Finding B2C Companies Using B2B Techniques

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My question is more so towards I think you kind of discussed this earlier, but I came in late towards the deliverability of the Cold emails. Of course, when I got into it in December, I was really excited about the programme.


But the excitement have kind of dwindled down a little bit, because two things, most importantly, is with the deliverability of the emails going to spam and then I'm just not quite sure how to run this campaign for the purpose of my clients, which is why, when it was introduced to me, is why I got into it.

All right, so I won't cover the deliverability because you're right, that's exactly what it did. But tell me about your client. What do they do? Who are they? Who are they trying to work with?

So I help credit repair business owners to generate leads. So before getting into your programme, I was primarily focusing on organic marketing using the Facebook platform. So I saw this as an opportunity to be able to offer them something else that does not require them to be on a social media platform, creating content, et cetera. Right, absolutely. Like I said, primarily, most of my credit pair clients, a lot of times when I'm speaking with them, where I find that this could be great, but also, maybe a downside is a lot of them don't know their target audience and they're not really doing b to b. They're doing, oh, I want to help single families, a single mom, a single dad, fix their credit.

Yeah. So what is the best way that we could approach? So there's two things that I'm thinking here, really? First things first. We've worked with a credit repair company before, and I was actually amazed by the fact that if you can get credit repair guys that do commercial stuff, that's really good money, like businesses that just have had some black marks or whatever, they need their credit repair. At a business level, that's a much easier thing to be able to find. But I'm just trying to think about an email. Right, so, interesting business where you're trying to help credit repair people get leads and you are selling leads to them. What was it costing you to get a lead using organic marketing or Facebook marketing?


Well, I can't say there was really a value behind it, because when you're doing organic marketing on Facebook, primarily you can generate leads to people through your content. When we're doing organic marketing, of course, it's content first. Then we pull the leads from the Facebook by funnelling them in through the lead magnet, send them to the funnel, then we have nurturing emails and all of that stuff going.

Right. Okay. I'm trying to think what's the best way that I could think to work this through. So, one of the campaigns that we did for an insurance group recently, they were going after, obviously, Mums and Dads trying to get life insurance and health insurance and that kind of stuff. And that was definitely B to C. But we did a B to B campaign for them where we actually were reaching out to the businesses offering and so the client, not us, obviously, but offering to do educational series for their employees. Right. So it was like reaching out to the team at XYZ Engineering if any of your staff would like to know how to reduce their risk for the life insurance, whatever. And as an employer, if you can introduce this to your staff, you'll be able to help them with their own financial position. And that was actually responded to really well because the employers were seeing that as something that they could pass on to their staff and they were doing a nice thing along that line. I wonder if that's credit repair as well. It might not work as well because people who have got credit troubles don't really want people to know about that.

So let me just think about the campaign and about the email. Right? So mom and dad checking their email and they want to get a credit repair thing. The thing with our tool is you're going to only reach out from a business to business point of view, so you're reaching people at their place of work and asking them if they need a hand with their credit. Millie is probably not ideal. I don't want to kill it, but Theresa has got an idea. Go for it, Teresa.

Yeah, so one of our neighbours, he has a credit repair company and he focuses on attorneys and he's done really well with it. So he has it so that he charges the attorneys, like the bankruptcy attorneys and all the other attorneys that actually has that as an add on service for their client. It's recurring revenue, which is awesome because he charges like the attorneys $150 a month and then the attorneys added on for like $300 a month to their clients or whatever, like that spread and he's done really well with it.

Wow. You absolutely just blew my mind with that. So I always say to people, and I can't believe I forgot it, I always say to people, if you can reach out to the companies that already have your clients, you'll do really well. So that's an example, reaching out to credit repair attorneys or reaching out to bankruptcy attorneys or accountants. And do you know what, Millie? What about automotive dealers? And not necessarily the big ones, not necessarily Cadillac and Ford that have got the big showrooms on the front, but the smaller automotive dealers asking them if any of their clients if you can do some credit repair for any of their clients. Even people like building companies and construction firms would have clients that have credit issues. And again, if they can get solved, they win the deal. Right. So, Teresa, thank you so much. That's awesome to think about. Who already has those people on their books. Those are some great thoughts, like obviously bankruptcy attorneys, accountants, accounting firms, automotive dealers, the smaller ones, construction and home renovation companies. If you can reach those companies, you might find a treasure trove. You might find one contact has ten people that they can refer to your credit repair people straight away.

Okay, I think that's a good idea. So pretty much saying that the platform will be more so used for those that are looking to generate more referral.

Partners, definitely that's 100% going to be your way and it also is going to change the tone of the email. So email deliverability in that credit repair space is really going to be hard because it's like anything to do with credit repair inboxes are awash with that kind of stuff. But if you're reaching out to an automotive dealer instead of talking about credit repair, the actual email can be written something along the lines of, can we help you get more finance clients for your automotive dealership? Right. Nothing about credit. The way we do it is we help them repair their credit. But I'm not actually talking about repair credit in my email. I'm talking about help you sell more motor vehicles. Right. So that actually help you deliverability as well.

