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So our question from Robert if you're in a local market, should you have multiple niches versus one niche in an online national niche? The whole thousand leads credits in whitelevel suite is confusing since there aren't that many target companies or individuals in the local geographical area. Great question. So Robert, I actually dropped a reply on that exact question in the Facebook group this morning. So I'm just going to see if I can find it, because was what I talked about was looking wider, looking bigger, looking in different places.
So let me just see if I can find my answer from that Facebook group this morning. Man, I can't believe how active our Facebook group is. There's so much stuff here, and I'm scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. I can't find it. But it was asked by Gareth.
Maybe I can search on Gareth or Gregory. Sorry, it was asked by Gregory Cardinal, but let me just explain what I talked about there. So if you're in a local niche, we might say, okay, I work with real estate agents. Just as an example, I work with real estate agents, and I'm a local niche, and there are only 100 real estate agents in this space. What do I do with 1000 leads a month when I haven't got any more than 100 real estate agents in my space?
So there was a few different answers that I gave with my answer to Gregory this morning. The first one of those was move into a pay per lead model. So go and get the real estate agents. Cool. Now you got them all.
Great. And it doesn't matter whether it's real estate agents or I'm looking for schools in the local area or whatever. If you've got a limit on the local geographical area that you can use, then get into a pay per lead model. So bring that real estate agent in and then provide a service to them of lead generation. So in other words, you bring the client in for you, and then you charge them for generating leads, generate the leads, push them through GHL, qualify them out, get them through surveys, get them answering questions.
So now you can use your tool to actually put leads into their account. Okay, so now I've got all my local business and I've maxed out my niche. How can I move? So that is one area. Now, again, I know that we're talking about clients, right?
So we want to go to let's think about it, a local physiotherapist who wants to work with the sporting clubs, right? And there's only 50 sporting clubs in the local geography. So I've sold the client GHL, and now what the heck am I going to give them for their thousand leads a month? Like, how are we going to keep that working? So one of the answers that I gave to Gregory was, this stickiness comes from GHL itself, right?
We sell as a package completely. Like, we never separate the two. It's the CRM, it's the leads. Jen. It's a package together.
So when you're paying 397, 497 a month, as we just talked about with Clinton, it's leads, it's GHL, and we have that what we always refer to as the five pillars of stickiness. So we want to make sure that they've got their landing pages set up, we've got their current clients imported so we can do a reactivation campaign. We want to make sure we've got a landing page and a form set up. We want to make sure their socials are set up and we want to make sure the calendars are set up. Once we've got those five things covered, you've got a sticky client and then leads becomes a natural part of that.
Again, what if we hit the ceiling? What if we say we're looking for sporting clubs, there's only 50 of them. I've got my 50 and I'm done. How do I now work with that physiotherapist and generate them leads on an ongoing basis? Well, if they are only looking for sporting clubs and they've saturated that sporting club system, then I'm going to suggest that we use the leads tool to create leveraged partnerships for them.
So I'm going to say, okay, cool, you're booking bot people who need physiotherapy. Let's reach out to all the local golf clubs and let's reach out to all the martial arts clubs, let's reach out to all the gyms, let's reach out to all the childcare centres, let's reach out to other people who've already got your client, who can then refer you business. Okay, so number one, stickiness comes from GHL. Number two, there are wide markets that you can generate thinking about not just the client, but who has the client. And number three, Robert is being able to actually do a paid lead generation service.
So for you, specifically as an agency, again, following John logo's training, he's charging between $3,000 per lead. He's bringing the leads in, running them through GHL, qualifying them to a point where he can pass them off to the end user and sell that qualified lead for a very high margin. So a couple of different options there. Hopefully that helps. And Robert's just said, also with answers to Clinton in the skill set.
Yeah, there we go. True, true. So, cool. Hopefully, Robert. That helps.
Feel free to unmute and carry that question forward. Or does that help? Let me know. A little bit of feedback there would be great. Happy to dive a little bit deeper in there if you need be, but let me just.

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