Exactly right. Okay.

I just did not know that.

Okay, you can do the company name if you're using the industry search and you don't know their website. So you can go like this. You can go, let me find a company name here so I can do the search engineer in Vegas. Let me just find Las Vegas civil engineering. Okay, cool. So this is going to do for my demo, I want Las Vegas civil engineering in Las Vegas. Let's see if I can find that. There we go. There's only one of them with that exact phrase. Now I've got their website. All right, so I didn't have their website before. Now I've got it. And this would run that search anyway. So in the background, in 10 seconds or something, we're going to get all those details. But if I didn't have that website before, I could just then grab that website, copy the link, do the single search, and pop it in there. So single search, pop it in and there we go. So this particular one had no results, but you see my process. Sure. I can use the company search if I've only got their name as soon as I've got their website.

Use the single search and you're going to get those results. Cool, perfect.

That answers my question.

Fantastic, man. Glad we could help. All right, guys, again, I'm sorry for being late, but we are still good. About 20 minutes of Q and A. So happy to bounce anything off that we like and see how things are going for you, christina, I saw a support ticket from you as well. Did the guys help you out? Was there anything that was well, can.

We just run on just to follow on from that?

Sure, mate.

That means all the contacts without an email address and have a phone number, we could send a voice message to.

Hell yeah, absolutely.

And then if they text back to the number that's allocated for our business, that will go straight back to their records.

You got it exactly right, ma'am. 100%. So, yeah, that's such a brilliant way to go. And I don't know if you've seen how to do that in GHL, but setting up that text response message in an automation is easy. Have you seen how to do that, Mark?

No, I haven't.

Let me give you the 32nd version. So when you are in GHL, let me grab always the zoom controls are in the way. All right, so let's jump.

Doing that will give it another 80% of the leads too.

Yeah, man, exactly right. Exactly right. So what you want to do is set up the voice drop to say, text the word free or text the word leads or text the word coffee, or text the words whatever it is. So let's come across and I'll grab my demo company here, I'll show you how you set something like that up. So come down to automations. And what we're going to do is create a workflow where the trigger of the workflow is listening on a particular channel for that keyword. So this is chat response workflows, okay? So what I mean is the trigger is a customer reply. So we're listening on the channels for a customer reply. Now that could be a Facebook reply. So you could send them to your Facebook page, go to facebook. Comcommonsweet and message us with the word whatever and we'll bounce it back to you. So the customer replies is the trigger. But here's the thing, we can say, let's set some filters. So we're going to say on what channel? The reply channel. So is the reply channel the chat widget? So in other words, on the voice drop, you could say go to our site, you know, ABC, and message the word quote to our chat widget and we'll send you whatever or message the word free or whatever it is.

So am I listening on the chat widget? Send an email to blah, blah, blah, send a Facebook message, google my business Instagram or SMS. And this is the one that Amanda was using. So we're listening on the channel that is the SMS. And now we can say listen for a specific word. So I can say okay, where the reply contains the phrase coffee. So now this system is going to say, okay, I'm actively listening on the SMS channel for the word coffee. And from there now we start to build that out, right? So we say, okay, let's listen for the reply contains Coffee, all right? And we say yes. So then does the contact reply replied message contain the word Coffee? Now we've got a yes no situation going on, so customer reply is the trigger. Does that reply contain the word Coffee? If yes, then we send them the SMS that says hey, congrats, you've won a Starbucks voucher whatever, then you put.

A website link in that as well.

You got it man. Exactly right. Opt in here to get your free whatever. Okay, so that's if they replied with the word Coffee, if their reply doesn't include the word Coffee, we're going to send them an SMS that says sorry, something we missed the reply. If you're interested in winning, please reply with only the word Coffee. Okay? And again, this is what we did with Amanda. So this is the SMS if not Coffee. So if the reply doesn't have the word Coffee, we're going to say hey, were you trying to enter just reply with the word Coffee if you were. So at this point again, I'm actually going to do another branch off and sorry, no, not before I get there. I'm going to wait and I'm going to wait for a contact reply and reply to the SMS if not Coffee and wait a maximum of 15 minutes. If the reply doesn't come in in that 15 minutes, carry on regardless is what I just told the system to do. Okay? And then I'm going to do the same split again if else so contains Coffee. All right, so I just set this up on our Facebook page.

