Does adding images to your emails affect deliverability

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Robert says, how does adding a GIF, a PNG, an image affect email deliverability? I've done the test. It doesn't. It does not affect email deliverability at all. But what does affect email deliverability is the inverter commerce pretty emails, right?

Pretty emails. When we talked just before a few moments ago about at the promotions tab, nobody sends a pretty email unless it's a marketing email. You don't send a pretty email to your mom to ask about the movies this weekend, right? You don't have your glamour headline and your beautiful backing photo and that social images down the bottom and you just don't. So pretty emails, the ones in GHL that you go to, marketing templates emails, and you design that email.

That should be for opt in subscribers only. And for opt in subscribers. Brilliant. Fantastic. You will not impact your open rates whatsoever.

But for cold email, stick to the plain text email. But adding a GIF an image does not affect deliverability one bit. And I've done like literally 10,000 emails side by side, one with and one without zero difference between the two. So hopefully that helps with the question there. What's a good idea?

Actually, just before I click on stop, what is a great idea is let me see if I can find the company's name. There's one that's really well known, but we use an image based programme that creates dynamic images. And let me just show you, I'll do a screen share, actually. Can you guys see my screen? Kyle, I've got your camera.

Can you give me a thumbs up? If you can see my screen, you can. Cool. Awesome. Then I don't need to change anything.

Let me show you. In our outbound Comet suite account, we actually use a really cool image tool that does dynamic images templates, and I'll show you what I mean. Cold email. Put one. All right, there we go.

Okay, here it is.

When it opens up. All right, cool. My image is broken. Let me just make sure I've got it there. There it is.

The company is called Duplicate render duplicate. All right? And you can see that it says contact company equals contact company name, which is pulling directly from the database. So it's a little bit tricky to set this up. So this link actually has a dynamic field in it that comes directly from GHL.

So you know how you can put a link to an image, which is this, right? Let me just grab that link and pop it in here. This is what that image looks like. There's the image, right? So I did this on Canberra, it took me two minutes.

I got a kind of sales funnel, kind of looking image in the background and I've written there in text plan for navigate. Right? And then the dynamic side of this, what it does is it inserts the company name. So let me come back to my thing. So it inserts the company name, which is here.

Company equals whatever that is. So let me just fake that and I'll show you what happens. So let's say that company equals Go high level. When somebody from Go high level opens this email in the image, if I've done it right and I haven't, company equals company equals. Do I need to have yes, I do.

I need to have that go high level.

Let me see if I got it this time. There you go. Plan for Go high level, right? This is a specific marketing plan for Go high level. So, again, thinking about what the client is seeing in my email, they're actually seeing an email that's got their business name on an image.

We've created a special marketing plan just for you at Go high level. And it's like, got a finger pointing to it. It's just a trick, right? It's a trick that uses technology. It inserts that company name into that static image.

And I've done it so successfully, I did a campaign with what I was reaching out to, salespeople. So, of course, we're selling a leads tool, right? Who needs it? Salespeople. I've grabbed an image on Canva, which was a sales leaderboard, and I just had first place, and I put the person's name in there using a dynamic thing, so I can literally insert their first name from Go high level.

So when they get the email, it shows this month's sales leaderboard, Frank Jones, at the top. And Frank's going, dude, how did you do that? And it makes it feel like a really personalised email. So Jupely is the programme that we use that can do that. And when we bought it, it was on AppSumo.

So AppSumo. Let's look for jupely. I'm not sure if it's still there. I think it was like $69.01 time, which was just crazy. But there are others that do the same thing.

So if these guys don't have this offer anymore, it's still here. Is it still available? This deal is unavailable. But there are other companies that do the same thing. So dynamic image insertion in event based flow email.

There is a really well known company that people talk about in the GHL group a lot, but we'll go like this. Just go. Jupy Alternate alternative. Here we go.

API, template, IO, copycake and Abbeysale.

There we go. Canva. Can you do it in Canva? Vengage. Canva vengage infogram.

That sounds interesting infogram. But anyway, so there's a few out there, but you might even want to go with duplicate. Just because you can't get it as a one time cost doesn't mean it's not worthy. But imagine just being able to insert dynamic images into websites, into emails, into that kind of stuff. It's super, super cool.

Worthy. Again, that's just a trick. Robert. So the question was originally, does including gifts and JPEGs and PNGs and all that kind of stuff affect your deliverability? No, not at all.

And as I said, using those dynamic images just gives a little bit of an edge, so cool. Hopefully that's helped. 


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