Update on customers who need to update payment info

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Record it. Let me jump in here guys. So this is let me just share screen as well and make sure everybody can see. So here we go. This is how to make sure that we have your payment IDs in the system.

So now inside of contacts, every single contact now has as a payment update ID. So if I come into a contact here and scroll down, it is the one that is called Pay Kickstart subscription link and that link is unique for every customer. And if somebody's payment bounces now they get this link that they can update their payments on file. But also if you've got somebody on a call and they say hey, I need to update my payment or whatever, you can just come into a customer's file, click on Send SMS and grab a template and the template is subscription. Just type in the word subscriptions SMS with subscription update link and use that template.

It's going to drop in there and it's going to automatically update with the link. So now you're talking to someone, they need to update their payment. You can send them that template. That template is also on email as well. So that template now makes it easy for you to be able to contact the client and ask them to update their payment details.

Cool, all on file. You will find it in the field called Pay Kickstart subscription link on everybody's file. Hopefully that helps.

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