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That is pretty unique, I think, but maybe so if there's people out there that are doing the same thing, I'd love to connect to, kind of work with together and brainstorm. But financial advisors, insurance guys, that's my background, 20 plus years in the market. And we're educators, just like you were saying before. So we educate people. Right. So one of our clients is looking to recruit agents that want to sell annuities. So one of the companies that he wants us to get leads for, it's a company called World Financial Group. And there's a lot of Licenced agents in there. So when I run a search, I can find the World Financial Group life insurance under Licenced Agent or whatever the case may be. But they themselves, their website is kind of protecting have a protective layer of the agents so you can get to their website, but then you need to pick a local agent and then you find the zip code and then you get a list, but then you still don't see their email address unless you pick that agent. Then it opens up an email for you to send them an email right.
From that website.
Is there a way to dig deeper into that company to get that information?
Not without. Great thing, but let's see what we can do. So let's do this as a test search. So the company itself is World Financial Group, right?
And they've got like, locations all over the world.
Yes, but let's just focus on America.
Okay, cool. So world Financial Group Licenced Agent. And what I'm going to do is put that in inverted commas like that, so it must have those words and let's choose a location. Let's just go with Seattle as a starting point.
Used to live there. Beautiful place.
Nice. All right, cool. So here we go. Licenced Agent, World Financial Group. So, of course, we end up with World Financial Group as a business, straight up. And we're getting that World Financial Group site. So it looks like these guys are I've only got three results, which would that be accurate? Would there only be three in one city or would there be likely more than that?
There may be three, maybe district groups or maybe just specific to that area because they would have maybe 16 to 30 agents within each of those locations. So if you picked a website that kind of show you that information.
So let's have a bit of a look at that. Exactly. So go and have a look and see if we've got these World Financial Groups. We're still doing a search here, seeing if we can find them. Let me grab the link itself and we'll do a single search just on that particular site itself.
I'm going to look at my search again so I can kind of tell you how I did it because I did find some no results for that.
Particular one, but that is registration dos. Let's see if I have get nothing from that specific site itself that is public. So let me see if I can do a people search.
I've did that too and they showed up a lot in LinkedIn. But again, their email addresses are protected.
Right, okay. Financial Group. Will financial Group licenced agents. Okay, cool. And stay in Seattle just for fun. Okay, cool. So looks like quite a lot of results here, which is awesome. Let's come down to demo people. Demo people, there we go. I'll do a refresh on this in just a second and see how many email addresses come through. So we're going to start from Brian. Let's just see what we get. So Roland will financial group. So that's going to take us to I can get the actual World Financial Group head office pretty easily, that one.
And I've even tried to put forwardagent, or there was other words that they used to when you go into that website to find that person, it becomes their name. The only way to do that is to put their name there. But again, I got one which is shopping that's national Title Company. That's not even them.
All right. Okay. Well, there you go. National title company. We got actually a couple of those national title. Anyway. Licenced financial professional. Yes. So it looks like there's a protective layer, which again, we were talking about compliance a few moments ago. We can't find what can't be found, but there must be a way. So you mentioned that you did get some results in some way wrong.
Yeah, I did. And it was probably because the agents themselves had their own personal website.
Right, okay. Yeah. So if they work for a company, like an agency hub, so to speak, looks like they're not publishing those results. But if they go out as an independent agent and adviser or whatever, and they can do whatever they like, in that case they're publishing their email. I wonder why they're not. Seems like a strange thing. If I'm looking to get my insurance sorted, why would I not be able to find someone?
So then the next question is, in our world we're Licenced, right? So we're regulated by SEC FINRA and then states. So you could go out to each state and purchase the lists of those Licenced agents for a cost.
So that was one thing that we were considering doing until I came across you guys. And it seemed like this would be a pretty solid thing. We can find some, but we can't find them all. And in fact, Nevada gives that list away for free. So that list is like 35,000 names on that list and scrubbing through it. There only is really about 3000 names. That really makes sense, right? There's people that work for Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, things of that nature that are captive on independence. So is there a way? I don't know if there's a way to find the Texas Department of Insurance Company to be able to find the lists through this system?
To find their lists, the ones that they give away?
Well, just find their list because it is public information, firstly. So when you're licenced in the state of Texas and other states, you are publicly putting your name out there for people to find you. So maybe there's a different way of searching for licenced agents in certain cities, countries or states or whatever the case may be.
Yeah, definitely. Can I look into it and come back to you?
Yeah, absolutely. And I have a 09:00 Monday with Ebony.
Oh, cool. Awesome. That's great.
Onboarding stuff, dude.
You've been around for a while and you're on. Guys, let me say this very, very clearly. You are allowed to attend as many onboarding calls as you like. You're allowed to attend as many Q and A calls as you like, as many master classes as you like. The more the merrier. So, Ron, I'm thrilled that you're back on with Evan. So that is very cool.
Let me just little nugget for you, too. I don't know if you have heard of this company. I would think you have. Lead post.
Yeah. Okay.
So I just found that just today. And that could be the BTC issue that we've had that we've talked about in the past.
Yeah, absolutely. So let me see if we can get the licenced financial agents, the lists. Can you tell me that company again, the one in Nevada?
World Financial Group? I'm sorry. That's the Nevada Department of Insurance.
Department of Insurance. All right, cool. Let me do some research and come back to you, man.
And reach out to me if you need some help with that.
Yeah, for sure. Let me see what I can do. We might come up with a better way of approaching the search or a.
Better yeah, because the whole idea of our model is we're helping FMOs. These are the higher level people to recruit agents to sell annuities. So we need to get that list of those agents to recruit for them on. And then the idea of our model is to then find leads for those agents to sell annuities to.
So, again, if there's people out there that's in this group that does that kind of stuff, I love to partner and talk and brainstorm, because, like I said, there's three partners of us, and we have over 120 years of experience combined.
Fantastic. And, guys, what Ron just did, we encourage so heavily. There are people in the group that have incredible skills that can match with other people in the group. We've seen amazing JVs happen already. So if you've got a particular skill set that you want to throw out into the market, do drop into the group. Let everybody know what you do, who you work with, who you want to work with, because you'll be amazed that somebody will say, oh, I know somebody. I know this. Use the network here. Our goal is to help your business grow. Jump in. Make sure they use that network. We've got over 700 agencies in white level suite. Facebook, facebook group already there are people there that I'm sure can refer you business. It might be just I don't do business in that state. You happen to be in that state. Cool, man. I've got a lead that you might be able to get into. So if nobody knows what you do, nobody can send you business. But do take advantage of the fact that we encourage you to let everybody know what you do and where you work. So take advantage of it.
Cool, ron, thank you so much, man. I'll do some research on that. I'll come back to you. It might be, again, something that we can find different data sources, which we're constantly looking for. We might be able to find a different way of searching that changes the game. So let me do the work.
If you can figure that out, I send you some vegemite.
Is there anything I can do where you don't send me vegemite? It's like a punishment. I'll do what I can.
My aunt said that was the best things in peanut butter. And, like, really?
Thank you, man. I appreciate.

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