How To Charge For Leads?

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So let me just click on this, guys. The reason I do the recording start recording stop is so that in an hour long session, what we end up with is like ten or 15 little short videos that I can just upload to YouTube straight away rather than one big block that I have to go through and edit. So forgive the start stop recording thing, but that's just so that we can we can punch those quick answers out. So Robert asked, how do you charge recordly versus a marker at lead versus a qualified lead, as well as for a specific industry or a specific sales value? So that's a really great question, man. The scale escalates really quickly, right? And example, if I just said to you 100 emails, 1000 emails, whatever it is, with no context whatever, what would you expect to pay for that? Really? I wouldn't expect to pay much for it, to be honest. If it's not in my niche, if it's not something that I've got any target for, if it's not somebody that I can contact on a business level, I don't really feel like that's got any kind of value at all.

John Logar, I loved his commentary there, where instead of calling something a cold lead so when we're talking about prospects or cold prospects, john had some really great phraseology there. What we're creating with our leads tool, he was referring to as market qualified leads and it caused a ruckus. And I think John's known for causing a ruckus. It caused a ruckus because people were like, how can you say that there's qualified leads? No, wait, it's market qualified leads. Okay, cool. What do you mean by that? What we mean by that is what market do you go after? I work with real estate agents. Okay, cool. So if I have somebody who is in that market, by the very nature of what they do, they are then market qualified. Now they may not be ready to do business with you right now, but they are market qualified. Meaning there are 8 billion people on the planet. You don't focus on all of them, you focus on one sector. And these people that were able to put into your GHL system using the leads programme are in that sector. Now let's get to work. So market qualified leads, then we talk about qualified leads and the value goes up massively.

Again, let's give an example. So one of our hero stories, a guy named, a guy in our group named Curtis hero story, just purely because I love what he does and where he's gone to and what he's created, he actually completely went down the 100 million dollar offer path. The Alex hermosi offer. He went to beauty salons and literally offered his services for free. I will bring people to your salon, qualified appointments with a time and a date in a chair in your salon. If I don't bring them I don't get paid, but if I do bring them, I want insert fee here. Now, I think he started pricing his per seat Sat appointment at $70, right? Which is pretty cool. So you got to back yourself pretty heavy, because there's a lot of work that he was doing to get those people in those chairs, right? So he was running ads, getting them into the funnels, qualifying them out, getting them booked with Eliza or with a calendar link, getting them on a chair, booked on that day, confirmed appointment, and getting that appointment Sat for $70. But what was really fascinating was that he had infinite scalability, and he could literally just go place to place, and he ended up with, like, 13 different beauty salons that were his client.

And the cool thing about that, that I loved was anybody running a marketing agency that charges a retainer here what I know for a fact, is that if you charge a retainer, your customers are actively looking to fire you right now, no matter what your retainer is. That is the number one expense that comes up at the board meeting every single week. Why do we pay this guy $2,000 a month? Surely we could just spend that on ads or whatever. Whereas if you're delivering leads that are qualified, there is no retainer, and that doesn't become an expense that somebody's looking to get out of. They just want to give you more of it. Right. And if they reach capacity, cool. You just tack on another business. I love it because it's backing yourself. It's putting everything that we know into Practise and working there. But what's interesting is that in that industry, a qualified booked time appointment that is Sat was generating somewhere around $70 per appointment for Curtis. And again, he was killing it. He absolutely killing it. I say was because he built it up to 13 salons, sold it, and now he does a different business, which is really interesting as well.

But $70 for a Sat qualified appointment, to me, is Rickishly cheap. Now, good thing is plenty of market, right? Plenty of market. So finding those people, getting them in not hard, but you get into one. Getting $70 for a sad appointment means, you know, Jeez, man, I got to be let's let's do some fun numbers. I want to get ten sad appointments a day, $700 a day, three and a half thousand a week. What are we talking, $150,000 a year? Okay, cool. But I've got to get ten appointments a day to get my $150,000 a year.


Again, good news. He's got 13 sell ons. But the difference is, when we one of our masterclass sessions there, where a mortgage broker and real estate agent together were paying upwards of I think it was upwards of $5,000 for a qualified lead.


Now, again, different market segment completely.


So qualified lead in the real estate market. What does it mean? I've got a home that I have equity in, that I'm booking bot sell in the next 60 days, right. And has a valuation of between 500,750 thousand in this particular suburb. Now, if I had that person, and I went to a real estate agent and I said, I have a homeowner in this suburb who is ready to sell in the next 70 days, who has a value of X and is actively looking to sell their home, but I want $5,000 to give you the details. That's an easy transaction because they're going to make 20 grand out of the commission. Do sign me up. I'm happy to pay it. And again, now we're talking about a much different valuation. I told a story on a couple of Q and A's ago, and I'll tell it again. I've seen a fee per appointment as high as 250 grand.

All right?

Now, you don't need many per year to make a heck of a return. What was the niche? Emergency evacuations.


Now, here's how it works. Friend of mine, very good friend of mine, lives in Vegas, made millions and millions and millions of dollars by aligning with people who do emergency evacuations. And then he set up a system that was monitoring social media for people that got themselves in trouble and needed that. So I went skiing in the Alps, broke my leg. Don't want to go to the hospital. That's here. I need to get out of here. I need evacuation now. I need emergency surgery. The cost is $250,000, or cost was $500,000. And the insurance company is going to pay it. I don't care. Just do it.


So made millions of dollars by finding people who got into trouble on holiday and sending a qualified lead to that person.


So the scale changes, and it's a long answer, Robert, to a short question.


The scale changes based on a few different factors. And the number one factor is what is a customer worth?


What is a customer worth? And then think about what is it worth to a client? Again, let's give some real examples. The average customer value for a dentist is $35,000. Average lifetime value for a customer is $35,000. So the next time you see one of those free teeth whitening things, they're doing that with a purpose. The average customer value for a dentist is 35 grand. So if I can get you a sat appointment on your chair on a particular day, is that worth two grand to you, dude? All day, every day.


But if I made that same offer to somebody who was, I don't know, doing nails or eyebrows and eyelashes, will know that the rate was $70 for that. So the rate changes based on what is the customer value? Okay? And there's this scale. Again, Robert, a long answer to a short question. The clearest answer is this the rate per set or sat appointment will go up based on the customer value, as will the difficulty in finding that customer. It is difficult to find people who need emergency surgery from their skiing holiday in the Alps. It's difficult. But if you can do it, baby, you can get 250 grand commission. Okay? So the difficulty factor of finding the people in that space goes up. Now, again, there are clever strategies that we talk about all the time with funnels and marketing and approaches and all that kind of stuff, but the rate changes based on the customer value. Again, Robert, long answer to a short question, but here's a pretty good standard. John Logan, who, as we know, is is become a hero in our group. He is charging between three and $5,000 for a qualified appointment in a calendar with a salesperson for his for his crew.

Now, he's doing financial, right? So he's doing financial planning and mortgage booking, bot, that kind of stuff, but he is charging three to five grand per set appointment, and that's qualified. They've gone through AI, bounced back and forth with answers and that kind of stuff, and he's got them a qualified lead. So if you just want to do the marketing for people, you get paid that rate. If you want to do the qualification, the follow up, the appointment setting and get somebody on that calendar who's qualified, then you're going to get paid a heck of a lot more than that. So hopefully, Robert, again, that's a long answer to a short question, but hopefully, hopefully that helps. Let me click.

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