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Be the best way to go there.
So one of the most common questions that we get when we're doing cold email marketing, especially for you guys going out to your clients, they're going to ask you this, how do I get to the decision maker? I've done my search and I've got info at XYZ Consulting, and I know that that's going to get read by the first person that gets the thing. Like, I want to get the CEO, how do I make sure I get the right person? So we did campaign for a company in Melbourne that we actually did it as a two staged approach. So the way that we did it was we do the search and I'll run through the different searches in just a second, Ron. But search number one for campaign number one was when we get the person, the right person with their email address, it's the CEO, I've got their contact details. It's the gold standard. Campaign one, send the email, right? So in that example, it's people search. And just for anybody that hasn't played in the tool in the last week, you'll notice that the people search, we used to get about 10% to 20% emails.
Now we're getting somewhere closer to 30 and 40% emails. So we've tweaked the algorithm a little bit. Massively increased results in the people search. So people search, CEOs, San Francisco, click, boom, you're going to get a lot better results. So let's say you get 30, 40% of the results coming back out of that particular search, which is great. They go into campaign one, I know who I'm reaching, I know they're senior, good to go. Campaign one is the goal. Campaign two, then I would run the industry search. So now I'm getting a thousand businesses. I have no idea who's going to open the email. And it's a two step approach. The first step in that email sequence is just quite simply, hi, my name is I'm trying to reach your boss. I'm trying to reach the person in the company. The reason I'm trying to reach them is this, this, and this. And this is the question, is there an email address I can reach out to them on? Okay, so what you'll find is that we've all been there, all hit the gatekeepers, right? We've all done the cold call. We've all got the gatekeeper that says, oh, sorry, John's not in right now, or John doesn't take calls, or what can I help you with?
Or what's this in regards to? But if you reach out and say, I'm trying to reach such and such, the reason I'm reaching out is this, this, and this. Is there an email address I can reach them on question mark. All right, then whoever picks up that email has no I guess you'll still find people that say, give us more information or whatever, but you'll find a big percentage of people just mail back with, oh, you're trying to reach John? Yes. His email is Lalala, in which case I edit the contact. Put John, put the, put the email and add them to campaign One. All right, so campaign one is, I know who I'm trying to reach, I've got the details. And that's the gold standard. People search is going to deliver that for me. But in the circumstance where I'm doing industry search, I'm getting the volume, but I'm not necessarily getting the decision maker. The key then is just to ask, send a couple of emails in a sequence that just says, I'm trying to reach your CFO, I'm trying to reach your CEO. My name is I do this. The reason I'm trying to reach them is this, is there an email address I can reach them on and just let the replies be okay, reply, edit, put that person in, add to campaign one.
Now I'm getting my bulk coming through. So the company that we did this with in Melbourne, and we started actually calling it the CEO campaign, we still had that kind of 10% results out of LinkedIn, but we started getting like an extra ten or 15% of people who would reply with a number. It's not as fast, of course it's not as fast as just search, grab, hit, send and go. It takes that little bit of extra step of, oh, thanks, appreciate it. Grab the person and send the email. Grab the person and send the email. But you'll find that you actually get the right person, you're getting the email into their hands. So, two step approach. And just for fun, because I haven't done it for a while, if you haven't already jumped in and had a look at the people search lately. So let me just do this real fast. So let's go. I need to log in here, I'm sure. So here we go again. This is only updated a few days ago, so if you haven't done it recently, do jump in and have a look. Sam, I'll read that question for you in a second, guys.
Don't forget to raise your hand or ask questions in the chat if you, if you have anything there. Okay, so, CEOs in Brisbane, this is a search I did yesterday just to find the kind of numbers. And if we look at the amount so there were 30 people in this search. I did the count yesterday. We actually ended up with 17 email addresses out of 30, where before we were trying kind of getting 10%, now we're getting closer to 40%, which is awesome. So if we go, this is all.
And this is all LinkedIn search, this.
Is still LinkedIn search. Yeah. So if we go, if we go, I'll put people into a people search. Let's go with demo people. That'll do for now and I'll go for a CEO. Or actually, let's go for a start.
Now, is this searching through your LinkedIn.
Profile or is it LinkedIn on a larger scale? Startup founder in Seattle. All right, so let's go and find startup founders. We've got them here. Let's load up, a whole bunch of them. So load, load, load. Let's get some more. And these guys are getting added to the campaign. So this was the demo people campaign, which is over here. Where are you demo people? At the top. CEO, Brisbane. Business coach, top performers, CEO Melbourne. Demo people all the way down the bottom. Okay, so we already got 500 people in this thing, but we will find that this search now and I'll give this a few moments just to go and get more results. For me, this search will deliver now back, like, I'd love to say 50%, but I'm going to say 30, 40% based on this algorithm change. So we're starting to see some much different results coming.
So the outreach compliance, is it LinkedIn or is it our compliance?
Great question. So it's still your compliance because that address is public. Like, we can't get addresses that we can't find, obviously, so you still need to be compliant in your local organisation, but the email address is public. We wouldn't be able to find it otherwise. So we're not digging through people's bank statements, et cetera. I'll just give that a few more moments and I'll come back and cheque. But, yeah, if you haven't run that people search lately, go and do it. But that would be my suggestion, Ron. So, two steps. Step one, run my people search, get the right ones, get the real people, get them into a campaign. And then step two, do the industry search. Know that you're going to be reaching out to just random people, whoever you can reach out that organisation. But campaign version two, I'm trying to reach the CFO. Could you let me know who that is? This is the reason I'm trying to reach them. My name is my company name is is there an email address I can connect with them? And just watch. As soon as you get that email address, add them back into campaign one, edit the contact campaign one and away you go.
Is that helpful?
Yeah, perfect. And one quick follow up. The 6000 leads that I bought before the holidays, we need to talk about that too. So that's the reason why I sent you the email.
Fantastic, man. Awesome. Great. Let's jump in and make sure that that's all underway for you. So I think that was that for you or for one of your clients?
One of my clients paid for it.
But it will be managing it for amazing, amazing. So that was the big package, that's the 60,000 far away. You can ask the question here or you can contact me privately, whichever is easier for you.
I'll reach out privately, just kind of mark up the deal.
No problem. No problem, absolutely. I feel at that time you want to make sure. All right.
Keep it up, brother.
Thanks, man. Great to see you. By the way, let me.

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