Okay. So as far as me on my end to be able to actually find these companies or these credit repair companies, let's say, Walt, you're a credit repair company, right?


I'm going to find you on social media because typically the way that I was kind of approaching it was, are you looking to generate more leads without the use of social media? Right, but maybe that's not the best way to approach it. Maybe I should find out, are you a credit pair company that's looking to get more referral partners or that's looking to or are you a credit pair company that caters more to business to business clients.

That'S amazing as well. But for you to be able to run the tool for yourself, like putting credit repair companies into the tool and approaching them and the leads hook is the great thing about do you need more leads? Is it's like almost impossible to find someone that will say no to that? Right. It doesn't matter what industry they're in. So the leads hook is still good, Millie, but you might want to actually focus it in it. If you're asking about referral partners, you'll probably get a no because not a lot of people understand what that looks like or they think it feels like hard work. But if you're pitching your service to a credit repair company and saying something along the lines of for credit repair companies, we help land the big fish or something like that, then that's a very different conversation. Then do you need more leads? I would test both and see how you go.

Okay. Because I'm just thinking because I know I could bring people in, which I've already tested it out and in the matter of time that I did that, acquired about 20 people that was interested, but then after getting on the phones with them, they wasn't handling B to B. So it's kind of like, okay, how do I attract those clients as directly B to B and not just looking for the consumer side?

Of course, when you're doing searches for yourself and we covered this last week, but you can refine your search by just typing the word commercial. So as you're running the search, be like commercial credit repair and see who pops up because that would be a really good feeding ground for you. So you can make sure that the people you're approaching but using what Teresa just mentioned there, the ones that are interested, I would definitely suggest, hey, give us a try for a few months and let us see if we can land you some attorneys, some bankruptcy accountant firms, some people that are going to be able to send business your way. Like everybody in small business understands the power of word of mouth marketing and referral marketing. They just don't want to think about going out lead generation it, but if you create a series of emails, an introductory system or something like that, and you've then got businesses that can send them leads, you've done your job, you'll get paid.

Right? So on the social media side of things, because I haven't ran the cold email side yet, the only people that I brought in came through from Facebook.


So do you recommend or you may have answered this, but maybe I'm not quite catching it as far as a social media post to bring in the commercial side of the credit repair companies or individuals, should I market it as I'm looking for credit repair companies that work with B to B? Or you like more referral partners?

Obviously you've had some good success with the non commercial credit repair companies. Give it a shot. Millie. I don't know, honestly, from my heart, I have no idea what kind of response you're going to get. But if your ad specified, if you're a credit repair that works in the commercial space, we can help you find businesses that need your services. I just don't know what the response is going to be, but there would be no reason why not to give that a try. And the 20 people that you've already brought in, like you mentioned that they're not doing B to B, is that something that you specifically asked them? Did you say are you doing B to B or is it that they don't specify that in their approach?

Right. So like while I'm on the call with them, I'll ask them, who is your target audience, who are you serving, who do you offer your services to? And majority of them will say, well, I'm looking to help single family mothers single moms, single dads. I've never really gotten the answer that I'm helping, let's say, people in the trucking industry or I'm helping people in the beauty industry. So it's kind of like more so the consumer side of things.

So here's a thought, because most of the people that you speak to are going to have that same answer, right? If they're in the credit repair industry, they're talking to single moms, they're trying to help people that are struggling with their credit, that kind of stuff. But you can also change the way that you ask that question. Have you ever worked in a commercial space? Can you help a trucking company? Could you help a logistics company? Could you like, most of the time the guys that you're speaking to will say, yeah, of course I can do that. Be like, okay, well, if I can get you a trucking company who wants to write, you know, half a million dollars worth of loans rather than a single mom who's trying to fix $5,000 worth of credit card, would that be a better client? You'd actually find that you don't need as many clients for them to make them a lot of money and in turn make you a lot of money. So worth asking them in a different way rather than asking who do you target? Asking them, have you ever or would you ever consider targeting down this path?

Because you can say, okay, cool, I can do the normal Facebook side of things for the mum and dads and that kind of stuff. And we could also got this special programme over here that's kind of looking more in the commercial space and a deal over in this side is going to be worth a lot more of money to you. Do you want me to give that a try?


Is that okay?

Does that feel something that's yeah, that sounds good. I just got to figure out, like you said, how to be able to approach it and put it in front of the right people.


Do a couple of little research. Thing is grab a story off of Google about a logistics company that went through credit repair and we're able able to triple their business and that kind of stuff. If you can find a couple of stories like that and put them in front of these guys and say, okay, let's see if we can find more stories like this, then you might be able to get some bigger deals for them as well. Don't forget what Teresa said though. Reach out to people that have got those guys on their database. That way you're going to be able to get more business for the credit repair people, right?

Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much.

