Clever Lead Generation Strategies For Mortgage Brokers

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Running this tool for mortgage brokers and for realtors is the way that we've done it in the past to have really great results. Number three different campaigns that we run. So campaign number one, reach out to local businesses and offer their staff a deal. How does that look? So, as an example, I'm a real estate agent.

I reach out to schools in the area and I say, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a realtor for any of the teachers that work at insert school names here. We would love to reduce our commission by a $1,000. If you're selling your home, just please let us know that you work for this school when you ring. Right? So we reach out at a business level, offering a deal to the staff of local businesses, schools, hospitals, big organisations that you know are going to have a couple of hundred staff at them.

That's a really easy way to use this tool to get to generate B to C leads in a local community, right? So that's campaign number one. Campaign number two is what we call the connector campaign, where we reach out to other businesses that have referral based industries. So we reach out to all of the electricians, all of the landscapers, all of the floor covering companies, all of the windows and blinds companies, and we do that connector campaign. So hi, my name is John, I'm a local real estate.

And notice that you're a roofing company or you're a curtains and blinds. A lot of our clients install new curtains and blinds as soon as they get new homes. We'd love to send you some business. At the same time, a lot of people install new curtains and blinds right before they sell the home. If you get the feeling that somebody you're working with is going to sell their home, would love to look after you if you're a referral commission and that kind of stuff and you build a referral network.

So that's campaign number two. Number one, reach out to local businesses, make an offer. Number two, reach out to affiliate affiliated businesses and introduce yourself so that you can connect. Campaign number three is probably the one you saw on Jason's campaign. One that we've done successfully in the past is we pick businesses that previous clients have worked with.

Here's the story. We're working with a mortgage broker in the States and obviously the question is how can I get more clients? I need to get more clients who want mortgages. So rather than just doing a mail campaign, what we actually did was we said, who was your last client? Then they said, our last client was a nurse.

She works at Mercy Hospital just down the road. Her name was Catherine. So we said, okay, cool, let's go into the single search and look for that specific hospital. So the single search is the third one in the tool over here. So let me just grab an example.

So let's say, for example, just because I can remember the email address sorry, the website. Let me do a single search and say, okay, what if that person worked for USPS? The US. Postal Service. So

All right, hit search, and we find everybody that works at USPS. And now we can do a campaign that says, hey, for the people who work at USPS. We just did an amazing mortgage deal for your colleague Katherine, and we'd love to offer you a discount on any mortgages that you get written in the month of January. Right? So hospitals are great, schools are great.

If you can find local hospitals and schools, their website often put into this tool will generate 100, 200, 300 people. So what we did with without with our client, the mortgage broker in the state, we found, I think there was 330 people that worked at a local hospital. We send out that exact campaign with Catherine's permission. Your colleague Catherine just got a great deal on refinancing her home and saved over $1,000 a month by simply filling in some papers. If you'd like to take advantage of a special deal we're making just for the staff of Mercy Hospital, reach out to us this month and let's get it done.

They wrote three mortgages from that one email campaign. So, Jay, hopefully that's helpful for you. The smart ways of using the tool to find B to C leads definitely. Reach out to local businesses and offer their staff a deal. Reach out to affiliated companies who already has my clients on their database.

And number three, pick big companies around where you've had a successful environment and make an offer to them. All right, hopefully that helps. There we go. So how do I put a hand up Zach? That's the reactions to it.

Let me just click on stop here, guys.

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