GDPR compliance with White Label suite and lead generation

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Cool. So, Rafael, GDPR is is a question that we get asked a lot. Is the software GDPR compliant? The answer is 100% yes. And one of the things that I will say is that you definitely need to know and be aware of the local restrictions and laws in your, in your area.
As a professional, as a service provider, it's your responsibility to know. We don't offer legal advice, but the software is GDPR compliant. And Chris is this is the thought GDPR, if you look into the actual history behind it, GDPR wasn't ever put in place to stop businesses transacting. GDPR was put into place to stop mums and dads from getting spam emails from the Nigerian princes who have inheritance to leave off to them. It was designed to stop personal emails being sold and emailed without consent.
There is a very, very big, clear distinction in the GDPR paperwork that says if you have a genuine business reason to email that contact, that is perfectly allowed. But again, please make sure you do your own research. Please make sure you have your own knowledge there. But is the software itself GDPR compliant? Yes.
Because every single record that we find is publicly available. All right? And one of the things that we show is sometimes you'll get a question and somebody says, oh, where did you get my email address? What we implemented about three months ago is on the result itself, next to the email is a little I that you can click on. It will take you straight to the actual website that that email address has come from.
So customer on the phone that says, hey, where did you get my email? You can go give me 1 second type in their email, find that result, click on the I, go straight to the page and say, oh, it's live on XYZ, whatever. Cool. So in place there. And the other part of GDPR compliance from a data provider point of view is that we have to have their right to be forgotten.
So somebody that comes to us and says, I demand for my email address to be removed from your system, click, no problem at all, that is 100% in place. We've got the GDPR contact people on our terms and conditions on the sites and all that kind of gear as well. So when we started White Labelling, that was a question that came to us as well. We had our Comet branding on the terms and conditions, which we removed because you still need to have that right to be forgotten in the terms and conditions. So the software itself, we spent a bunch of money making sure that the software itself is GDPR compliant.
But from a business doing business point of view, you need to be aware of your own local laws and restrictions. And if there's that question, I definitely recommend having a copy and paste clickable version of the GDPR laws that you can show to a client, say, if you can establish a business case, here's why you're still allowed to communicate. The can spam act in America is slightly different. So Can Spam Act is, again, designed to protect the consumer. And there's five things that you need to make sure of whenever you're sending cold email.
And again, local laws overrule. So, Australia, Canada, California. You cannot send an email without permission. So that adds extra steps that you need to be aware of. But in the Can Spam Act, the five things that you need to do.
You need to have non fraudulent headlines. So don't talk about the Nigerian inheritance unless you actually have one. You need to have an address on the bottom of your email. Now, that can be a PO box, but it needs to be an address. You need to have an opt out link.
You need to honour opt outs. And the fifth one is you need to not make outrageous claims. Think. But there's only five things that you need to do. And again, once you've ticked those off, you're good to go.
So, Raphael, does that help?
Very well. Thank you so much. You're welcome, man. You're welcome. Thanks so much for dropping in as well.
I did have a couple of other questions.

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