You're welcome. Great to see you. Thanks so much for jumping in. And Millie, as I just mentioned before as well, thank you for jumping in. More than once I've seen you on a couple of calls. I really appreciate you dropping in.

Yes, thank you. I'm trying to get this done well. I'm working on getting this solidified so I can run these campaigns.


We're here to help.

So come to as many sessions as you like, ask as many questions as you like, feel free to drop campaigns in the Facebook Group. And this is for everyone, guys like drop campaigns, what do you guys think of this? How can I improve this? I'm trying to go after this market. Who's got any suggestions? Because there are 700 agencies in the white label suite group right now, and it is a really seriously helpful community. So jump in and ask questions. People that ask the most, get the most answers. So keep it going.

Millie, sounds good, thank you. I have the other question regarding the deliverability of the email.


So I worked with this guy who's really big in the cohort level space in regards to delivering emails, and he recommended that I use Zoho Mail because for some reason, I'm guessing they have a better deliverability versus any other email server. And then also to use a warm box to warm up the leads. What's your feedback on that?

Yeah, great question. The email warm up service has got a massive hit. About three or four weeks ago, there was a big story about it where Google basically is cracking down on warm box and email warmer and these kind of services, because basically what they're doing is they're running an internal network and they're just all emailing each other, like kind of faking the fact that this is a real email address. Again, just purely from a personal standpoint, I've literally never, ever, ever used an email warm up service. And I've sent millions of cold emails. The way I warm up my emails is using real emails. I email someone and say, who's your CMO? I'm literally emailing my prospect because why not? Why waste two weeks in a bounce around the email inbox when I could actually be reaching out to my business client? So I've never used one. In terms of Zoho Mail, I did, again, a lot of research in terms of email deliverability, the service that you use. So you could use mailjet, you could use postmark, you could use Mailgun, you could use send in Blue, there's so many, many out there.

The sending service that you use is not as important as the setup of the mail. So the DMark records and the SPF records and all of those things, and the content of the mail itself. Right? So saying that because for a long time the majority of my income came from email marketing, I did a lot of research in terms of which platform I should use and I personally use, and in the background of Comet as well, we use a system called Postmark. So rather than go down the Mailgun path, we've got Mailgun set up for all our clients. But we went Postmark just purely because from a lot of research they were just edges above others in terms of deliverability. So I was like, okay, for $50 a month, I'm going to go with the one that's going to get me better inboxing. So saying that, I've seen 80% open rates to cold email with Mailgun, right? And 65% with Mailgun. Postmark only six months ago got bought out by ActiveCampaign. Which sucks because Active campaign 100% has a no cold email policy. So at some point I'm expecting a message that says, hey, you can't send those cold emails from Postmark because ActiveCampaign owns it now.

I'm expecting it, it hasn't happened yet. When it happens, I'll switch over to one of the others. Mailgun probably LC email send in Blue, Amazon, Ses email, but you can also use G suite, you can also use Microsoft, right? So Outlook email, you can send 10,000 emails a day from Outlook. But don't, you can, but don't. So you don't need a paid SMTP service, you can use G suite, you can use Outlook if you're staying at the 100, 200 a day kind of level with, with cold email. Yet even Gmail and, and Outlook are a great option. So the platform is not as important as the structure, like setting up the email properly and the warming up process. I always just use real emails.

Okay, so do you run into the problem when you send out your email? Because I'm using Mailgun and you recommend that I don't, but I'm using Mailgun and when I send an email, maybe this is what everybody is dealing with, I don't know. But you know how when you send an email and the client wants to reply back to the email and it puts a user's name in front of your domain name? Do you have that situation as well?

So it's putting the user's name.

So let's say my email domain is, right? If I send an email via go high level to a user or via user. So like, let's say my email domain is but my name which I'm using on my account is Milliemarie, right? So it'll add Milliemarie at reply So it puts all this extra in front of the email.

So my suggestion then is to make sure that the sending is set up properly. So again, let me just quickly do a screen share here in the back of GHL. This is ours. Chris is comment our version. So the branding will look slightly different in the automation itself. In the automation that sends out the email you can specify. So let me just grab our cold email systems here. Where are we? There we go. In the email system itself, in settings, what you can do is actually specify which email address it's sending from. So in the settings, if you put that into the settings, it'll send from whatever you put in there.

Right? So it's sending from there, but when the client wants to reply to that same dome email right there, it adds extra in front of it inside of Google.

Okay, that definitely sounds like something set up is wrong. I'd be hitting up GHL support on that one.

Millie, can you do me a favour? Can you send me an email, a test email, so I can see how yours looks on my end?

Yeah, sure. Dropping your email, actually. Well, you would have got an email to come onto the call.

Yeah, I got your email this morning.

Just hit reply.

Hit reply. Okay, let me see.

Hit reply and see how it goes. Eliza, I'm going to jump to the next question, if that's okay.


All right, thanks so much for jumping on, I appreciate it. Let me hit this.

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