Dictating Emails Sent From Which Address

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And just do the recording. What you can do is in the back of the automation itself. So we go and set up our automation. You can actually specify the address in the back in the settings there. So this wasn't the case for a little while but now you can again do this. So let me come across two here we go. So we come across into our main mail settings in this sub account. Man the zoom toolbars are always in.

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Screen. So I've gone here, I've got my email set up whereas my email services there it is. I've created and connected my email service in the background here. I need to have that in place. Now I might have two or three or four or five different email services connected in the background here. What I then want to do is in the background of the automations that send the emails themselves, come into that automation and come to settings and specify which email accounts we are sending from. So this is where you set that in play here. So add the domains, add the sending systems into the programme and then specify which email sending system or which domain is sending from in the background of the actual automation itself.

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