The People Making BIGGER Money With GHL And White Label Suite

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The people that are making a tonne of money in the system, in the white label suite system, in the GHL system, are doing something very unique and that is they are calling the clicks. What do I mean when we send out and say as marketers we get lazy, right? We are so in love with our automated systems that we expect those automated systems to just bring us clients and money to rain out of the sky. It happens. It does happen.

And it happens regularly enough that it's become the standard. I send a whole bunch of emails. People do this. They often my thing. They get ten follow ups and suddenly they booked into my high level training course and I've just made 50 grand.

It's amazing. It happens. But the people that are making money in this space are calling the clicks. Right. And what does that mean?

It means I've got leads out of my leads tool. Are they a good lead? No, they're just a market qualified lead in that particular segment that I'm able to communicate with. I've sent them an email. Are they a good lead now?

No, they're just somebody that happened to be next in my sequence. They opened my email. Are they a good lead now? They're like one degree slightly warmer, but they're not a great lead right now. They're still just somebody that happened to they might have been trying to click on the email above you and accidentally clicked yours.

They read my email and they clicked. Hang on a second. That's taken a massive leap in intent. They opened the email, they cognitively understood it and they clicked to go to a page to find out more information. That point is the massive increase in intent and the people that are making money, like Joey Turner is about to be in this particular group are calling the clicks.

And it goes like this again, my business partner Chris tells the story. He made $60,000 in two weeks by calling the clicks. And in his email sequence what he wrote was I'll be giving you a call sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm Raymond, I'm answering the voice drop question in a long way, but I wanted to concentrate on this as well. So I'll be giving you a call sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Now they open, they click and Chris is on the phone to them, ideally within the next five minutes. How can you do that? You set up an alert as an automation within GHL that sends it straight to your phone. Such and such just clicked. Oh sweet.

Ding. Hey, right? It's Walt calling from white level. Sweet. Just thought I'd give you a call.

Oh really? I was just reading your email. No kidding, right? It's the people that are calling the clicks because the intent is delivered at the point where they say, oh, what's this all about? And they click.

Now if you can call the clicks. Follow John Logar's advice, you're going to get the massive amount of increase in traction, all right? And Lauren, who I mentioned before on the call, her whole business, her whole industry, $30,000 subscriptions is getting people to click and getting them on the phone and starting a conversation, right? But what about this voice drop thing? Isn't that a really cool function within GHL?

Yes. So how about this as an automation and again, not hard to build something that you can put together pretty quickly. Client clicks, add them to another automation, right? Then trigger a trigger a message to me, call. But what if it's 10:00 at night and I haven't called them?

Okay, so I would set up a custom field or even move them on an opportunity board. Once I've called them, I'm going to move them. Call placed, all right? If I don't get them, I'm going to leave a voicemail. But if it's 10:00 at night or I missed a message or I was in a meeting or whatever and an hour goes by and the call hasn't happened, what if we just dropped them out and auto voicemail?

You got to make it generic, right? So you can't use somebody's name, otherwise you're screwed. But you just literally go, hey, it's Walt calling from White Label suite. I'm so sorry I missed you. I saw that.

We'd send an email that caught your interest. I'd love to chat you a little bit further. I'm going to follow up with another email. Please jump in and book in my calendar. We've only got a limited space, but again, just wanted to say hi and look forward to chatting to you soon.

Bye. Amazing. Nobody does it. All right? 1% of people do it and I guarantee you the 1% of people that are doing it are pleased that they're doing it.

Right. So little secret trap. Just to finish off that for Amanda Holmes, we did a voicemail campaign and it blew up in a bad way because she had 500 of her VIPs and she decided to send out a voicemail campaign to 500 of her VIPs. And these are people that are spending 10 million or above sorry, making 10 million or above. So in excitement we put together this voicemail campaign and we went clicks in and 500 people.

I don't know if you've ever experienced the ringless voicemail, but what actually happens is the phone rings once and drops out and then rings immediately again. So the phone rings, cuts out and then rings immediately again. But because it's kind of still dealing with that, first thing, it sends it straight to voicemail. So calling it a ringless voicemail is not actually accurate. It will half ring and then cut out.

But all of these VIP clients looked at that and went, oh, somebody's trying to reach me. Redial she had like not 500 because that would be 100%, but she had hundreds of people call her back within minutes. And of course, no way to deal with that kind of influx. So now we have learned from that that when we're doing Mass Voicemail campaigns, we drip them in drip mode out at 10 /hour maximum all right or one per ten minutes. If you're doing voicemail drops on that automated system, they've clicked.

Nobody's called them in an hour, voicemail comes through. Amazing. If you're doing voicemails to a bulk right, drip it, just take my advice, it will blow up in your face otherwise, cool. Mike Raymond. Hopefully, that helps.

Guys, thank you so much for jumping on I'm half an hour over, but hopefully it's been valuable for you guys. We are running Q and A calls every single day. So jumping to make sure that they're with them, we announce them in the group. We send out the emails as well. You're more than welcome to Come to One, come to all.

If you have a question that you can't stick around and get the answer for, drop it in the chat box. We'll record it, put it on the YouTube channel. Our team on the support desk are there to support and help. The Facebook group is there. We've got a whole bunch of people that are monitoring that as well.

We are here to help your businesses grow. If there's anything you need, let us know and let's go get it. Let's get some leads going through your finals. Let's get some calls being made, let's some appointments being booked, let us know if we can help. Thanks a lot, guys.

Appreciate you. Great to see you. Thanks, everyone.

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