So that's why it's still fresh in my mind. So reply coffee. The contact reply replied message contains the word Coffee. Oh yeah, cool. So if it does that's easy, I just do a go to. So go to and we say go to that message. So if it does have coffee, cool, take it back up to the top. If not I did this one. So send SMS. I go with we can't get it. One of our team will be in touch shortly, right? So give them two chances and also then send an internal notification. Send internal notification, SMS, contacts can't get the answer they need all now. All right, and then I put their name and phone number and pull up stuff in. So contact first name, last name, phone number, et cetera. And so then we're walking that through, right, so now we do the voice drop. So user type assigned.

Well, this is gold. What number do you give them to get it into the system?

Yeah, great question. So you connect up your Twilio system or else lead connector phone system, that is the number that you'll use to trigger all of this wrong. So whichever phone number you've either got from Twilio on that sub account or LC phone system, the lead connected phone system, that's the number that this system will be monitoring and listening for hey Ron, great to see you, man. And that should show up actually in your settings as well. So let me come across actually go to Amanda's account since we're talking about it. All right, so Amanda's phone number when we go to where is the phone number of stuff? There it is. So she's got two, I think. No, just one. So this phone number came directly from Twilio when we set that up. So that's the number that you're telling people to contact you on. So on the voice drop, it's like text the word whatever to 530-6701. All right, so the number that you get from Twilio or from the LC.


And for us just to complete this loop, and I know that I'm kind of off topic here, but hopefully you guys don't mind, we did this with White label suite. We're about to launch the 23 leads snapshot. We actually are launching a Facebook campaign for that as well. So we built the automation with that same thing, the monitoring that channel for a specific word. So let me grab that message, our page, get a free snapshot. There it is. So we've said, okay, the customer has replied to the channel Facebook Messenger with the phrase Snapshot. Okay, so we send them to our Facebook page and say, message us with the word Snapshot and we'll send you a free snapshot. Right? So then let's walk it through from there. I have to move all my zoom control. All right, so hey, contact first name. Let us send you the free snapshot reply with just your email address so we can send it for you. Okay. Which is really cool. What we found was super exciting. With GHL, if they send the email address, you don't need to zap it, you don't need to update anything. If they reply with their email address, it automatically updates back into GHL.

So then we've said, okay. Have they replied? Yes. Does that reply include the at symbol?

Happy to hear your alice, how are you doing, sir?

Damn, I'm just going to mute you, bro. So does the reply include at? Yes. Great, then email them, sorry, send the message and we send them their free snapshot. Does it include the at symbol? No. Then go over here and send them a follow up. And the follow up is hey. Sorry, John. After SIM. Didn't see that as an email address. If you'd like a free snapshot reply with just your email so we can send it for you. Great. Wait, again, does it have yes. Cool, follow them up. No, do this. So again, just creating those reply with chat flows is something really cool and the system does it so well. You can be listening for that reply on email, on Google my Business on whatever. So even if you're running a review campaign, right, you could be like, mention the word elephant in your review and we'll send you a remove ticket or something. You know, I'm not sure if actually that's legal as far as Google are concerned with incentivizing reviews. I'm sure it's not, but just as the example. So, listen, on Facebook, Instagram, one of our big marketers, Eric Yalen, ran a massive Instagram campaign where he set up that exact thing where he was for a whole week.

He was posting, I think, four, five, six times a day, the same image with slightly different background and was just if you'd like to win, I think it was doing something in cryptocurrency, but if you'd like to win $500 with a cryptocurrency, send me a DM with the word crypto. And so just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people were sending the word crypto. And of course, all of that is just being captured by GHL straight into the database and following them up with a specific campaign. So, yeah, just cool. Amazing stuff to do. And what we were talking about before about everyone comes second. That's a real great way to run that campaign. So you can run it on Instagram, run it on Facebook, and run it on text message and text this number to enter the draw. If you're speaking on stage, which, again, Amanda Holmes does this a lot. If you're speaking on stage, her call to action at the end is a QR code or text the word sales to this particular number. And again, as soon as that word sales comes in, it drops that straight back through into the follow up campaign.

Cool. Hopefully that's a bit of a walk through of that one. Mark. Brilliant. Thank you. Hey, no worries, man. Take it and make some money with it. That's what we're here for.

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